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BMW SERIES 6 Audi R8 - Photos - Versus your 6er... Thoughts

Interested in hearing why or why you would not consider this vehicle for yourself over the 6er for next year. httpwww.roadandtrack.comarticle....rticle_id4780 This quite honestly is the first concept car looking car Ive ever seen actually end up on the street still looking like a concept car. Ive never understood why the concept cars always look so futuristic and when the final version hits the steets it ends up looking like a 1989 honda. -N-

Well considering you 6er fans do not really have sports cars I would think the audi is a much better sports car and the 6er a better touring coupe... The look of the cars will eventually grow on everyone but I like it from the get go it is new and fresh. The suspension is quite interesting. And to think audi has already sold them all out for the first run. BMW does not make a car in this category and

Quote Originally Posted by mapezzul Well considering you 6er fans do not really have sports cars I would think the audi is a much better sports car and the 6er a better touring coupe... The look of the cars will eventually grow on everyone but I like it from the get go it is new and fresh. The suspension is quite interesting. And to think audi has already sold them all out for the first run. BMW does

Quote Originally Posted by SmoothCruise You know saying that audi is one step ahead of BMW in R&D will get you crucified on bimmer forum and Im too tired right now to defend myself by agreeing with you. audi has plans for placing the engine far behind front axle for front mounted motors. And the rumor is that the diesel motor from the audi R10 Lemans racer may find its way into the the R8 650hp 811ft-lbs

AUDI Q7 4L 2009 Audi Q7 TDi 3.0 diesel in the U.S.

Been looking forward to the release of the Q7 3.0 TDi diesel in the U.S. Ive read that it was expected on our shores around Dec.Jan. But yesterday I stopped by the local audi dealership and was told that the manager informed the sales people that it probably wouldnt arrive until at least April 09. Its not mentioned in the new 09 Q7 brochure either. 25MPG Highwa and over 600 miles per tank is a great bonus. Anyone know any further info

I work at an audi dealership. We already have the order guides for the diesel Q7 but no pricing and havent received an allocation yet(ability to order). Our regional rep told us that the first 14 of the year(2009) will be very busy Q7 diesel Q5 A4 with FWD and Manual options new A6 with bumper restyle and 3.0 supercharged engine So youll probably see it in the JanuaryFebruary timeframe. You will probably

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FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 diesel cinq thoughts

ive been looking at the various threads about diesel powering a cinq or sei and i think the potential for a seriously quick cinq is definately there if not the quickest cinq ever now im not too clued up on the JTD powerplants but i have experienced what diesel power is capable of in my friends old fabia VRS with not too much effort (hybrid turbo kevlar clutch etc) he was getting around 250 bhp and

Originally Posted by jaydr the audi le mans cars are v10 diesels also the peugeots but other than that i did say no prototypes lol the audi and peugeot although a road engine arent actually road legal lol i know of 1 but its still in proto stages so it dont count audi R8 V12tdi 6.0 bi-turbo

Originally Posted by mariocinq i did say no prototypes lol the audi and peugeot although a road engine arent actually road legal lol i know of 1 but its still in proto stages so it dont count audi R8 V12tdi 6.0 bi-turbo i saw a video on youtube of the prototype of the diesel r8...........on fire lol

FIAT PANDA Will Fiat make a diesel 100HP

...Just a thought as over the last few years I have been a diesel fan and more recently a fan of the 100HP maybe it wouldnt be a 100HP but Will they ever make a hot diesel Panda You guys heard of any plans or rumours Think its a goodbad idea Would it sell Sorry if this has already been discussed (I couldnt find a thread)

Originally Posted by Schwenck It would require a new beefier gearbox for certain. And standard equipment ear-defenders. diesels are quieter on song than petrols Ask the audi R10 drivers. When they first got the cars they didnt know when to change gear as they couldnt hear the engine compared to the R8. The gear changes and tyre squeels are louder than the engine YouTube - audi R10 Peugeot 908 Onboard- Le Mans 24 Hours 2007 YouTube - audi R10 Peugeot 908 Onboard- Le Mans 24 Hours 2007

