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BMW SERIES 5 GT F07 Fuel Level Sensor Recall

Model Year(s) bmw 5-series 2010-2011 bmw 5-series GRAN TURISMO 2010-2011 NHTSA Campaign ID Number 10V331000 Summary bmw IS RECALLING CERTAIN 2010 AND 2011 5-series AND 5-series GRAN TURISMO PASSENGER VEHICLES MANUFACTURED FROM JANUARY 12 THROUGH JULY 1 2010. THE VEHICLES fuel level sensor WITHIN THE fuel TANK CAN BECOME WEDGED AGAINST THE TANK. Consequence IF THIS OCCURS THE fuel GAUGE IN THE INSTRUMENT

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Determining which fuel level sensor is going

I have a 2000 323Ci. I did the SEARCH and read a number of posts (around 8) about what seems to be the problem--bad fuel level sensor. What happens is when I fill up the car the fuel gage shows the car at full. Ill drive around and the fuel gage will show less and less gas. I then turn off the car get up the next morning and turn it on only to see the fuel gage showing more gas in the tank than there

Its conceivable you can diagnose the fault and identify the faulty sensor if you have the right equipment . Asking for internet guesses is unlikely to be productive. Since the left sensor is cheaper to buy Id gamble on replacing that first and then observe the result. As a preliminary step you may want to consider cleaning through abrasion the electrical contacts to the sensor units. Over time oxidation and dirt may prevent reliable transmission of electrical signals.

How do I measure the resistance levels

Before moving anything have you tried monitoring the data available via the hidden OBC functions IIRC function 6.0 lets you see the data being received from each fuel level sensor maybe this can help you infer which sensor is nuts

Use the OBD functions as already mentioned. httpwww.bimmerboard.comforumsposts114795 With the full tank I believe the reading should read a series of 6 digits which is the volume of fuel in the left and right side of the fuel tank in liters. For example when full it will read (280 330) (24 liters30 liters) when full. Only the left side of the tank should show a steady decrease in volume as you burn

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BMW SERIES 3 E46 Fuel level sensors and fuel pump questions

A year ago I posted about fuel level cluster gauge stopping about halfway. Someone posted about possible fuel level failure and suggested I replace fuel pump. Well a month after that I managed to find good deal on M3 fuel pump assembly. Never got a chance to install it. Only recently I found out that both fuel tank sections have level sensors so I decided to check readings using hidden cluster test

Quote Originally Posted by Only recently I found out that both fuel tank sections have level sensors so I decided to check readings using hidden cluster test functions. Surely enough I got a reading of 000278 for test 6.0 (its on bmw wiki). There is no reading from left sensor what so ever. How reliable are these readings Since left sensor shows no values can I be sure that its the drivers side

Quote Originally Posted by MalibuMafiaV Yeah I was going to suggest a Walbro 255. Ive had one sitting in my storage for like a year.... I really need to install it because at the moment I have fuel issues when at full boost high rpms..... Which I kind of find odd... I only have 42lb injectors... A year ago I too thought about buying walbro and replace pump only. Lucky I found great deal on new fuel

Its under 30 today again but I found some things probably bad things. I checked the resistance reading with multimeter. On M3 assambly that I have 60ohm resistance when tank is supposedly empty and 360ohm when full. When I first measured drivers side level sensor I got 67ohm. Doesnt sound right since I just filled it up with 12 gallons. First thing that threw me off was tubing which seems to be non-oem

Here is a final update. fuel light finally came on which meant it was the time to look at fuel pump and level sensors. As mentioned in previous post fuel level sensor on drivers side was stuck between feed line and feed line support. I disconnected the feed line which allowed me to take out the assembly out. Now here is a surprise the fuel level card looked like brand a brand new one not a single sign

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Some questions about E46 fuel level sensors

I have been having some issues with my vehicles fuel gauge. I own a 2004 E46 Sedan. The fuel gauge has been giving me incorrect readings for some time. For example the gauge needle would show a certain reading when I turn off the engine. Then after some time when I restart the engine the gauge needle would show more fuel than what was in the tank at engine shut-off. Also after driving the car for a

First of all Id keep taking it back to the same dealer. If you think they lied mark the sensors. I think theyre easily accessible from under the rear seat. I dont think the sensors should read the same when the car is sitting still. Which sensor reads more depends on which way you turned before you shut the car off. If you turned left more fuel probably sloshed into the right tank and vise-versa...

I think I had a problem after getting the car out of winter storage with fuel indicator not reading correctly. I ran two tanks of fuel with bmw fuel additive and no problem. Ive since added another bottle and Ill probly add a bottle to a full tank when I put it up this winter for a time. It is rumored this helps the sensors. Hope so...

