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AUDI A4 B5 Help with deciding which ABS speed sensor

So I got my abs control unit rebuilt after the dreaded abs blinking and now my scanner detects that my right rear wheel speed sensor is at fault. Throwing the codes P1721 (abs Wheel Speed Signal 3(Right Rear) - RangePerformance and P1728 (Varying abs Wheel Speed Signals - RangePerformance). Now Im looking into getting that sensor replaced but I cant figure out which speed sensor I need to buy. Would

at the sensor the newers ones are a sensor that is bolted on on is alot cheaper since the wiring would disconnect at the sensor and not all the way to the abs computeri believe they started that in 98 so that might be you the older one had the push type your looking at. if your seriously looking for a cheap solution to that sensor its a simple 2 wire sensor and you can splice in any push type audi

AUDI A4 B5 Bad abs sensor then no brakes

I knew I had a bad abs sensor (front passenger wheel) was told it was cracked or broken. Since then I had been getting that abs vibration that bad sensor makes (I.e. My rotors are fine). Anyway- this morning I went to start it up and pedal went to floor. Checked fluid was low I filled it up still no pressure. Then had someone pump brakes or me and brake fluid spraying from under or near front passenger

Driving on a fualty sensor would not break or damage anything else at all The likely hood is the sensor tip is contaminated and you are either suffering a shot piston in the caliper or a ruptured brake pipe id be replacing the broken part first cleaning all the sensor and abs ring down and doing a reset on the computer try the car before paying for a new sensor you may fall lucky

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AUDI A4 B5 ABS Engine Brake light

OK. driving down the road today at about 40 MPH and all the sudden my abs Engine and Brake light come on and i guess a warning beep starts going off inside the car. When all this was ahppening it felt like the car wanted to cut out. I pulled over and turned the car off. Wating abou 30 sec and turned it back on. I start driving again and it happens once again about 300 feet down the road this time only

Is there any way to read the abs computer In my Bronco I can hook up the abs computer and read the abs specific codes. This tells me exactly what the problem is. I have always been concerned about the abs light and brake [warning] light are on That is the abs computer at 500 from audi or 350 from the rebuilders. I have the lights and annoying random screaming from the cluster right now on the wifes

AUDI A4 B6 B6 Audi A4 - ABS EPC MIL Lights On - Please Advise

Hi Everyone this is my first post on AF so please take it easy on me if im not following any specific format. I have tried to search the forums for my exact issue and while there were some good finds there wasnt a direct solution to my problem. Now on to what im experiencing. The check engine light abs and EPC lights are on at the moment. Sometimes the EPC abs lights go away (when they do go away

Quote Originally Posted by tnsparky js2724 Did you ever find any info on your problems Im having the same problem check engine light on absepc on and p501 vehicle speed sensor code. Same car 2003 audi a4 v6 quattro. I have replaced speed sensor inside transmission but speedo work but back out. I remember reading somewhere that all this might be a problem with ECU. Hi yes I finally fixed the problem.

AUDI A4 B5 ABS dim LCDdisplay and smell from ventilation

Hi new to site and wonder is anyone can help. The following faultsniggles exist on my 1998 audi A4 TDi 110 Avant. Has anyone had any experience of these 1. The yellow dashboard abs light comes on after the car has been driven for about 12 hour .This stays on but goes off after the car has cooled down. The abs hydraulic unit is warm to the touch when the light is on. I suspect it is either the wheel

AUDI A4 B5 ABS misc questions and help 99 2.5TDI(inspection issue)

