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BMW SERIES 3 E36 BMW 318is Front end Crash

Some idiot pulled out in front of me from a junction i had no chance of stopping as he was hidden from view by queing cars in the left hand lane. I was in the right lane doing 30mph. The car is a mess it wont go in any gears apart from 2nd or 4th. Is it even worth fixing Thanks in advance for any help.

The damage doesnt look that significant and you could probably do the work yourself. Id consider taking the money from the insurance company and then going to a scrap yard to get yourself a hood fender and header panel. Then order an M3 bumper and headlights from DDM. Youd walk away with money in your pocket afterward.

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Newbie from Canada

First off I would like to say hello to everyone This is my first bmw I am a 30 year old electrician audio engineer renewable energy company owner (solar wind and led lighting) located in Calgary Alberta Canada. I currently own a bone stock 1999 subaru legacy and just sold my lightly modified 2007 Subaru Impreza with the following done to it. Rallitek AP With a Custom tune by Airboy in Calgary Grounding

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BMW SERIES 3 E46 Got to see an e46-based race car and talk to the ownerdriver...

I went to a NY bmwCCA get together this past weekend. One of the guests was Phil Parlato who races in a variety of touring car series. He brought his e46 sedan based race car and it was pretty interesting to see and talk to him about it. Hes raced e30s e36s and now the e46. I think the series hes in requires that the body sytle not be more than 5 years out of production. -he owns a body shop and built

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Parting out my 1992 BMW e36 sedan black m50 vanos califorina

Hello everyone Im parting out my bmw 92 black sedan 5 speed m50 vanos Im parting Everything So please if you want something contact me on what you want and ill tell you the condition and the price Here are some items listed And please note I still have the full car I am not selling... exhaustheadersrimsand taillights thank you. hood 120 fenders 75 Each or 120 pair mirrors 20 pair headlight pair 30

BMW SERIES 3 E30 1989 325is Parting out Momo Ansa H&R etc.

Unfortunately I will be parting out my 89 325is. This car has been great with no problmes since I have owned it. The bad news is that it didnt pass the CA Smog test and I dont have the time or money right now to get it to pass I now it needs cats along with a little tweaking of air flow meter to pass at a minimum. The money is going into my racecar that is in need of a new motor along with my Alfa

BMW SERIES 5 E39 My 2000 528iT With 265000 Miles...

I dont think Ive ever actually posted pictures of her so why not... I just spent the better part of 4 days (spread out over 3 weekends) in my garage laying on the ground underneath her replacing a few things - Transmission. - Transmission Mounts. - Exhaust Manifolds. - Motor Mounts. - Oil Pan Gasket. A few of those things came about as While Im In Here... types of fixes but all were definitely needed.

BMW SERIES 3 E30 Bad Ground

I recently got an 87 325is and I am having a small issue where all of the lights in the car including the headlights pulse while the car is running. I have tested the alternator with a voltmeter and it seems to be fine. I think it is a bad ground connection. Got any ideas where I should be looking

According to the Bentley manual the front lights are on G104(On front fender behind left headlights) and G200(Beneath instrument panel above brake pedal). The lights in the back are on G300(Beneath left side of rear seat bottom). So most of the front lights are on G104 and most of the rear lights are on G300. The other ground points are G100 - In luggage compartment behind battery(6-cyl models with

BMW SERIES 5 E39 reflections after owning an E39 for a year...

Bought mine just before new year 2012. Bought it off of fleabay for 4600 it had 122k miles at the time. pretty clean car...only thing not working on it was the windshield washer squirter. Got it from a really small dealer so no ppwk but a really clean car fax - only a one or two owner car. Realized it was a bit of a gamble but finding a 5 speed in my area was proving challenging. After I got it home

My story isnt much different....only I havent hit a year yet. I bought mine a block from the Super Dome in New Orleans. It was a Katrina car. The carfax checked out great. Two owners one fender bender (front passenger quarter panel dentding. The car had 218k but saw no evidence of water damage. Which was strange because it had a salvagereconstructed title with no major accidents listed on the carfax

