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AUDI A4 B8 A4 Steering Wheel Vibration Problem

Dear All Sorry for the long post but I would like to share my story with audi USA and look for some advice. Bought a brand new audi A4 Avant 2009 from the authorized dealer. Got all the warranty extenders etc. Few weeks of using the car noticed that there was an intermittent vibration on the steering wheel specially and more pronounced at low speeds or when starting to move the car. I was not steering

Yea their is no question that audi did not do the proper testing in regards to the steering vibration. I think it has something to to with the servotronic speed sensitive steering and while you are stopped and cutting the wheel to get out of a parking space it starts to shutter.... Its like the power steering doesnt have enough juice to turn the wheels while the car is stopped so the wheels shutter...

The fact that it is intermittent leads me to believe that it is in the electronic control part of the system rather than the hydraulics and this is what has me worried about the safety aspects of the system. Predictability in steering is vital to control and if the Servotronic system were to alter the ratio unexpectedly at high speed it is a real problem. This is not an isolated issue with audi.

AUDI A4 B7 B7 A4 2.0TFSI Power Steering Problems

Hi there I have a 2007 A4 Avant 2.0TFSI Quattro and Ive been having a few issues with my power steering - need a bit of advice My power steering pump gave up a few days ago - the shaft of the pulley pulled about 5mm out from the body of the pump the pump emptied all the PAS fluid out of the shaft seal all over the engine bay and the aux belt got a bit chewed up for good measure. I have replaced the

AUDI A4 B5 ECS Tuning B5 A4 1.8T Vaico Power Steering Pumps

If your steering is starting to feel a bit rough you notice metal flakes in the power steering fluid or you hear an annoying noise from the pump your power steering pump may be going out. This pump keeps the power steering fluid moving throughout the system to give you the smooth steering you feel while driving. If your pump is starting to fail or already has replace your power steering pump to restore

AUDI A4 B5 Steering goes light at highway speed

So Ive been trying to solve this problem for some time now. Driving on normal surface roads the car behaves as usual. When I get up to 60-65 the steering feels very light and requires constant correction. If youve ever driven an old car or truck with a steering box you know what Im talking about. Now for what Ive checkeddone to try and fix this. Replaced all 4 springsstruts with low mileage S4 parts.

I had considered the speed sensitive steering (I think audi calls it Servotronic). I figured that if it had failed the steering would be heavy all of the time rather than light. Is the actuator for this on the pump or the rack The A6 diagrams Ive looked at show it on the rack rather than the pump. I havent found a diagram for the A4. People mentioned pulling the relay on the A6 because they thought

AUDI A4 B6 Air lock in power steering or pump knackered

Hi I was getting a really bad groaning noise coming from my a4 b6 1.9 tdi 130 power steering pump so yesterday I did a full bleed and refill which I thought had cured it. Once Id refilled it I done the bleed procedure leave cap open turn steering wheel full lock to full lock at least 10 times then top up fluid as required and as I drove it out of my garage it seemed quite. Got in it the next morning

was groaning like there was a dolphin stuck under the bonnet Checked the fluid level and it was bang on full. Tried to bleed the air out of the system again using same method but this time I must have turned the wheel lock to lock at least 30 times but its made no difference Could there still be air in there Any idea how to get it out Or does it sound like the pumps goosed Ps I used the proper audi

AUDI A4 B5 99 a4 steering wheel grinding noise

happens only when i turn left see video (turn up vol u can clearly hear what I am talking about) I can steer fine its just annoying loud noise. Any ideas on problem audi a4 steering Wheel Grinding Noise - YouTube ty

Quote Originally Posted by Mojo3 happens only when i turn left see video (turn up vol u can clearly hear what I am talking about) I can steer fine its just annoying loud noise. Any ideas on problem audi a4 steering Wheel Grinding Noise - YouTube ty Dont make left turns No really check your fluid. Also check the power steering system clamps. The hoses will squish a little after time & can cause leaks that suck air & airate the power steering fluid.

