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BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Audi quattro v. BMW x-drive

For our next car were considering either a B8 A4 or a 335i x-drive. Has anyone had the opportunity to drive on very slick snow and ice conditions with both of these systems Please compare and contrast their winter driving abilities. Disregard acceleration cornering and the other usual dry-conditions performance markers if possible. Im looking strictly at snow and ice performance.

center diff manually engaging (old school 4X4 trucks) 2) automatic hubs no center diff manually engaging (early subarus) 3) full time center diff manual diff locks (1st generation quattro) 4) full time center diff viscous coupling center LSD (1st generation BMW manual transmission subarus) 5) part time automatically engaging viscous coupling (many examples 1st generation VW syncros lamborghinis audi

AUDI Q5 8R Snow Driving

Well as it seems snow is about to hit the southern UK I thought Id ask you all how well the Q5 copes in the snow. We have recently bought an 09 2.0tdi stronic as the main family car (and very much enjoying it so far) . I have an old manual Hyundai Santa Fe as a workhorse which has proven excellent in winter conditions. With the Q5 is it best to switch the ESP off road facility on when driving in snow

of engineers for various systems ASR ESP ABS running on the software along with test drivers who are their main source of information Of course they make software for everyday driving the software that will satisfy 90% of the drivers mentioned model. There are always drivers who are not happy with the work of these systems but you can not make software that will satisfy all groups of drivers audi

BMW SERIES 6 Audi S6 - never really considered one .....

But the vids of this car have me thinking..... Its no M5 but it is different. Any of you guys have any knowledge into the C6 V10 S6

Quote Originally Posted by AutoUnion This is a moot point. All current audi sedans drive better than the equivalent BMW. S4 versus 335i. A6S6 versus 535550 F01 verus D4 A8 I beg to differ on this one. How a car drives is subjective (some people like a soft suspension and overboosted power steering some like firm and less power boost). How well a car handles in corners is less subjective. I often drive

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C III 204 Car Connection Review of the C63...

2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Car Reviews - The Car Connection German supersedans. Bah Who needs them Me it turns out. Badly. In the past few weeks Ive been coddled by the likes of BMWs grabby forceful M3 and audis no-prisoners RS4. (You can understand how coming home to drive a big-ass truck from the Big Three has left me big-time disappointed at my new lot in life.) But there is hope--hope that Ill

TESLA ROADSTER First test-drive impressions from Norway

I did my first test-drive of the Model S P85 yesterday in Oslo. The weather was not ideal it was -5 C snowing sleet and since it was friday at 3.30PM most of the test drive was spent sitting in rush-hour traffic. I did get to drive a few kilometres in the bus-lane on the freeway though sliding past 2-3 lanes of standing traffic on my left. Wonderful and a reason by itself enough to buy a Tesla if

FIAT 500 II Please Fiat make a DualClutch Gearbox for the 500

Hello I test drove an audi A1 S Tronic 1.4 TSI 122 hp today. To be honest i consider it way too expensive for what it is i cant even fit in the back. Even though i tested the 4 door version i dont consider it a 4 door car with the back seats that small A 4 door car should fit 4 people in comfort Mini Countryman style The engine was decent loads of torque down below turbo style. It felt like the Twinairs

Posted by 306maxi I dont see a problem with the city steering personally I think if you cant steer the car with the normal steering you shouldnt be able to drive but thats another story. Electric windows are fine and I dont have an issue with a dual clutch box as itll be more efficient Yes its interesting with top cars as for example the lambo aventador has a single clutch system as does the audi

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Most non-BMW owners agree the E92 exterior is beautiful. However...

... most of those also coincide in saying the interior is boring cold uninviting or downright ugly which matches some of the reviews I have read. What do you guys HONESTLY think about this Try to be as impartial as you can although I am aware theres only so much impartiality I can get in a BMW board. Keep in mind this is more of a visual layoutdesign point than a build qualityergonomics one.

I am not a current BMW owner. I am an audiVW enthusiast and one who partially shares the opinion I mentioned. So there I said all that. That being said I must also mention my father has a 335i sedan and although I really like the performance handling and all there is to like about the ultimate driving machine I am not too fond of the blah interior (no offense). You may claim its functional but audi

CHEVROLET CORVETTE C6 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible & 60th Anniversary Pkg

To All Chevrolet Dealers Earlier in the week information regarding the Corvette&8217s plans for 2012 build-out and 2013 model year run was sent to you through a GM Global Connect Message (Number G_0000102999 dated Monday January 9 2012). Today Chevrolet would like to provide some additional information on the 2013 Corvette. To celebrate Corvette&8217s 60th Anniversary and the final model run for the

FIAT PANDA Silly world - silly reviews

I saw a video review of three small cars one of them was Panda with Mark Webber hismelf doing the driving and wording his impressions. It occurred to me how silly is the world we live in and we dont even notice. Imagine this situation. I am about to review a brand new Mercedes S type. Now Mark Webber seemingly logically criticised the three small cars like they are junk not real cars. This is my review

you All or none of the above I like my Panda MJ and realise that although its not the best car going it does exactly what I want it to do. A Mercedes S Class or similar would use too much fuel not fit on my drive would be a pain to park in the centre of Manchester and Id soon get fed up dragging around an extra ton of car with nothing in it. The same would apply to BMW 7 Series Jag XJ and audi

NISSAN The Rogue makes the AJCs - 10 FAVORITE VEHICLES OF 2007

10 FAVORITE VEHICLES OF 2007 By Rob Douthit Clint Williams The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on 122807 You might call 2007 the year of the crossover SUV in the auto industry. Car-based SUVs continued to sell at a rapid clip as consumers were drawn to their versatility sportiness and good gas mileage compared with traditional SUVs. So on our list of the years best vehicles youll find that half

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Show UP Your New B6 - Modifications

Black on Black 06 B6 2.0T 1.8 Drop F & R 19 Kosie 5 Spoke w Low Pro APR Tuned Custom Sound Pio DEHP 6800 Polk 6.5 Components Throughout 2 12 Kicker Comp CVR Sirius Satillite Direct Tune Ipod Aux Bluetooth audiobahn 1600w mono subamp audiobahn 1200w stereo 4ch Future Plans Exhaust BOV Performance Meter Intake [IMG]

This causes a temporary RICH condition since some of the air that the ECU had computed for is now gone. With that said notable mods done thus far... APR sII HPFP Performance File APR 3 TurboBack Exhaust APR HPFP Dbilas Flowmaster Intake Eurojet FMIC VF Engineering Side & Lower Rear Engine Mounts BFI stage I Transmission Mount Insert Eurojet PCV Fix Eibach Pro-Kit Springs EBC RedStuff Pads 19 audi

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E Key specific memory

I am contemplating ordering an E350 (actually a Coupe) in the UK. As yet we do not get the option of Keyless Go nor is the Driver Assist Package available. Im delaying as I suspect that both may become available later (and hopefully the Split View video monitor). However I asked about Key Memory (ie seat mirrors radio presets and AC settings memorised for each key) which I was certain I had come across

I read a rumour that it is there buried amongst the engineer accessible menus. I would not be at all surprised as we have an audi that has had all kinds of weird and wonderful (albeit minor) options turned on by a friendly whizz-kid with a laptop and VAGCOM software. As an example audis R8 supercar and RS versions of their regular models feature a needle sweep of the speedo and tachometer on startup.

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