Alright so many of you probably have gone through inspections right WELL putting it out there GERMAN inspections are a million times worse. I keep getting failed for my abs light staying on. Background on my VAGOBD II port it is in the rear middle ashtray behind the center arm rest. Not where I have ever seen it before then again this is a European audi. Also its a 99 2.5TDI so any other 2.5 owners

just pop the sensors out and look at them they will be noticeably bad. If all 4 check out its probably the module. SMD LEDS Surface mounted LED lights were never implemented on a 99 B5.. They still used bulbs at that point. the back of the cluster has sockets. So if one burns out how do you replace the light they didnt engineer the cluster to need completely replacing did they(on the newer audis)

it was a red diagnostic tool with a VAG connector. the computer said to use an S-7 key but all he had was a K-7 key it worked anyway though. it showed wheel speed in neutral and no wheel speed in 1st. cant remember where i found it it was under other tests i think.. checked boost pressure MAP MAF fuel injection rates cylinder fire all sorts of good stuff. Well im not sure really i was going off what

AUDI A4 B5 Module Master ABS Fix Did Not Work

I have a 1999 A4 1.8T Quattro Previously I had the issue where the abs light comes on and the brake light flashes continuously. The dealer told me the abs control module was bad so I sent it into Module Master to be repaired. I got done installing it today and now the brake light doesnt flash but the abs light is still on. Is there something I need to do after installing the computer to make it work

AUDI A4 B5 No Fault code for Abs MOdule but definitley not working

97 a4 quattro connected vag to computer today no faults for the abs module.. may i assume it is working However i have some serious sponge action going on with the brakes... and if I slam on the brakes for the life of me I cannot hear that abs motor run. Certainly doesnt feel like the abs is working. What are the odds that the motor is bad and the module fine I have searched forums and have not found

AUDI A4 B5 ABS problems... Help needed

So my abs just started engaging on dry roads whenever I would brake slower than 5mph. After about a day of this the brake light and abs light came on and I guess the computer turned abs off because when the light comes on it stops engaging at all. I did a little research and found the problem could be the brake speed sensor or something... Am I on the right track And is this a problem i could fix myself

AUDI A4 B5 ABSBrake lights on after replacing heater core

Alright as you all may have seen Ive had a bit of a nightmare of a time with replacing the heater core in my car. First we broke the new part trying to install it then it wouldnt start then people sent us incorrect parts and finally it came down to having simply missed a couple wires behind the relay panel upon reassembly the first time and we finally got her to roar back to life. Well now another

Thanks for the replies any and all commentssuggestions are always welcome. Devil if you read this youve got a Haynes manual right Someone possibly you (sorry cant keep track of who tells me what anymore school is baking my brains haha) told me that the Haynes manual is an excellent source for wiring diagrams can you confirm this and or shoot me a PDF scan of the diagram for the abs systems Quote Originally

AUDI A4 B5 Axle replacement now ABS issue

So I had my transmission go out (stay away from gl-5 fluids guys...) and while replacing it decided to replace the axles as well since 34 of the boots were torn. Everything went smooth fired her up and now I have an abs light on The thing is the light came on before I even moved the car so it appears to be an electrical issue. I pulled both front sensors out there are a few scratches on the heads but

AUDI A4 B5 A4 ABS Light is on..

I have a 99-2000 model A4 1.8t Quattro I know there is apost on here about this but i couldnt find it.. lol.. yes i am a retard.. haha.. anyways the abs light and the red light with the exclamation mark is on on my dash.. How do i reset the abs and if i do will the red exclamation mark (dont know what that is) go away Also want to put 4 10 subs in the boot but heard there was a vaccum control module and other in there will they be affected you cant reset the abs ecu like the car computer when you sort the problem the system resets automatically check the fluid level but I think its a speed sensor

AUDI A4 B5 ABS problem help

i was just driving normally this time lol and stopping nice and slow when my abs started at first i thought i was just thinking it up but then now on every gentle stop it turns on right before i come to a complete stop. no lights are on the dash about abs just it kicks in randomly when im about to stop anyone havehad a similar problem what should i do any advice thanks.

I havehad the same issue...your abs light wont come on but you WILL have a code basically Im assuming you are going under 20mph WHEN this happens correct Whats happening is one tire is telling the computer that its not matching up to the same speed as the others during slow could be a bad tooth on the abs sensor ring on the axle could also be a bad abs sensor itself etc...figuring out which one it is could be a big pain in the a.....