Quote Originally Posted by M5S5 Dont make left turns No really check your fluid. Also check the power steering system clamps. The hoses will squish a little after time & can cause leaks that suck air & airate the power steering fluid. Thanks for responses why would it only do it when turning left lol That could still be the pump or fluid

AUDI A4 B5 Power steering fluid - what is which is the right

Ok. I know audis need a special brew for EVERYTHING. PS fluid no exception. But even under the special brews (Pentosin) there is CHF7.1 CHF11S CHF202 Back of the label says 202 mixes with 11S but DO NOT MIX with 7.1 a) What is the RIGHT one for my 1998 A4 B5 1.8T quattro manual (with KYB or so PS pump NOT ZF) b) What are the differences between the 3 fluids I assume they are all MINERAL fluids. Some

AUDI A4 B5 Power steering question

I recently bought my A4 and I noticed that the power steering fluid was not the thin green color it should be (it was light gold) so I replaced it according to the steps outlined in the Bentley manual (drain from cooler line while turning from stop to stop 10x refill start engine and turn 10x check level). When I started the engine the steering pump made a terrible racket while I bled it but all the

AUDI A4 B5 Steering Pump Whine during sharp turn

Hey guys I have a 2000 audi A4 b5 quattro 5spd 1.8t. When I turn very sharp at low speeds (I dont turn that sharp while going fast lol) I hear this hummingwhining coming from what I assume is my pump. It never used to do this and when I first noticed it I checked my power steering fluid and it was low so I topped it off (SO EXPENSIVE) assuming the noise would go away. The power steering fluid hasnt

AUDI A4 B5 Wierd steering wheel noise what do you think is it

98 a4 b5 2.8Q w 115K miles. So Im getting this weird sound for what appears to be coming from inside the steering wheel area. It only comes when Im turning left at a standstill or at slow speeds. The noise closely resembles that of rubbing a clothrubber material against a wet glass surface. My initial impression was that Im running low on PS fluid. The stick showed I was at min. mark. My fluid was

AUDI A4 B5 power steering problem

ok well turns out the rack is bad the pump is all but fucked and its leaking fluid like crazy im going through about 3 bottles of fluid a day... i dont have the money to fix it and i dont have the money to buy fluid day in and day out like this... my question is since rack is already bad and pump is already pretty much gone too... what damage will it do besides just no power steering if i just stop filling it up

with Power steering issues) is that the rubber power steering hoses start to suck in air at the clamps after they get old and the seal loses integrity. Air gets into the system and causes the pump and rack to wear down faster. Then guys like us who want to get a fancyperformance (most likely used) vehicle that costs a -load to fix get stuck replacing expensive parts before their time because audi

AUDI A4 B6 Audi Navigation system in a B6

Can i fit something like this into my 2004 B6. For audi A4 Car Video DVD GPS Satnav players 7 Touchscreen PIP RDS Bluetooth eBay Here is a picture of my car as it stands - If i bought that Nagivation system would it simply replace the two units that are already there. There seems to be one big one at the bottom and one smaller one at the top. Im looking to go with something like this as it has sat

AUDI A4 B5 Sigh... second day with new a4 somethings up with the power steering...

Ok so I just got a real good deal on a 97 2.8 a4 quattro (2300). While the guy was cleaning his stuff out of the car I could have sworn I saw him take out two bottles of power steering fluid. They looked like run of the mill bottles definitely not the proper audi mineral oil or what not. In any case I was driving the car yesterday and the powersteering got real real loud. It makes a pretty damn loud

The common placed for leaks are the hoses from the PS pump and the rack. Drain flush and fill. To get the air out of the system once you have the correct fluid in you should jack up the front of the car and with the engine on slowly turn the steering wheel from end to end about 10 times. This will purge the air from the system. The correct fluid when new is a dark clear green. As it picks up crud it turns olive. If you dont know what is in there get a couple of cans of Pentosin 11S or OEM from an audiVW dealer.

AUDI A4 B5 Power Steering Nightmare

So from the beginning (this is a lil long) 1996 A4 2.8. Starts leaking fluid a little at first then so much that the reservoir was empty by the end of the day. Found the leak was in the pressure line right off the pump where the hose attaches to the line. Got a new pump since this one was whining figured replace the pump and the hoses and lines. Stopped refilling reservoir due to major leak the system

ok so disconnected the line from the rack to the cooler line an connected it straight to the reservoir. Still no circulation or steering. Im at a loss so in the rare instance it was the rack would it keep the fluid from running through the system I took it to the shop the other day and they said the pump wasnt running. I am stumped and annoyed its goin to the shop tomorrow but anymore input would be great. Thanks

AUDI A4 B6 Help please - Windshield washer system stopped working 2002 A4 1.8T

Hi My 2002 A4 1.8T windshield washer seems to have stopped working. Couple of days ago I tried using it to clean some bugs of the windshield. The wipers moved up and down but nothing came out of the washer jets. I thought maybe I ran out of washer fluid. So I filled up the reservoir with washer fluid. Still no luck. Appreciate your advice here.

