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AUDI A8 Yet Another Audi A8 ABSESP Light on

Hello again Since i bought my 1999 Facelift audi A8 2.5 TDI 150 HP i had the abs ESP lights on (yellow) and the exclamation marc in a cercle (()) in the middle screen the 3 beeps at start and the yellow brake pads in the upper small screen After searching the internet i started with verifying all the fuses and cleaning all the 4 abs sensors that did not do the trick Lot of people told me that

AUDI A8 abs break problem

I have a 97 audi A8 and recently the abs braking system is acting up. when I start the car and begin driving everything runs normally but as soon as I touch the brakes I feel the pedal shudder and can hear the abs brakes working until the the computer deactivates the brakes and the warning indicators comes on in the dash(abs BRAKE) Any ideas is this a sensor that dirty or broken thx

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AUDI A8 D2 2000 A8 Rumble on Acceleration

Occasionally my 2000 A8 feels like its going over a rumble strip during acceleration. As soon as I back-off the rumble stops. Then if I accelerate more slowly it does not return. But if I get back on it as hard as was previously accelerating the rumble returns. This is happening more frequently. Do you think this is a problem with the Quattro system Perhaps Im low on differential fluid. Or could there be something wrong with the viscous coupling Or is this a transmission issue

Engine Light is not ON. I found this March 12 2007 post on Edmunds from a guy by the name of estreed ( httptownhall-talk.edmunds.comdir...ee9e5031361) I have worked on and rebuilt many of these A8 quattro units(5HP24A). They are a very heavy duty unit. The size of the gear train is about like a 34 ton truck. I have never seen a gear train failure yet. One quirk with this transmission is that audi

AUDI A8 Am I missing something

I currently own a Mercedes S430 (W220). I bought the car with 100000 miles and currently have 135000 miles on it (bought 2.5 yrs ago) The car was a one-owner babied always serviced at same dealer and came with 15k worth of receipts for work. Anything ever went wrong they took it straight to the dealer and had it fixed. Since purchasing the car I have done the following -Replaced 2 lower and 2 upper

AUDI A8 Eps malfunction

My audi A8 2003 (D3) Esp warning light is on continuously what could be wrong . Please help

Thanks for all your reply. I been told by the independant audi specialist today that the abs computer is faulty and it costs adout 1000 euros to fix. My car is a MARCH 2003 D3 model and the mechanics said he will contact audi dealer to see if i can claim goodwill warranty as some parts are covered for 6-7 years. Apart from that he said the oxygen sensor and the maf sensor are malfunction (what are they is it necessary to replace them)


Hey Gang I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of terms that we commonly see in the world of Volkswagenaudi Group or Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VAG) cars. Most of these terms include those that are VAGs own internal names andor wording jargon that comes from popular sites like ClubB5 (CB5) and Passat World etc. as well as general car terms that we use for cars other than those made by VAG.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 GLOSSARY - Explanation of VAG terminology and abbreviations by FastLane

Compiled and written by Mark M (FastLane) Most Common VAGB5 Abbreviations and Terms. 1.8T 1.8L Turbocharged Engine One of the many designations of different engines used in VAG cars. However the 1.8T is the base engine in the Passat the V6 (not VR6) and W8 are optional engines in the North American markets. Elsewhere there are 1.9L Diesels (See TDI) and 2.0 four cylinder versions as well just to name

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