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bmw x1 alternator E84
bmw x1 alternator E84

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BMW X1 E84 2-Month X1 Report Lots of Problems Almost Undriveable

Hi guys. Its been a while since I posted. My car is only two months old with 1700 miles and its developed so many problems that Ive become totally unenthused. This past weekend yet another problem crept up that has made the car virtually undriveable. Ill be limping it to the dealerhsip this afternoon with a laundry list of issues (may have them tow it now that I think about it). I cant drive the Corvette

Quote Originally Posted by Txchas 4. I think this is a function of the transmission downshifting and the regenerative brakes working. OP Google bmw Soft Stop feature. That is the programming that bmw puts into the ABS system to attempt to stop the car smoothly without a final jerk as the car comes to a stop. It can be removed. Per the literature all X1s come with the Brake Energy Regeneration. This

BMW X1 E84 ASS Function....

...will save us some fuel but look on the page 58 of the manual - Certain vehicle components may experience additional wear as a result of this system so what is the point of saving money with ASS but at the end you spend it to replace these components I have been driving my car since Thurs. I am not quite sold to ASS yet. What about you

F30 forum (which although only anectodal) is far more factual than your opinion. Read well and you will see I wrote from the thread you posted not from the reply your posted.... Anyway thanks for providing the thread about Bosch starter. I decided to search more about this Bosch StarStop function and I found this link httpjohndayautomotivelectronics.c...-fuel-savings Is it accurate at all Does bmw

Quote Originally Posted by icemilkcoffee bmw chose to implement startstop in a stupid way. The Prius constantly starts and stops its gas engine too- but it uses the generator to do the starting and stopping. You are correct but your post is completely misleading. In a Prius the generator sits between the torque-splittermotor assembly and the engine. Its quite a bit bigger than the alternators on our

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BMW X1 E84 Eco Mode Increases Coolant Temps 10 deg f

I just started trying Eco Mode after 4400 miles and discovered it ran up my 75 mph hwy cruising temp from 215 deg f to 225 deg f. Those bmw guys can really execute ideas in the car but since Ill always drive in hot Texas weather Ill stick with my original idea of Eco Mode and ASS off.

I think the X1 has a large alternator to charge heavily when its needed to make up for when its off. After my long 1600 miles road trip a few weeks ago the volts were looking a lot better on decel Id get 13.6 instead of 14.7 and it felt like it was braking less. I dont think Eco Pro would engage charging any more on decel and that wouldnt improve mpg anyway. If you have a garage or electricity plug

BMW X1 E84 speedometer

I have a 2014 X1..we noticed today that the speedometer is over 7 to 10 miles over what we see on the vehicle information..Has anyone else experienced this

The main gauges that are useful are the odometer and the tach The fuel gauge said I had 18 tank but I put in 15.5 gallons. The average miles cant be compared to the driving that got it. So the scangauge told me I got exactly 29 mpg on first tank 31 on second tank and 32 on 3rd and 4th. It also told me that the alternator was charging 14.7 volts on that 29mpg tank 20 seconds each at 14.7 and 13.6 back

BMW SERIES 5 E39 The Final Valley Pan Thread

I have a 2003 540i6 and it needs a valley pan. what is the most complete parts shopping list since I have found several. Should I replace the water pump I recently did the valve cover gaskets so they are good.

Qty 1 16.82141467704 Anti-Freeze 1 Gallon Qty 1 17.11427510717 Oil filter kit Qty 1 18.12129071003 Spark plug Qty 8 Crank Case Ventilation Valvue 11151705272 x1 52.00 cooling stuff 540i Water pump wseal. Part 11 51 0 393 336 Qty 1 159.00 540I COOLANT EXPANSION TANK OEM 61.50 E39 5-SERIES EXPANSION HOSE COOLING SYSTEM 27.20 540I FAN CLUTCH OEM 109.00 E39 5-SERIES ENGINE FAN ORIGINAL bmw

BMW SERIES 5 E39 E39 Water Pump Noise

Can someone tell me if this noise is coming from my water pump The car is an 2000 528i E39. Attached is a Youtube video I posted. Also the noise seems to be only at idle more pronounced when it is in gear at idle and the noise stops when I drive away.

harris Think of all rotating bearings - WP - Pulleys x2 - AC Tensioner x1 - AC Pulley itself has a bearing inside it that should last some 180K-200K. - alternator (you rebuilt it) - PS Pump

BMW X3 E83 Maximizing MPG by turning off engine

I saw a recent post where AZN said that he was using this technique. I have been trying several things to increase my MPG including turning off the engine at long stoplights. This works fine during daylight hours but at night the headlights go off when the engine does. I keep my headlight switch in the auto mode and am now wondering if using the regular on mode would make a difference. Not wanting

would however be interested in seeing a study on how much actual gas you save by doing this. I suspect not that much if any given the spurt of gas by the HPFP to start up the engine again. Probably if you were at lights of more than 5 minutes duration it might be useful but only if you had the european configured alternatorstarter motoretc. In any case I would never do it unless I was driving a X1

NISSAN JUKE 1200 km Impressions Thus Far

Traded 2006 ML500 Benz (bought used in 2009) that had failed twice in less than 12 months for a 2011 Nissan Juke SL AWD leather nav etc. When initially researching sub-compact crossovers AWD being a central consideration I did not consider the Juke I did not like the look of it. Once I had checked out competitors like the Cooper Countryman considered a VW GTI (no AWD there) 2012 VW Beetle (cool reshape

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  • BMW 3er E90 E91 316 318 320 i X1 X3 1er E81 E87 Generator Alternator 0124525045 - Deutschland (239.00 EUR)
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  • Alternator Belt Idler, Bmw X1 E84 10 on 2.0 Petrol - Nottingham,United Kingdom (24.00 GBP)
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  • Alternator Pulley, Bmw X1 E84 10 on 2.0 Petrol Opt1/2 - Nottingham,United Kingdom (55.46 GBP)
  • ALTERNATORE BMW X1 E84 18 i 150 CV DALL'ANNO 2010- 110A - Germania (216.91 EUR)

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