AUDI A4 B5 ABS Light Solid - Not Seeing Codes - Quick Questions

My abs light usually comes on after a minute of driving or so but not always. Sometimes it will go off while driving or once I turn the car off. After researching a little bit I am guessing I need to have it sent to Module Master to be repaired. I had the codes scanned at Autozone but their reader didnt pick up anything. I could try to get a VCDS lite installed on my computer to check if necessary.

Quote Originally Posted by Skythe My abs light usually comes on after a minute of driving or so but not always. Sometimes it will go off while driving or once I turn the car off. After researching a little bit I am guessing I need to have it sent to Module Master to be repaired. I had the codes scanned at Autozone but their reader didnt pick up anything. I could try to get a VCDS lite installed on

AUDI A4 B5 replaced axles and now abs light is on need help

ok so i took my a4 to a axle shop yesterday to have a the front axles replaced. when we got the car back the axles where fine but when i started to drive away from the shop my abs light turned on. then when i was about to come to a stop my brakes started to act funny. when i hit the brake pedal it gets super firm then it does a shaking type thing then out of no where the brake pedal gets soft or loose.

Mike he stated that the abs light is on so the computer has already recognized a constant variance in one of the wheelspeed sensors or complete lack of communication. So at this point it will disregard data as the module is in fault mode Id assume...and not be picking at his brakes too much. But odd that the brakes are acting up also. Perhaps youre right and the computer still attempts to use the input it gets even though it knows its inaccurate

AUDI A4 B5 Is there any way to disable the ABS light I dont really care about ABS.

Good day fellow audi enthusiasts Recently during sudden motions of the car over bumps and when accelerating I would get the intermittent blinking abs light and then it would go away. This happened with increasing frequency over a period of a month or so. Finally one day abs came on and stayed solid with a blinking brake light. Braking seems completely unaffected. Small amount of smoke from right rear

A stuck caliper wouldnt set the light off unless it damaged a wheel sensor. With the symptoms you described (the combination of a abs and flashing brake light) its likely a bad abs computer that can be fixed around 100 bux i think.

AUDI A4 B5 1998 A4 Quattro ABS questionProblem

So Ive replaced all axles brake rotors pads rear brake and front brake sensors all with OEM parts...I have NO codes or lights on....EVERYTHING works great EXCEPT....when Im slowing down at a light or a stop when I drop below 20mph it FEELS like my abs is engaging Any ideas It clicks clicks clicks like its pumping the brakes for me on a dry road But any braking or slowing over 20mph everything works like a T..... Thanks.

Just FYI I figured out what causes it...the speed sensor ring or wire telling the computer at slow speeds that one of your tire speeds isnt exactly the same as the it could be a worn out sensor ring worn out sensor plug etc...

AUDI A4 B5 YAW Rate Sensor Location

Where is the YAW Rater sensor located in our cars 2001 Quattro 2.8

If it has an ESP button it has a yaw sensor not necessarily if its a quattro. Quattro is completely mechanical (except for EDL Electronic Differential Lock which is controlled by the abs computer). Both quattros and FWDs had the option to have ESP (and thus also a yaw sensor along with others) but did not necessarily come with it. What is aware of sideways acceleration is the accelerometers beneath the seats for cars equipped with side airbags.

AUDI A4 B5 brake warning beep abs lamp

I had issue with my brake calipers in the front on my 2000 audi a4 1.8 ts quattro Now I have worse issues After replacing the calipers the cables for the brake pads got damaged after replacing first on one side it started beeping and the display that usually can show consumption temperature etc now only flashes with a after changing on the other side where we accidentally ripped the cable apart I

Quote Originally Posted by 02A6Beau There could be a couple of different things going on that are causing your issues. Your abs module may be bad (coincidentally to working on the brakes) or more likely you damaged something in your clumsy attempt to resolve your braking issue. The first thing you should do is to get a scan and see what codes are in the computer. Also check the brake fluid level. You