Originally Posted by bulldog5046 dont you think thats a little narrow sighted the audi R8 is available in diesel now..... Nope. Dont get me wrong I have no problem with diesels even diesel Alfas but I do have a problem with diesel Coupes. The Coupe is special but diesel engines are not. Sorry. PS I dont like audis much either

AUDI A3 window water leaks anyone

new a3 owner here here... decided to get an a3 bc of this forum after a year of deliberation. thanks to all has anyone experienced water condensation and leaking into the rear windows i was washing my car on a hot day in n. california and i noticed water condensing on the inside of the car on one of the rear windows towards the bottom. when i rolled down the rear windows and rolled back up i noticed

wetness when i roll the windows down and back up--after its been in rain of course. i took it to the dealer. they took apart the door (i actually saw the taken-apart panel) and noticed a gap that would be enough to allow water to seep in. they finally reprod the issue but didnt know if it was a manufacture-wide issue. they had a regional specialist look at it on mon and then they had 5 audi

AUDI Q5 8R SQ5 with supercharged 354 HP V6 3.0-liter TFSI

audi has announced plans of bringing a new version of the SQ5 powered by a TFSI engine to the Detroit Motor Show. httpwww.worldcarf...-hp-v6-30-liter

Snow Man on 09 January 2013 - 1029 PM said No its not a tractor has 2000Nm or even more but the 0-60 speed on that is never&33 0-60 is a combination many factors both HP and Nm. My R8 has less Nm but is much faster. You compare tractors and cars Tractor has only 2000Nm. Perhaps it is better tank because he has 1500HP and 4000 Nm or Cat 797 with 4060HP and 3200Nm Of course Im kidding but your comparison

PONTIAC SOLSTICE At these boosts why is it not acting like a diesel

According to this calculator - Boost Compression Ratio Calculator - a stock boost of 16 PSI the nominal 9.21 compression ratio equates to 19.211 at sea level. A 23 PSI tune yields 23.591 a 27 psi tune 26.11 and 30 psi 27.981. Compression ratios for diesels start at 141. So even with the marvels of direct injection (which has been used for a long time by diesels) and ECMs it makes me wonder why our

Quote Originally Posted by mkriebs This ignition timing helps create pressure before the piston hits TDC (top dead center) so that it creates more force pushing it back down hence why we see more power (to a certain point) with more ignition timing advance. More force pushing down is called Torque Ive yet to see a gasser make more torque than a diesel at low RPM. The reason you cant spin a diesel as high as a gasser is due to the weight of the rotating assembly. diesel pistons are heavy. Look at my 3.0L V6 TDI Touareg engine. 405flt of torque gets 27mpg in mixed driving can tow 7700 pounds. My Dodge 3500 5.9 Cummins made 313 rwhp640tq it loves to beat up on NA 4 banger cars even with my trailer and car loaded. diesels are more thermal efficient than gassers too. So more energy goes into producing work than out the exhaust pipe. Had audi made the R8 TDI and imported it here I would have sold my 3 cars to get one without a doubt.

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W163 Off Topic. V-10 VW diesels at the 12 hours of Sebring

Sad to say this is the first one I have missed in 8 years in person. I got a call from Peter Cunningham about his prep and progress. All is going well for PD and his teams. One of the things that blew PD away is that in some sort of full bodied car the VW V-10 turbo diesels are flying around the track. The wild thing is they dont sound like anything else(not a suprise). What is a suprise is how quiet

Holy St. It was a wild debut for that powerplant. It was put into the new audi R10. Very first race. It smashed the old LMP1 track record by 2 seconds and they dont even traction have control for it yet. Two of them started but one overheated and was parked. The sister car took first flag to flag. It was strangely quite. I could hear the whistle of the air going over the rear wing and the tires before

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W164 ML 320 Blue-Tec on North American shortlist for 2009 TOTY in Detroit

byJohn LeBlanc Toronto Star 27 December 2008 A couple of clean diesels are finalists for the 2009 North American car and truck of the year awards. On the car side Volkswagens Jetta TDI diesel joins the gas-powered Ford Flex crossover and Hyundais Genesis luxury sedan. In the running for truck of the year is the Mercedes-Benz ML320 BlueTec clean diesel luxury SUV which faces off against two traditional