Hey Everyone I had the same issue with my 2003 A4 1.8TQ 2 weeks ago. To validate info the correct fuse position is 37 and is located in the fuse panel to the left of the steering wheel. My car had a 25 Amp fuse in it. I replaced it with a 25 Amp fuse and everything works fine now. Some will advise you to go to a 30 Amp fuse to avoid blowing it in the future but I believe audi used a 25 Amp fuse for

AUDI A4 B6 Help please. Timing belt replacement now no power steering

Just had my timing belt replaced by a local shop. Picked it up and it had no power steering. I just recently purchased the car and it seemed to be working fine before. Hadnt heard any noises or anything. The shop is saying it is the pump but Im not sure if it something they did or did not do. They said they replaced everything except the serpentine belt because it looked new had to replace the accessory

While in the shop for my last timing belt change the power steering pump on my 02 A4 3.0 died. The mechanic bled the system several times hoping the problem was air in the system but it turned out to be the pump. Maybe some stress is placed on the pump during the timing belt change I dont know. This was the original pump on my car and the odometer was at 225k at the time so I assumed it was a case of the pumps time being up.

AUDI A4 B5 Power steering fluid leak - where is the leak

Power steering fluid was very low on our 1998 A4 1.8T quattro manual. Filled up the CHF 7.1. Son reports fluid is low again (say 2 weeks less than 500 miles). I currently dont have the car here but want to prepare for the fix. What are the typical partslocations where leaks occur on the AEB engine - pump - connectionslines at reservoir pump steering rack - rack itself Whats the best way to locate the

Quote Originally Posted by vtraudt Power steering fluid was very low on our 1998 A4 1.8T quattro manual. Filled up the CHF 7.1. Son reports fluid is low again (say 2 weeks less than 500 miles). I currently dont have the car here but want to prepare for the fix. What are the typical partslocations where leaks occur on the AEB engine - pump - connectionslines at reservoir pump steering rack - rack itself

AUDI A4 B6 Power Steering Leak

03 a4 1.8t b6 power steering leaks. shocking amount when warm and appears to only leak while turning the wheel. the more the wheel is turned the quicker it seems to leak. causing it to drain quickly from the power steering reservoir obviously as well as foam and overheat the fluid thats left in the reservoir. when i looked for the leak i found the line which i believe to be the source 99% sure. Ive

AUDI A4 B6 what power steering fluid should i buy

hello i have an 02 a4 1.8T and i recently checked my power steering fluid reseviour and lets just say its bone fluid whatsoever anywhere on the stick but there is no difference in steering...its still easy to turn. anyway i wanna get this taken care of asap so whats the best power steering fluid to buy for our cars all i need is that and i can start to bleed the system and get it back to normal operating specs...any help is greatly appreciated

AUDI A4 B7 power steering noise

We recently purchased a used 2007 A4 Cabriolet for my wife and have been getting a random power steering groan. It usually occurs after the car has been driven and warmed up when driving at slow speeds (parking lots). I have not noticed it when the RPMs are up or when cold. Any thoughts The belt looks good and has good tension and I replaced some of the fluid by suctioning the fluid in the reservoir

Does anyone have a DIY process for flushing and filling the A4 B7 power steering system I have seen some for other models but not this one. We are still having steering groan when turning not just at the stops but in between too. I would like to give this a shot before taking it in to the shop. Also is there a screen or filter in the bottom of the reservoir that can be cleaned or replaced Thanks.

AUDI A4 B5 I think I have the wrong power steering fluid in

I just got this car and looked through the trunk and found two half empty bottles of fluid. One being Strauss and the other Unified I never heard of either one of these but I am doubting they are the right kind. Havent really driven the car yet still putting it back together so I hope nothings been damaged.