AUDI A4 B5 sensitive ABS

I had the car with the mechanic recently having some work done. among the things done was a new CV Boot on the drivers side. from it was installed when ever i press the brake pedal as i am slowing i can feel the abs kick in. it only really happens as i am rolling to a stop. the mechanic had it back and hooked it to the computer and said there were no errors and it will settle down. i believe there

Would a faulty or dirty abs sensor not have shown up when he ran the diagnostics on the computer

AUDI A4 B5 Absbrakeairbags light

audi checked everything and decided to put a new computer to see if the lights go away. It worked until three months later they came back. Any thought about this What would cause this I was thing maybe battery or air bag sensor got unhooked from seats and threw the code Dont know

AUDI A4 B5 Will a bad mass airflow sensor ALWAYS throw a CEL

My car is running like . I broke down on the interstate today after work. See my other thread here httpaudiforums.comforumshowthread.phpt148909 . I managed to drive it the rest of the way home. It idled roughly when I started it on the side of the road but it smoothed out after about a minute. I got it home and turned it off...waited 5 minutes and started it again. When I started it it idled very poorly

AUDI A4 B5 ABS problems

Ok Ive search for many nights and yet i still havent found a direct solution to my problem. Dont bash my because of my question and low post count So the car is a 1999 A4 1.8T with about 220k For the last year i have been having this anoying abs issue i decided to pull the abs fuse. Since now the lady is driving the car i want to solve this issue once for all. When decelerating just before a stop the

Quote Originally Posted by onepoint8tee Not really. Its just a small cylinder that slides into a hole... At 200K miles things get crispy and could easily break on reinstallation no matter how careful you are. Especially wires that are exposed to the outside and go through thousands of hotcold cycles. I really wouldnt try to point the blame to them even though it may have happend during reinstallation.

AUDI A4 B5 Need advice on a4 I am looking at

Well I am Mark and I race dirt midgets I currently have a Cadillac with a northstar as my first car that I picked for 1000 but it has pulled head studs leaky head gasket deal witch I will be repairing when the school year is out. As of now I came across a really nice looking audi a4 it is a 1997 with 170000 miles 2.8L Quattro. 5 speed standard. replaced clutch and trans was went through. I went to

AUDI A4 B5 97 A4 1.8t Auto Has No Reverse Gear

My 2nd day of driving my audi around and I LOVE IT. So I gave the A4 a good wash cleaned the engine with citrus cleaner and engine degreaser. I was planning on insuring the car tomorrow so I can start driving it around the island until I noticed today that I was going nowhere in reverse gear... Reverse lights are working all gear selections are lit up on my cluster PRND432. All other gears work though... Im lost Is my trans done for Its an automatic.

codes using vag-com. Even if youve fixed the problem it wont come out of limp mode until youve cleared the codes. I bought a VAG-COM off ebay for 18. I ran the program and installed the software but when I click on the icon ion my computer nothing opens. I also downloaded a VCDS Lite(whatever that is) and it showed this VCDS-Lite Version Release 1.1 Monday 23 April 2012 153946. Chassis Type 8D - audi

AUDI A4 B5 intermittent AC in hot south texas.

99 A4 1.8T tip 80K. annoying AC problem. AC stops cooling(compressor truns off and recirculation de-selected on HVAC controller) if RPM drops below 2000 RPM. AC work fine if car is started and left in park or kept above 2000 RPM. It take about 2-3 minutes of driving for AC to trun off. I suspect some type of temp sensor except rpm is the key(soon as rpm goes above 2000 AC back on. AC charge checked.

