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AUDI A4 B7 ECS Tuning B7 Wheel Spacers & Bolts

ECS Tuning lets you widen your stance down the road with spacers ranging from a monster 17.5mm offset to a 2mm tweak that makes room for your new brake kit. Choose from our huge inventory of hub centric spacers in thicknesses sure to match your car your wheels and your shopping budget. All spacers are corrosion protected 2 3 and 4mm spacers are zinc plated steel thicker spacers in sizes ranging from

AUDI A6 Member Rides

This is a thread dedicated to the rides of audiFORUMS.COM members. When Posting your ride please a) Only post cars that are yours if you have a friend who wants to post his car make him create an account b) No comments everyone should only have one post for their car and one post only. c) Include videos pictures mods etc. Enjoy

Sweet A6 show off thread Hella smoked tails lip spoiler no front lp Remus K&N 20% tint blue calipers VAGCOM enginetranny recodes polished control arms. Coming soon VAST intake spacerselectric fan 18x8 R8 reps Febis Hsport sways HR springs biltsien shocksS6 mirrors. the exhaust -sound starts at 50 secs.

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AUDI A4 B5 2.8 power adders

Hey guys as you might have guessed by my sn i dont drive an audi i had a 90s sometime ago but went to WRX but one of my friends has a 1996 A4 2.8 his b-day is comin up and id like to get him something for the car i have searched pretty extensively but cant find many good solid power adders for the 2.8 (NA FTL) so im here for opinions on god upgrades for the 2.8 excluding superchargerturbo because i dont have that kinda money to spend on my car much less anyone elses. Thanks Anton

a nice mod.... the 12 year old speakers are prolly shot if they havnt been replaced.... a new coolant resevoir cleans up the engine bay real nice....those old orangeish containers kill the whole bay imo a TT dead pedal and some ecs pedal covers maybe if he is stick than a short throw shifter off of ebay along with a weighted shift would be nice...along with a shiftboot if his is beaten.... an R8

TESLA ROADSTER Tesla Model S P vs BMW M3 sedan (and everything else out there)

Introduction If a book is written in the year 2100 on the decisive moments of the 21st century my guess is that in addition to Apples contributions Tesla will be up there as essentially changing the world as we knew it. I am convinced that what Tesla has done here is profound and after the dust settles and the pessimists and oil lobbyists disappear in a few years people will view the Tesla as a milestone

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Fitment Question - Help a Noob Please

We have a 2007 Passat sedan 2.0t. It currently has the stock 17 setup. The suspension is stock and will stay that way. Ive searched older posts but havent found this exact question. I have access to purchase the following locally but will it fit Anyone running this setup If so do I need rings or spacers R8 replica 19x8 35mm offset in front and rear. 235x35x19 tires The current owner has been running


Well there is no such threat here yet & why would it be lol. I usually park my S500 away from all other cars or always in a space where no other car could possibly park next to me either left or right side my personal space at the local club is isolated just for my car were noone can park not even in front of me or behind ( sry doorbangers lol ) anyway today i ended up at a huge plaza and decided to

I decided I couldnt stand it. Idiotic car. Simply put Gallardos are about as exciting as an RS4 in bright other words they are wretched. Im actually in the markettrying to hunt down a Diablo SV (pre 99 due to the variable valve timing that was introduced). I want Silver over black with no more than 15k miles. Awfully hard to find... I like the Countachs Murcies and anything pre AWD audi

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 Show UP Your New B6 - Modifications

Black on Black 06 B6 2.0T 1.8 Drop F & R 19 Kosie 5 Spoke w Low Pro APR Tuned Custom Sound Pio DEHP 6800 Polk 6.5 Components Throughout 2 12 Kicker Comp CVR Sirius Satillite Direct Tune Ipod Aux Bluetooth audiobahn 1600w mono subamp audiobahn 1200w stereo 4ch Future Plans Exhaust BOV Performance Meter Intake [IMG]

This causes a temporary RICH condition since some of the air that the ECU had computed for is now gone. With that said notable mods done thus far... APR sII HPFP Performance File APR 3 TurboBack Exhaust APR HPFP Dbilas Flowmaster Intake Eurojet FMIC VF Engineering Side & Lower Rear Engine Mounts BFI stage I Transmission Mount Insert Eurojet PCV Fix Eibach Pro-Kit Springs EBC RedStuff Pads 19 audi

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