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BMW SERIES 8 E31 92 E31 850i ignition cables

Hi Has anyone ever changed their ignition cables with non oem ones Are there any non oem cables at all Paying over 700 for some cables really hurts...

Email these folks They have been making ignition wire sets for the 850s that are supposed to improve on the factory ones while costing less. Most of what they make is pictured here httpwuffer.netbc8sindex.phpopt...d59&Itemid64 The other aftermarkets sets seem to be of questionable quality.

Just bought some oem cables from a damaged car..... If these dont work ill try to buy a set from these guys

Ok so the used oem cables did solve the misfiring problem but now i get a loud interference in my radio Any idea Maybe the suppressors on a cable have gone faulty

All sorted out P Talking about coincidences. The radio was working fine until i decided to change the ignition cables seems that the same minute one of the cables that connects both amps decided to bug me. After some time test all the connections it was all sorted out....thankfully. The 850 is running smooth again...

BMW SERIES 5 E34 Ignition Coil & Spark Plug Cables

hello everyone i have noticed that my ignition coil and spark plug cables have been getting really hot is this normal

You might have a bad ignition switch. Thats what my 535 was doing before the plugs started fouling. The bad portion of the ignition switch is in the run circut.

thank you willysully ill look into that would i need to remove the steering column cover to get to this run circuit

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BMW SERIES 5 E39 E39 Ignition Switch Tumbler Housing Install Complete. Tips and observations

I finished the install of my ignition housing switch and tumbler. I am sorry I did not take any photos. The only camera I have is very expensive and I didnt want to risk damaging or dirtying it But Ill be as detailed as possible. I had the dreaded spinning key syndrome. I came home from work one day and tried to shut off the car and the key came out but engine running. After messing around a bit I

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Scanning Cable

what do you think about this cable httpwww.dragonext.comk-d-can-to-...ontentedm1108 erfect for read and delete errors Cost-effective the price of product is only one-third of similar foreign products High performance with ARM cpu inside High reliability of products using SMD chip and certified by CE Upgrade the firmware via the internet to improve product Using online feedback function for technical

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Key Sticking in Ignition-suggestions

As above-this happens at random & with all 3 keys so Im picking its not them. I initially suspected the barrel but there are none of the usually associated electrical gremlins. A friend has been driving the car for a couple of weeks & made this suggestion He is saying that he can feel that when putting the trans into the P (park) position(its an auto) the shifter doesnt always seem to lock in & on

Quote Originally Posted by Beemaboy I think you need a new number 11 to be fitted or adjusted... httpwww.realoem.combmwshowparts...03&hg32&fg30 Sorry cant help you any further... If you are feeling it in the shifter also then the cables are a likely culprit. If I remember correctly you can adjust it at the steering column end as well as another cable end at the shifter. But I would have to agree with

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Melted 00 528iT battery cable to fuse relay panel ...

Was reading this thread two nights ago about the poor guy that had his 540 motor burn due to bmw known electric t-stat failure. Made me stop and think even though I have a 528iT. Yesterday morning went out to unlock my car and alarm went off. Went to drivers door and was unlocked got in placed key in ignition and alarm stopped. Didnt know if it was bc alarm will trigger for 30 seconds when rechargeable

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Startor motor replaced.....still wont start....ignition switch or relay etc

Gday I was wondering if anyone could help with a starting problem. the car is a 94 318i and ive had problems with it starting for ages now (suspect starter motor) although its finally packed up completely.Ive changed the starter motor today and still have the same problem. Q) If i remove the ignition switch block which wires that are soldered on the back can i short out to bypass the internals of the

problem PLEASE READ BACKGROUND INFO BELOW........... Previous starting problems were - you could hear to solenoid activating and throwing the starter into life but it sounded like the gear would not quite engage on the ring gear and the engine would hence fail to turn. I always suspected the starter gear or worse still the ring gear teeth which is a bigger job. A mate who is a local independent bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Post Aux input cable radio operation