BMW SERIES 3 E36 E36 parts.... lots of them - including VADERS-

Hey guys new to the board. I have a TON of E36 coupe parts available 94 including a full set of M3 Magma vaders front and back seats with panels. Donor car is gone but as for the rest... I have no way to take these parts away other than setting them out on the curb as garbage so I figured Id try here instead. Parts came from IS not M3 (except vader interior of course). Exhaust midpipe (header to muffler

BMW SERIES 3 E36 94 bmw 7 series oem lip on a e36

has anyone done this yet if so do you have pics and where can i find one just found out there called airducts but still cant find them

i have a front bumper cover from a 91 e32 in my basement. it has a bit of wear on it but it would be perfect to cut up and use for a mock up to do a fiberglass build. plus i have the header panel grilles just about everything but the lights and washer set up. pm if interested. this could be a funky build. maybe. sorta kinda diggin it. df

BMW SERIES 3 E36 E36 (light collision) bumper grill etc.

Hey all Today isnt the greatest day got into a light collision today... I cant open the hood and as you can see in the pictures the front crumpled in a bit. The car runs and drives like new so mechanically its sound just need to change a few bumper covers grills lights etc. I am really concerned about the frame of the car though. Any suggestions on how i should approach this problem would be appreciated.

Once you eventually get the hood open you will want to look at the frame rails which run along both sides of the engine and bolt up to the front bumper support. If they look straight and free of cracks youre all good. Based on what I can see in the photos I think theres a very good chance that your front frame rails are completely fine. Also inspect your shock towers for any signs of damage. Most likely

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Deer Reconstruct Project

Hey Guys as you can see I ripped into the front end today and am still trying to find all the right parts. At this point I am facing an issue with the radiator as it seems to be loose. I can actually move it up and down as it has about an inch of play. I see these clips with arrows on them an common sense would tell me that these tighten the radiator and the housing but it doesnt seem to be doing the

BMW SERIES 5 E34 A new mod.

I picked these up on ebay direct from Germany. I havent seen them before and like how they look. They may not be everyones cup of tea but its a subtle enough difference to not throw the whole look off.

Quote Originally Posted by cmgreensr Uh lets see....almost done refinishing my wheels have tires sitting here waiting. Shocks springs autodim mirror e32 maplights sway bar end links brake ducts and smilies with clear corners are in the other room. I need to buy still...rotors pads thrust arms control arms tie rods drag link and pitman arm. Oh yeah Im also waiting for good enough weather to finish shadowlining

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Build your very own LTW (sort of...)

While looking through the tech section of Rogue Engineerings website I came across this interesting link Build a LTW Some of the things on the list are very expensive and are totally not practical for people who DD their car but still it does show how to save weight. I thought it might capture the attention of some of you fellow dreamers out there. Imagine if your E36 was 385lbs lighter...

Yep the rear seats are heavy. The seat belts with pre-tensioners etc. are in there so I can see why. And yeah if my AC ever decides to stop working its all coming out. It never gets used here in the Pacific Northwest anyway. Im not totally sure but I think you have to remove the front header panel (with grills etc.) to get the AC condenser out (i.e. kind of a pain the the butt). Not positive though.

Quote Originally Posted by ZeGerman Yep the rear seats are heavy. The seat belts with pre-tensioners etc. are in there so I can see why. And yeah if my AC ever decides to stop working its all coming out. It never gets used here in the Pacific Northwest anyway. Im not totally sure but I think you have to remove the front header panel (with grills etc.) to get the AC condenser out (i.e. kind of a pain

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Brace Yourselves

You knew it was coming. With the release of the F-series came the gradual (and in some cases sudden) decrease in prices of all older bmw models. Which means the entry-level E46s are now within buying range of teenagers. Which means you will be seeing more distasteful rides. And recklessdangerous driving. A high school teenybopper in a silver 325Ci vert passed by and cut me off at 90 just now. Was very

Im 24 years old and had my previous car totaled by a driver with no insurance. Fortunately State Farm is awesome and thus I ended up purchasing a 2001 330Ci. See... I like sporty cars with a hint of luxury. I found my car while my step-father was looking to buy a Jeep Wrangler at a small-time mom & pop dealership. My car came with an exhaust setup and some magic fairy dust (its just oddly quick for

BMW SERIES 3 E36 My car

As of 15mins ago here is what my car looks like. That bitch is lucky my kids werent hurt. I still want to cry.