I went through this when i got my car. I picked up my audi a4 leaking PS fluid and with an engine light all brightly lit on the dashboard for 3k. New wheels and tires removed the cat and put a test pipe on her replaced some hoses and flushed the system and she was a cherry again. The easiest way it to disconnect the return line from the rack to the RES and put in in a bucket. I plugged hole in the

AUDI A4 B5 when will my power steering die

Alright its been almost exactly a year since I owned my audi stupid (or not) me added stopleak to the reservoir shortly after I had it giving an estimate it was probably 18th filled. Been a year and nothing however it is solid clear last time I checked instead of light green when I first added it. can this be debunked or do we need mythbusters

I was just thinking use the steering to push it out. A little easier dont you think Youll know you have no more fluid when the pump starts whining real loud. Watch the hose cause you dont want to run your rack too dry. You could honestly leave the system open for reflush. I hate to say it but your going to be wasting s cause I would run audi approved fluid only through the system. You could run the

AUDI A4 B5 Power steering problems

Ive only put 1500 miles on my car since I bought it and it seems as soon as I get one problem fixed something else breaks. When I replaced my front brakes a few weeks ago I noticed when I jacked it up power steering fluid was dripping from around the drivers side tie rod out of the rack. I thought it was just a slow leak that had collected in the boot (which is torn) and then came out when I jacked

First up be very careful with trying to rebuild the rack. An audi technician once told me that after three separate failed attempts to rebuild failed racks he just replaces them. Its apparently that much of a pain in the . Weve installed several racks from Advance Auto of all places and theyve all worked perfectly. Prices were in spitting distance either side of 300 based on whether its for a 1.8T

AUDI A4 B6 Blown power steering pump...........

Grrrrrr..... My sister did a good one to her A4. (03 3.0) Even better the car is 90 miles away at her friends house. Since phone diagnostics are nearly impossible I got her to send some photos off of her cell. The power steering pump is no longer a single unit. I packed up my tools and went on a road trip expecting to call the tow truck. I was able to remove the pump in short order without putting

AUDI A4 B5 Power steering

Got a question my power steering cooler line ripped off on the freeway got a new 1 and now my power steerig doesnt work there a special way to bleeding the system on a 99 a4 1.8L

AUDI A4 B5 Power steering belt must have broke

Im driving and enjoying my new (to me) 99.5 A4 1.8T yesterday when suddenly the power assist for the steering vanishes. Im assuming that the belt broke as one second the power boost was there then its gone For whatever reason Im not able to use the search this forum feature but Im wondering how tough it is to replace the belt. Ive replaced a fair amount of different belts before but if its a real PITA

Well I had some time today to take a good look under the hood and didnt find anything obviously leaking. Since this is my first German car since I had a 450SL years back I had to find a decent indy mechanic near me and the guy who used to work on my Acuras (well if you can call it that because nothing really goes wrong with an Acura like apparently it does with an audi more like scheduled maintenance)

AUDI A4 B5 Steering angle sensor (G85)

I recently lowered my car and had to take my car to get aligned. They were able to get everything to spec except my front camber. They said that they didnt want to adjust it since it would require a reset of the steering angle sensor and they dont have a VAG communicator to do so. I wanted to make sure before I take it back so they can adjust the front camber since it would count as being under my alignment warranty. So does my 1998 A4 1.8t Quattro have this sensor (G85) Part of the ESP system.

AUDI A4 B5 Power Steering

I was drivng home today when pulling out the parking spot at school i could hear the power steering pump it seemed. When the wheel was still it was fine but when ever i turned it either way it whineed as if the pump was gonna go. Is that a good sign to replace it or what else could be going on.

just a heads up...power steering racks are 2-3 times as expensive as a pump... when the pump fails and your rack runs dry you will be looking at a much larger bill... try flushing the system...and refilling with pentosin...if the noise remains replace the pump... I would reccomend not adding any leak sealer it will most likely make things worse...especially if you dont have a leak youll just end up with slower flow... gl

Ill admit up front that I have no experience working with audis at all...Im actually just here to research a future purchase but my old BMW was having a similar issue. Changed out the ps fluid and the belt a month ago and it hasnt made a noise since. Mine only squealed in the extreme lock positions due to a slipping belt and it groaned almost constantly because of low (and old) fluid. Not sure how

AUDI A4 B6 2002 audi a4 power steering

All of a sudden when I turned the wheel it made a whiningsquealing sound. It gets worse as I accelerate but as I turn the wheel straight it semi goes away. This leaves me to believe it has something to do with the power steering. Which type of power steering fluid do i buy And how do I put it in my car

Pentosin CHF202 - Hydraulic system Fluid OReilly Auto Parts Same thing happening to me. Have to get some steering fluid tomorrow but probably have to get it flushed out.