I just installed a home made AUX input cable in my bmw 330Ci and it works AWESOME however I noticed that now I can turn the radio on without the key in the ignition which could be an issue if the button is hit by accident. Does anyone know why this is the case I used pins 89 for R and L and 4 for ground and removed all the other pins in the 10 pin header I used. Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by Shy-Guy I just installed a home made AUX input cable in my bmw 330Ci and it works AWESOME however I noticed that now I can turn the radio on without the key in the ignition which could be an issue if the button is hit by accident. Does anyone know why this is the case I used pins 89 for R and L and 4 for ground and removed all the other pins in the 10 pin header I used. Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by Shy-Guy Yeah the radio turns off when I turn the ignition off but I can turn it on without the key in the ignition. The 20 minutes after shutting the car off I believe applies only until someone opens a door at which time the windows and other electronics stop functioning. I will try it though. I have an X3 as well with AUX from factory and that one does not work without

BMW SERIES 5 E39 M54 ignition coils

Goodevening festers Just wondering if anybody here knows what year bmw upgraded the ignition coils on the m54 from the bolt down type to the ones that have the switch that flips up and unplugs from the ignition cable. Changing my plugs tomorrow with bosch plugs and im studying the layout only to not know which ignition coil i have. my build date is 072002 E39 525i Saloon M54 Europe Right hand drive Automatic thank you

BMW SERIES 3 E46 ignition switch

How many amps do you think the ignition switch is pulling when i start my car

30-50 amps are flowing up and down your steering column right The ignition switch is a low power device that fires off the ignition relay that handles the big surge from the starter motor plus everything else needed to get the engine going. In the old days it was a coil-driven mechanical relay with contacts and all and was usually located somewhere near the battery up in the hood. Given the bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Code reader cable software recommendation

Can anyone recommend this Or alternative recommendations httpwww.ebay.comitm330672400841...ht_1971wt_1095 Im looking primarily for the ability to read codes of course but love to tinker and would check out the other capabilities and diagnostic details. Does this also allow updating trivial things like key memory and blink at lock and so forth Thanks everyone

Quote Originally Posted by numindast Okay thats also a new expression to me... must be an Alabama thing Look at the add you linked. It shows the product flanked by two women in nurses outfits. [IMG]Supports bmw 1 series E87 bmw 3 series E46 E83 E90 bmw 5 series E39 E60 E61 bmw 6 series E63 E64 bmw 7 series E38 E65 E66 bmw X series E53 bmw Z series E85 E52 Functions Read fault codes Erase fault codes

BMW SERIES 5 E39 OBD II PC freeware & 15 J1962 cable for the BMW E39

Has anyone used the OBD II PC freeware & 15 J1962 cable for the E39 Two free OBD II scan tools Ive found are httpsourceforge.netprojectsscantool Has anyone used these free OBD tools on their bmw E39 For a total cost of less than twenty dollars ... how well does PC freeware work on the E39 for reading and resetting the diagnostic codes

But I did find another potentially viable freeware application for regularly logging the bmw E39 fuel consumption emissions variables knock sensing ignition timing fuel injection etc. at We just need to find a good source for the computer cable to the USB or serial port of the WinXP PC to the OBD II port of the bmw E39.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 ignition key cannot be removed

Greetings all My wife and I own a pair of E39s. Both are 1998 5 speed auto models and I love em both. Mine is a 528 and my wifes is a 523. Recently the 528 jammed in Park and would not budge. I removed the transmission access cover to the gear selector area and found the cause to be a cable operated bellcrank that had jammed in Park. I removed the bellcrank and solved the jamming problem. However now

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Key stuck in ignition

Hi Just wondered if anyone else has experience this - and maybe has a solution- Upon driving home I park my car in the garage put the car in Park apply the handbreak switch off the engine and attempt to remove my key. Key is stuck in the ignition and will not come out. I have to restart the car - reverse and then drive forward slowly stop place the car in Park and try again. Sometimes it takes 2 or

Hello bmw team I had the same problem with the key stock in the ignition and the problem was a penny coin stock between the shifter(Parking) and cable switch under the center console below the ashtrey hole. I remove the coin and problem resolve. See you later my bmw People

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Ignition Problem.