I dont know diesels just dont excite me. If the 335d came with a manual and got 50mpg like the TDIs maybe Id be interested but still the diesel engine just wont have that precise rev-happy feel that a well designed petrol engine will. diesels are solid & efficient engines but for me precise engine response and nimble handling are what Im looking for. I wonder how the audi R8 TDI feels

MERCEDES BENZ Looking for a decent 416

OK guys... New to the forum but have read quite a few posts. I know what I want and I have been saving my pennies. Would love some assistance in locating a vehicle at a decent price. I am looking for a decent 416 preferably hard top (not high top) and would LOVE a Doka... but dont like the expense. I would like a tipper bed PTO winch in the front and definately want a spare set of AG tires for the

Quote Originally Posted by TRUKTOR Well they DID have a near perfect record until Penske delevoped the PORSCHE LMP-2 spyder to were it has taken the last number (5) of ALMS races over-all. That does not diminish the great work done by audi on the diesel however. That is just how it goes in racing especially when guys like Penske and Joest are involved. You are giving the impression that Penske or Joest

MERCEDES BENZ Unimog 4wd system viscous coupler

I think theres some vastly wrong info going on in this article they even state that the Zetros has an exhaust brake and the Unimog doesnt but its a fun read Quote Mercedes G-Class Sprinter 4x4 Unimog Zetros off-road test Car Tech We know a thing or two about off-road vehicles. Or at least we thought we did until Mercedes-Benz invited us to Milbrook Proving ground in Milton Keynes to have a go in some

FIAT 500 II Hands up if you think I am mad

Now.... I this is my first post so please be gentle I bought a BMW 123d before christmas now it is a fantastic car no doubt about it but and the big but is it was really expensive. As a family we have bought loads of BMs I got a really great discount and because they hold onto their money really well I can sell it for around what I paid for it. I have really fallen for the Fiat 500 ok I am a twenty

Originally Posted by nuovapanda audi just an expensive VW... silly cars audi are more than expensive VWs Compare them side by side Also there is little difference in pricing and as premium branded cars go its one of the best marks you can go for when it comes to value. audi cars (especially the TT) have the highest residual value of any other manufactured brand. audi have been integral to many motorsport

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 E420 only 275 hp

Hey guys new to the forum and was hoping to pick your brains a bit I have a 97 E420. When i first did a look up of the stats i was a bit suprised to learn that the 4.2 liter V8 DOHC monster of an engine only puts out 275 hp. Is there any way (any affordable for a college student way) to increase that hp Im not at all saying that the car is not fast enough for me but an engine of that size i think should give a bit more. What do you guys think

Bad news is that there is no easy or cheap way to increase any substantial horsepower out of that engine. Good news is that a bit of perspective may help. 275 is a lot of horsepower. Even more so is the 295 ft-lbs of torque this engine produces. A new audi R8 makes 400-ish hp sure but only 300 torque. Thats not a lot more grunt than your engine in terms of torque. When the early E55s were introduced

PONTIAC SOLSTICE New owner of Coupe 0199

Wanted to introduce myself to the board I just bought my Deep GXP Coupe 199 drove 22 hours round trip to pick it up from 2 states away. But it was well worth the trip. I have been searching for the last month or longer for a Deep GXP Coupe in my local area of Tidewater VA while on vacation in central FL and then again when I got back home. Local dealers only ordered NA coupes or silver or black. Then

like what can be done with the LNF engine. My GTI is fun but you cant turn around without seeing one just like it. My Dodge 3500 pulls my 24ft enclosed car trailer and gets 13mpg and I love the Cummins diesel the Jetta TDI returned 40mpg hauling 4 adults and a trunk load of stuff back from Orlando with the AC blowing and running at 80mph for the most part up I95. I would LOVE to have a Ford GT audi

injection etc.) and put it in a street car the tourque is more readily available and not peaky. You must also realize the 2.0t is a four cylinder not a 6. I think yes the I6 is smooth but is dated already it needs the direct injection for mileageperformance and emissions.Basically Every manufacturer has more involved 6 cylinders. The I6 is MUCH MORE involving than any 4 cyl. turbo from VWaudi

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