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Fuel Level Sensor Question Do Floats Freeze

Hey Board I live in mid-atlantic (suburban DC) and its been cold as balls here -- down into the single digits at night only into the teens during the day. Snow and ice are still on the ground. This morning the fuel gauge on my 97 528i registered normal at start up but quickly went down to zip. Got the ---- on miles to empty reading. I drove a while and the car engine fully warmed. Shortly thereafter

I had the same problem on my 540i. Sender on the fuel pickup side has probably gone out. If you have the high dash you can check the sender readings using the diagnostic mode. It could be something simple like a broken wire on the sender. Wait till the fuel is low then pull the sender out of the tank. If there are no broken wires you will need a replacement

Quote If you have the high dash you can check the sender readings using the diagnostic mode. You can do the same with the low cluster too. Its the same TEST 6...its just that that the read out is slightly different due to the low cluster not having the 20 digit alphanumeric display. The cluster needs to be UNLOCKED first then run TEST 6...and you can find out if one of the fuel level sensors is not

Quote Originally Posted by Burning2nd This is a reason why you should fill and empty the tank.. Useing the intire range of the sending unit..not just the upper half or Please expand on this statement. Are you suggesting that failing to run the fuel tank to empty (or near empty) causes the fuel level sensor to fail Sent from BimmerApp mobile app

(or near empty) causes the fuel level sensor to fail Sent from BimmerApp mobile app yep thats what im saying.. or at least if you want to look at it that way for the simplisity of the situation.. If you dont use the full range of the sending unit.. you will be replacing it.. fill the tank.. run it till the light comes on.. fill it... run it till the light comes on 196k 183k 121 465k on my 4 bmw

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Fuel Level Sensor question

I have a 2000 323i. I noticed a few weeks ago when I filled up it fuel gauge did not show FULL. It showed only 34 full. After driving for a while it slowly went to where it needed to be. The next time I filled up it was the same thing. However the time before last after filling up it stayed at 34 and then the next day dropped to half. The miles to empty corresponded with the fuel gauge. I decided to

1 Youll have no problem. Gauge only function is to let you know the fuel level.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Fuel level sensor

I am told that the fuel level sensor is broken and will not display the fuel level on the dash. In a parts warehouse catalog I see a left and a right fuel level sensor each with different part numbers. The right sensor is for a vehicle with Auxiliary Heating. The left sensor is represented by itself with no other description. My question is how do I tell if this newly purchased 1998 528I has Auxiliary Heating Thank you in advance for any responses.

Go here for part numbers . There are two sensors one for each side of the tank. The cluster electronics calculates the amount in each side and deflects the fuel gauge accordingly. I doubt it makes a difference whether you have aux heating but go here to see the oprions installed on your car httpwww.rubmw.ruvincodeeng

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Failing fuel level sensor

After filling up e46 with gas cluster shows only 50% filled up. If I recal correctly there are two tanks with different level sensors. So first guess is faulty reading from one of the fuel level sensors. How do I find out which one is faulty There are no error codes just faulty reading

Quote Originally Posted by smolck This should help. httpforum.e46fanatics.comshowthread.phpt592414 Well it kinda does. SO I guess I will be replacing fuel pump (driver side) and level sensor (passanger side). Would love to see some info about how that works.

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Anyone Had the Recall Done on the Fuel Level Sensor

Was wondering if your gas guage reading is ok after installation. My guage wont peg all the way to full even with a full tank of gas.

Mine was replaced and I had the same problem it would not peg. Would go just above 34. Was leaving on a trip when I discovered it with no time to fix before I left. On the trip I also found that it did not go down in a linear fashion. Also on the trip a break wear sensor fell off and was ground up by the wheel. That prompted a stop in California where the break sensor was replaced and they found a

I had the fuel sensor repair done today and had no problem with the gauge when filling up the tank immediately afterwards.

Quote Originally Posted by bbmertz I had the fuel sensor repair done today and had no problem with the gauge when filling up the tank immediately afterwards. So did the fuel gauge go all the way up or did it stop just before the full marker dashed line My car does that and I am not really sure if it needs the recall or not its a July built 550i.

My fuel gauge was replaced at the VPC about September 25 after doing bmw European delivery. When the tank is full it aligns perfectly with the full mark. It goes down in a linear fashion. It aligns perfectly with the empty mark the sensor reads that I have 0 miles to go before empty. If your fuel gauge does align perfectly on a bmw I would tell the dealer to get it fixed properly. What is the point

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Fuel level sensor error

So Im taking a pretty lengthy road trip in my 550i and I get a message that says drivetrain Drive Moderately maximum drivetrain output not available so I check the ECU for error codes and aside from my no cats code I have one that days fuel level sensor B High Circuit which I recall hearing something about this a while back. So sure enough my fuel gauge starts acting funny. So all of that Im prepared

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Fuel Level Sensor

Well after getting all of the major work done it was only a matter of time before the small things start to act up. Earlier I went to fill up the car at the station. Before filling the gauge read right between 14 and half full. After filling with just over 13 gallons the guage is just below the 34 full...huh I know sometimes they take a while to read the car has a full tank. But Im pretty sure that

Many here have had success in treating malfunctioning fuel sensors with a couple of tanks with Techron fuel additive. It helps dissolve the deposits that cause the problem. Give it a try. It may take a few tanks but it does work. Make sure its Techron because other brands wont do it.

Update Intersting...the fuel gauge needle is very slowly creeping up towards the full mark and the range on the OBC is going up as well. Weird Sent from BimmerApp mobile app

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