Hello again and it seems like the ignition problem is back on my E36 last time it turned out to be the ignition coil burned out a Japanese replacement fixed it for a short period(about 20min) but now the car is stationery again. Thus far i have replaced all the spark plugs all the lead cables and the distributor cap and rotor for brand new Bosch originals however the coil i cannot seem to find a Bosch

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Help with Erratic Ignition & Check Engine Light

Im driving the 87 E30 Vert in the rain last night. Its running fine. Suddenly it starts to buck. The gauge needles bounce. It runs like the ignition is cutting in and out. Idles poorly and wont accelerate without tremendous missing and cut out. Check Engine light comes on. I limped the car about two blocks to a parking lot and left it over night given the rain. The next day I started the car. It started

BMW SERIES 5 follow up to the ignition coil recall post...

Quote Originally Posted by sidneyj Can you shed some light on where the coils are to check Its easy as 1-2-3. 1. Take off the center plastic cover (with bmw logo). There are either four screws behind small plastic caps or four latches depending on the engine variant. 2. Remove the caps that cover the nut on the side plastic covers (over the engine heads) and unscrew the nut. Remove the cover - ignition

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Airbag code - Ignition Circuit Unplug Battery

Hi I have an E46 and on starting the airbag light goes out for about 3secs and comes back on again. With a snap on computer the code is ignition Circuit - Unplug Battery when I clear the code the airbag light goes out for about 10 secs comes back on again and the code persists on the snap on. No other codes are present can someone tell me what this code means and what i need to do to fix it much appreciated Dave.

Quote Originally Posted by dcz3643 Hi I have an E46 and on starting the airbag light goes out for about 3secs and comes back on again. With a snap on computer the code is ignition Circuit - Unplug Battery when I clear the code the airbag light goes out for about 10 secs comes back on again and the code persists on the snap on. No other codes are present can someone tell me what this code means and

the battery has damaged the ignition plug on the detonator. Im having this same problem with an e46 m3 2002 .did you get the problem resolved and if so how do you go about it have all the software for re-setting airbags but keeps coming up with same faultcode and airbag light on . Heres the link to my post on a uk forum . Have googled it and spoken to a few bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Battery cable recall

So I just got my cable changed out at bmw and pretty much figured that was it but a recent event has me thinking maybe not. Pulled into my local Shell to fill up turned all ancillary equipment off before turning the car off then ignition off and pumped gas. After finishing got back in and started up to find a yellow warning light car on a lift telling me my battery just Discharged and I should shut

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Engine does not turn off with ignition switch.....HELP

Another member is on his way over with his 97 328ic. He replaced the ignition switch figuring that had to be the problem. However new switch in (bought from bmw dealer) it has the same problem The cable needs to be pulled from the battery each time he wants to turn it off no other issues it starts and drives just like its supposed to the steering wheel and trans shift both lock with the key removed but the engine continues to run as if the key were still in

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 No dash lights no ignition no nothing

Hello everybody. Please be patient in reading this. I also apologize for my english. I have an incredible problem with a E61 from 200904.It started like this. I was driving on the highway while it was rainig bad. My car just suddenly died . The key was stuck in the key slot and nothing from there. When I started checking some things Ive noticed that all the fuses in the front had curent but not the


Howdy I just replaced my ignition switch and was most excited about the stereo turning off when I remove the key. No such luck. The stereo stays on after the ignition is turned off. Some hints If I turn the radio on whilst the motor is not running and then remove the key then it kills the stereo. But if I start the motor have the stereo on and pull the key the stereo stays on. It continues to play

FINALLY Reinstalled the ignition switch testing the resistance this afternoon. All good. Next I double checked all the fuses and finally I pulled the mid. It was not secure. In fact the stereo came out when I tried to remove the knob. Lay and Behold the prior owner had an ipod integration kit. I dig in and while I am digging my ipod flashed meaning the DICE unit it came alive. After pulling the tape

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Completely screwed Key ignition is shot HELP

OK so i get up this morning to pack up my car with all my luggage becuase i am going away for the week. So i am ready to leave for work and when i put the key in the ignition the ignition turned but nothing it went completely around. So after the ignition turning about twice the car finally started right up (i guess it caught contact).. So i drive to work already thinking about the end of work day

Quote Originally Posted by Zebuca I have an ignition problem ... The car stayed on I had to have it towed later after disconnecting the battery cable ... You disconnected the negative battery cable with the engine running I know you did what you had to do under the circumstance...but if youre ever in this situation again pull the fuse to the fuel pump (fuse 17 31 or 54...or check your front and rear