AUDI A4 B5 B5 Steering Wheel Swap - Is it Doable

Maybe I didnt type in the correct search words to find the answer I am looking for. But I have been on many audi forums Googled Binged Yahood Asked Jeeves searching for the same answer with no success. So I will ask you fine gentleman and ladies (if applicable). I purchased a used 98 audi 1.8TQ MT that needs cosmetic work. I have a donor 96 audi V6 FWD AT that I will be taking the parts from. The 96

Cold Weather Package Heated front seats heated windshield washer nozzles heated driver door lock expandable skistorage sack (standard on Avant models) Sport Package Sport suspension 7-spoke 7J x 16 sport wheels 20555 16 high performance tires 3-spoke leather covered sport steering wheel (w Tiptronic controls with automatic transmission) audio Package Bose 150w (170w on Avant models) premium sound system

AUDI A4 B5 I bought Strauss Auto Total Fuel System Treatment for my 2.6 v6 a4

I just wanted to check with you guys if I should use it I read everything and it seems to check out.

PowerUP NNL-690 which is a boundary lubricant for engines is great for treating engine oil transmission fluid power steering fluid for better boundary lubrication. Adding a small amount to the gas diesel at each tank fill also helps engine running smoother. Have used this product in nissan and audi engines and would now put it in every vehicle i get simply for better engine life. one of their websites are at (im just a customer happy with the additive results)

AUDI A4 B5 Power steering leakage

Ive got a leakage in my power steering oil system on the right side. What to do I would like to have a drawing of the steering system. Thanks a lot P.Prins

AUDI A4 B5 Steering wheel groan

Ive searched but nothing quite matches what Im experiencing. When turning either left or right but only at relatively low speeds I am hearing an annoying groansqueal from my steering wheel. I am sure that the noise is coming from the wheel and not the racktie rodsU.J. on the column. Does anyone know if there is something in the clock ring or other component that can be lubricated or adjusted Thanks

No there isnt. Low power steering fluid or air in the system is causing it. steering relies more on the pump system at low speeds. Something to do with the fluid is causing the noise.

AUDI A4 B5 Stuck steering

Today it was pouring outside and I decided to still go out a few miles just for fun. Once I got to shopping plaza I parked it and instantly noticed that Brake light as well as Battery light came on. I had not switched off the car yet. I turned it off and back on which was fine but the 2 lights remained on. I checked to make sure that I had not pulled hand brake by mistake which I hadnt. When I tried

The accessory belt not the timing belt. The accessory belt is the one you can see - the timing belt is the one under the covers which requires disassembly to reach. If the tensioner is bad enough you may see it wobbleoscillate slightly with the engine running but even if its not it still may not be driving the accessories enough. You can also bleed the power steering system - put the front wheels off

AUDI A4 B5 Replaced Power Steering Hose Bled Fluid and Now Theres a Whine

I cant quite understand it. Before there was a leak in the power steering supply line but there was no noise except for when it would get low. I would top it off which always did the trick and took the noise away. I did however make the mistake by filling the fluid with normal fluid from OReillys. This went on for several hundred perhaps thousands of miles without any problems. Well I finally got around

AUDI A4 B6 Power steering question

This may be answered on here already but I couldnt find it. On a b6 3.0 should there be any visible flow in the PS reservoir at idle Thanks.