He said hes in garland. Hit that link up back in the first post. I would love for someone more knowledgeable to take a look at it. He said it still has the front door panels off because he was messing with the regulators. And the headliner is out also. But he is putting all that back in before any deal is finalized. Bro if you could check it out I would be very greatful. I overpaid out the ass for

BMW SERIES 3 E36 My new wheel pics all sexed

I posted these right after I took them in the pics thread but since its always dark and cold when Im off work I edited the crap out of them instead of washing the car again and taking more pics so I figured Id it up a little with my own thread. Immediate next projects -VANOS seats and rattle kit on order installing next weekend -eBay headers weekend after (gonna wrap em too just for the hell of it)

BMW SERIES 3 E36 the official wheeler000 95 325iC all problems thread

this is the official consolidation. I believe my car has most possible problems so this should be a pretty interesting thread. as I have taken care of many things thats my first few threads this thread will start with what is still wrong and will continue through how I have had things fixed eventually through to a total restoration I hope. current and immediate issues Im dealing with 1. SRS warning

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Window squeak in convertible

when i have my top up the windows squeak where they meet the top. the dealer put some type of rainx solution on the windows which helped but i recently had my windows tinted and tried the rainx solution to no avail. anyone else have this problem any solutions thanks.

Quote Originally Posted by PhilW when i have my top up the windows squeak where they meet the top. the dealer put some type of rainx solution on the windows which helped but i recently had my windows tinted and tried the rainx solution to no avail. anyone else have this problem any solutions thanks. Phil I had this exact problem when I bought my car as a CPO. I use silicone plumbers grease available

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Mikes 93 325i project

Well I thought I would start a progress thread since I have not posted any pics of the car and some parts will be here in a week or two. A lil background it has 130k on it and paid 1700 for the car but got it home and found out it needed a head gasket a good cleaning and some TLC. Same plans for it as most of you have take care of the maintenance wheels lights bumpers and coilovers.....normal stuff.

Got the wheels mounted and started buffing the car and then multiple coats of wax. Rear drivers door handle installed and door panel back on now just need speakers for the front doors(speakers from a 97328i are not the same size as the 93 325i) and the interior will be back together. The covered A pillars are in and the B pillars will be all the way in tomorrow. The 6k DJ autos with DDE thinlines and

BMW SERIES 3 E36 M54 swap part two

As most of you know I put up my 318is up for sale. I didnt want to because of all the work I put into it and I knew the engine was stout and reliable and I had recently did the bushings and front control arms BUT 260 thousand miles on the car and raped fenders nose panel passenger side door driver door card all needed to be replaced before The car could be painted and I didnt see the reason to put

Okay decided im going to use the headlights from the e36 and the amber corners from the sedan I need stock tails and the vanos seals for my spare obd1 vanos unit s52 cams new home depot lip and im using the obd1 intake manifold from the red car with everything attached... all the cooling system is sorted out on the m54 I have the coilpacks I need for the obd1 valve cover I found a hellrot nosepanel

HONDA CIVIC FAQs - Frequently Asked (Tech) Questions

This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) thread for the 92-00 CivicDel Sol subforum. Notes To Contributors Any suggestions for improvement of this FAQs thread are welcomed encouraged and appreciated. PM RonJHT your comments and suggestions. We are always looking for new content to include in this FAQs sticky. Please give back to the Honda-Tech (H-T) community. When you do a job on your car take

C4 Weights and Info

Weve been long in need of a central information source for the weights of key C4 components. So here it is If you have weighed anything remotely related to your Vette please post the info here or send me PM being as detailed as possible as far as what you weighed and Ill update this first post as I get those Also please include the year of the part and the source of the information if you did not weight


Current pic alright guys this is gonna be PIC HEAVY to say the least got my jeep 091206 w 118k for 4k 5.2 V8 limited black great condition when i got this i really knew nothing about cars let alone jeeps.. me and my jeep have come a long way Mods SuspensionSteering - Addco front Sway Bar - Rustys SS - Rough Country 4 Springs - Iron Rock Offroad Double Shear Trackbar Conversion - 1 CrawlerReady BB (5

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