BMW SERIES 5 E39 535i key locked in ignition gear lever locked in park

Hi I removed the speedo console to replace a blowen bulb I unpluged the three connectors at the rear of the console after replacing the speedo console my ignition key has become locked into the barrel and the gear shif lever is locked in park. I can still turn the ingition key and start the car but I can not remove the key. Dose anyone know how to fix this problem Thanks

Hi I found the problem when I removed the cluster I released the steering column and slid it forward to allow the cluster to get out between the dash board and steering wheel but when I slid it back the cable between the ignition switch and the gear lever slipped and the adjustment changed not allowing the parking and ignition to move enough to release. I just had to loosen the 10mm nut locking the outer cable at the gear lever and adjusted it and all worked again

BMW SERIES 3 GT F34 Cold weather and stiff ignition

Just got my wifes 84 528e all fixed up and on the road after 4 years. Now to work out the bugs. It had been warmer weather and no problem with the ignition but dropped to the 20s and now its hard to turn and you have to turn it back after you start. Works fine like in the 50s. I guess the old lube has lost its lubing. Do I need to pull the wheel or the parts around the ignition switch and spray it

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Key Stuck in Ignition

Having problem removing key from ignition. Key doesnt quite get back to the 0 postion. Its stuck between 1 and 0. It gets to about 0.25 if that makes sense. Doesnt budge at all when trying to pull it out. I have no symptoms of ignition switch failure. Things Ive tried Repeated movement of the steering wheel left and right while simultaneously trying to remove key Restarting and stopping car. Restarting

Solved the issue of key getting stuck in the ignition. The issue first started with occasionally the key would just turn 360 degrees in the ignition. Lately it started getting stuck and would come out after a struggle. The shifter would also come off park without depressing the brake pedal. Also of note is that it was not possible to lock the car with another key if a key got stuck in the ignition-

BMW SERIES 3 E46 E46 BMW Ignition switch DIY

Symptoms of a bad ignition switch. 1. Turning the key and holding it on the on position without the car starting for a few seconds. ( the car will make no sound of any sort until it starts ). 2. Sunroof will work on and off. 3. Headlights fog lights and turn signals will not work. You also might get a rear tail light out warning lights on the dash sometimes and they go off when you flick the switch

Hey. I have a 330i 2001 and my car wont start. I turn the key and get nothing no crank. So i pulled everything apart and ive noticed that when ever the green cable in my ignition switch has a current its when the car starts. Sometimes i turn the key really quick and it starts also. Anyway do you think it could the ignition switch or key ignition cylinder

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Is my ignition switch bad or is this something else

Hello all i hope this post finds you all in good health. While driving on the highway yesterday my cluster started acting up. The tachometer started moving around without me pressing the gas. the speedometer started showing random speeds all the way to max to 0 etc. The temp gauge started showing the car as dead cold almost overheating etc. (i know for sure the car wasnt overheating using cluster test

shut off car. Open trunk let stand for 16 minutes. Disconnect the battery cables from the battery. Short the cables together for a minute or so. Some people also turn on ignition switch. Might work. Costs nothing to try.

Quote Originally Posted by mrpumpk1n Where would the CAN bus connector be Here is a link to what may be the diagram for your vehicles CAN bus httpwds.spaghetticoder.orgensvg...0000010322.svg And here is the main page for accessing bmw wiring diagrams httpwds.spaghetticoder.orgen I did a search for CAN interface after selecting the E39 page. I havent had the need or the opportunity to dive into the

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Battery cables

Hi Guys my idrive has gone blank the 3 button press doesnt reboot it. It happened after I pulled out and checked all fuses. Pretty sure they all went back in the correct slots. Anyway a few posters are suggesting I disconnect the battery cables and touch them together for a few seconds then re-connect them and wait 10 minutes. Im afraid this may short curcuit the entire electrical system. What do you think 2006 E60 523i Sedan. John

Quote Originally Posted by 2chill Lets go back to the beginning....What prompted you to pull out all the fuses and check them When you pulled the fuses was the ignition switch turned on If so then when you reinserted the fuse the power in the circuit probably blew it when it made contact. I would re-check all the fuses or place a volt meter over both points on each fuse and check them for continuity.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Steering wheel Ribbon cable.