Quote Originally Posted by hollowelm This may be answered on here already but I couldnt find it. On a b6 3.0 should there be any visible flow in the PS reservoir at idle Thanks. Not really. But only if there is air in the system will you see the air bubbles. But when the system is perfect you wont even recognise a simple movement unless someone is moving the steering wheel from left to right. Cheers


Hey guys Having some power steering rack problems with my 99 A4 Quattro Tip w 94k on it. Have the famous groaning noise followed by some horrible squeaks and rattles when braking is applied followedby steering movement. If I am at a stop with the brakes applied and turn my steering wheel back and fourth I can hear something looserattling in response tothe movement right behind my dashboard on the passenger

probably a leak in the system and common on older cars because they are not self bleeding jack the front wheels of the ground and fill the system and rotating the steering from left to right a couple of time to get the air out ( do not crank the engine )

AUDI A4 B5 is it risky for the engine to run with no power steering

hey everyone i have a 12v b5 that has a pretty serious steering rack leak. first it whined alot since there was air in the system now the power steering stopped working altogether. it has been like that for a few weeks and i can live with no power steering but i was looking at how ps belt is one and the same with all the others... my question is am i risking the life of my engine by running the ps

AUDI A4 B5 Slack in steering help me with eliminating my possibilities

Hey guys So Im having problems with the steering but I just dont know what it is.. Symptoms When Im driving its easier to turn to the right than to the left When in a sloped right corner it will very easily turn the wheel by itself and head for the ditch if I dont actually hold on to the wheel (noticing it in the same turn every day while driving to work in heavy traffic) When the car is straightening

AUDI A4 B6 Steering wheel wont engage after reinstall

I just finished replacing my turn signalhigh beam (combi) switch after waiting for a week for the specialy T8 Torx i needed. Have taken the steering wheel and airbag off before with no problems getting it back on. But after I finished the complete removal (including spiral spring etc..) and install my steering wheel will not engage the steering system. Combi switch works great but right now my car wont steer. Any ideas

AUDI A4 B5 Power Steering Leak (Picture)

It looks to me like its leaking from the pully system but I dont know for sure. If that is the case do I need to replace the pump or the pully Thanks for your help. Sorry forgot to add that its a 98 A4 1.8T

AUDI A4 B5 Is driving with a bad ABS sensor damaging to brake system

I have a bad front ABS sensor. This creates a weird noisevibration in the brakes when doing slowly and applying the brakes. Can anyone tell me what is actually happening to make this noisevibration and whether it is harmful to continue to drive with the bad sensor I would prefer to wait for spring to replace the sensor.

It isnt harmful to drive with a bad sensor but you might notice the car steers when you step on the brakes and you will not stop as quickly.. so it is best to pull the abs fuse (you can look it up in your owners manual im not sure what it is) it is located where all of the other fuses are on behind the driver door jam or whatever its called. The sound you are hearing is the abs hydraulic pump turning

AUDI A4 B5 audi a4 b5 when i steer the power steering makes noise...

i have a 96 audi a4 b5 when i steer the power steering makes noise...when parking or not moving the steering wheel is stiff...the power steering fluid is full...what could be the problem

Remove the cap and turn the wheel lock to lock 10 times in each direction with the engine running. That will force the pump to move fluid and what I assume to be air bubbles through the system. The bubbles should burp out of the reservoir. Top off the fluid to the full mark on the cap stick. If its air that should do it. If not you may have a bad pump.

AUDI A4 B5 power steering fluid story

I noticed that my steering wheel was getting a bit more difficult to turn in the colder weather so I figured Id try a fluid change. I got a liter of the green crap from my local VW dealer (18 not bad) and changed it today. The crap that came out was really thick redbrown color. I hope that no damage was done by the last owner putting that crap in. I have to say that the green fluid was really thin compared to what was in there. Hopefully this will straighten things out (get it).

as the fluid level gets lower the steering becomes harder.... I just did a ps fluid flush last was definitely in need of a change.... one thing is that no other fluid should be in the system at all I would suggest driving the car for a couple days and then doing another flush to get some more of the crappy fluid out...since although you did the flush there was definitely excess crappy fluid still in your ps cooler rack and pump....

AUDI A4 B5 Loosing Lots of Power Steering Fluid

So when i bought my 97 a4 2.8 12v... the previous owner said he brought the car to the audi dealer to have the power steering pump replaced... proof is in the receipts and everything... but now its loosing power steering fluid and im not sure where its coming from... i still havent gotten a chance to jack the car up and inspect the bottom but just wanted to ask you guys to see if you guys have any

theres a diy its really not that hard just time consuming. its only a few bolts... i flushed the system and put mobile 1 atf in there havent leaked a mm out of the reservoir since. i was leaking too much to justify buying gallons of the audi crap and have it dump out on my driveway plus not being able to find it if i go into nyc and go empty.

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