I have just replaced the ignition tumbler and ignition housing on my 98 528i automatic. The only problem I have now is the steering wheel controls and horn will not work. I pulled the wheel back off and the ribbon cable that was connected to the column had come loose. Is this something that I can just reattach or do I need to get a new one Im sorry that I do not know what this part is called. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Continuous beep with key turned in ignition

I have a UK spec. late 2003 bmw 325i Sport saloon [E46]. Its a petrol engined car with a manual box. Its been very well looked after from brand new and has led a very easy life. Having not driven the car for a fortnight I went to start the car last week. When I placed the key in the ignition and turned to position 1 the mini speaker [or maybe its piezoelectric] beneath the instrument binnacle emitted

Well I did some fiddling around today [until it started to rain]. Heres what Ive discovered so far. o I checked the oil level and its mid way between min and max. Theres no oil level or oil pressure warning indicators and on start up the engine cycles through the various instrumentation illuminations correctly. The engine runs absolutely fine and as normal. o I took the car for a drive and exceeded

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Clicking Sound Possibly dead battery ignition

hello i drive a 2002 330i. Until very recently did my car start making a clicking sound when i turn the ignition to start the car. The clicking sound lasts anywhere from 2-6 seconds and then the car starts. However somtimes there is no clicking sound. I did notice that my cars battery life is low i tried jump starting my dads car. I put the positive and negative cables on under my hood and i took the

BMW SERIES 5 E39 TransmissionIgnition

Hey there. Well Im back with a transmission issue. I have a 99 540i and just had the trans. rebuilt. After sitting in traffic for about 30mins and not moving my trans goes into limp mode and that when i put it into 2nd(its an automatic) its in neutral. I have to go back and forth a few times before it acts right. Now the dash is saying transmission fail mode. The guys that rebuilt my transmission says

very closely for battery cables melting. Also... your mechanic should check the transmission fluid level. The trans has to be fully warmed up AND running... then when you open the fill hole on the side of the trans... a tinny amount of fluid should spill out or be level with that fill hole. When the trans fluid is low... you will also get this trans fail mode message. So have it checked. I think bmw(or

BMW SERIES 3 E46 huh... ignition switch going bad

About 50% of the time beginning a few days ago it takes two turns of the key to start the car. Put the key in the start position - nothing. Turn it back off then back on (immediately) and it starts no problem. Its never taken 3 times - only one or two. Odd.

Quote Originally Posted by Terry Kennedy This could be one of two common issues 1) The ring antenna (a coil of wire behind the ignition switch faceplate). The ignition function of the key is passive (no battery required) and works like those security badge readers. This is an easy inexpensive fix. 2) The General Module. This is a moderately difficult (I bet the dealer wont re-mount your glovebox properly)

BMW SERIES 5 E34 key ignition problem

The ignition lock is getting very hard to get out of the off position. It feels sticky and is getting worse rapidly. Sometimes it will not turn at all for many attempts. I oiled it and it is somewhat better. Is it the barrel lock which I need to replace only or could it be somewhere else in the steering column

The thing is the ignition switch is not on the tumbler itself the switch is on the left side of the steering column opposite the tumbler . So there is a rod between the ignition switch and the tumbler . What air cooled has posted is that cable is the lock for the gear selector . All this will be revealed once you take the top and bottom cowl of your steering assembly . Call me so I may walk you through Ill pm you my phone Noel Sent from my Desire HD using Bimmer App

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Jumper cables which gauge

I was looking for good jumper cables on cyber monday. Im thinking 4 gauge 25 cables Any recommendations

Quote Originally Posted by edjack I would be very careful jumping these cars with all the electronics on board. Always jump under the hood rather than at the battery. Even then a voltage surge could trash a module or two. Just sayin. This is true....following proper sequenceprocedure is a must with these cars. If it STILL makes you nervous shut the ignition off in the donor car before hooking up the

BMW SERIES 3 E36 ignition

esmy car wont start. as i turned it over its stuck to were the instrument panel is on but id locked up and the key can be removed while the panel is on and i cant turn it off.

Hi Guys i seem to have a problem starting my bmw 323i 2006 model my brother played a radio until the battery went flat so my naubhour jump started a car using jumper cables yesterday and the car started but this morning when i tried to start a car again it wouldnt start therefore i used the jumber cables to start a car just like what my naubhour did but the car wouldnt start the screen on the dash

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