AUDI A4 B5 2000 Audi A4 How does AWD work

I have a 2000 audi A4. It has the quattro drive and its a 5 speed manual tranny. I noticed that when the wife pulled out of the driveway in the snow that only the front tires were spinning. If its an AWD drive system then why arent the rear tires spinning as wheels. Is the awd system computer controlled because I do have the abs light on because I need a left rear wheel sensor

AUDI A4 B5 99 A4 1.8 Quattro transmission issues

So I recently bought a 99 A4 with 170k..I didnt know what I was getting myself into but fell in love with the experience I bought the car knowing it was going to eventually need a new transmission due to loss of 3rd gear so I went out and bought a transmission from a salvage for 600 I got a 3 month warranty with it as well. So I had my father whos a mechanic for over 20 years put it in for me & when

AUDI A4 B5 BrakeTail light is screwy.

I have a 96 A4. The pre-facelift style tails obviously. The tall vertical strip in the inside close to the trunk lid is lit up with my lights on but only on the drivers side. So like anyone else I figure the passanger side is out. I pull back the cover to find that there isnt even a bulb in it and that you cant put a bulb in it due to the fact the back of the tailight itself is sealed there is no hole

Upon more research I think he was under the impression this was his thread and you responded that his foglight was on.. haha His only other post Quote So I currently have a 99 audi a4 2.8 V6 the B5 series. Ever since I got the car the abs Brake and the brake sensor light have been on. I replaced the front brakes and the brake sensor light went away about 5 months ago then it came back within a month.

AUDI A4 B5 Brakes still having problems

So I currently have a 99 audi a4 2.8 V6 the B5 series. Ever since I got the car the abs Brake and the brake sensor light have been on. I replaced the front brakes and the brake sensor light went away about 5 months ago then it came back within a month. I replaced the rear brakes today and the light has not gone away. I was told that I might just have to get a new computer but I have not clue what to do except go to the dealer and bend over as they look at my car. Ideas

AUDI A4 B5 Newby owner checking in

Hello folks I just picked up my 1998 A45 1.8T Quattro today and am very impressed even with the lack of power steering bad passenger upp ball joint and driver cv axle. Even with all that is still is smooth as can be and am very impressed. Half the on board computer things pixels are inoperable but is still readable. I have an air bag sensor light on due to airbags being deployed years ago from what

AUDI A4 B5 need a little help guys

I have a 2000 audi A4 1.8L non turbo version. for a couple of months now i have this Red () flashing in my lcd cluster this is the only thing blinking. No abs lights are flashing. My pads are bnew wbrake wear sensor Brake fluid is full. hmm any help would be apreciated guys. im tired of starting the car early in the morning and hearing 3 beeps and that flashing thing. its not intermittent by the way.

AUDI A4 B6 Brake Pad Wear Indicator

Hi All This is a fairly basic question so hope Im posting in the correct forum - 2005 audi A4 1.8TQM - my brake pads (front and rear I believe) appear to have the wire coming out of them that gets attached to some sensor. My question is when the pads wear down sufficiently will I get some idiot lightdash warning message Or are these wires simply to tell the abs computer how it should apply brake pressure

AUDI A4 B5 help needed fast

ok so...i just bought a 1997 a4 1.8T quattro...and the like next day it went to crap. first off when i start it the brakes dont really work and have a rough pulsating then will brake all by itself while i accelerate....then the abs an Brake cels go on and it stops. next i have no pull i havent put it on a boost guage yet but you know wether its pulling or not.. its going no where fast. next is the

The abs thing could be one of 2 problems. The abs module is known on audis to go out then you have to get the whole module replaced or fixed. You can usually tell this by the abs simly not working at all and the light flashing constantly. fixes them for 200. Thats where I had mine done. But since you have other braking issues than that Im going to guess that you problem is a speed

AUDI A4 B5 this is what my warranty covers is this legit

seeming how you all now just about everything about audis i wanted to know if my warranty is bogus or is it actually legit. want to know if it covers tune ups and clutch PRcos Open Road Premium Covered Components 1. Engine All internally lubricated parts for rotary gas and diesel engines block cylinder heads and barrels turbocharger and supercharger housing and internal parts waste gate and control

AUDI A4 B5 Oh nooo

i got a abs brake light today i need to vag com it so see if it is a wheel speed senor or the abs module any Really good places i can send it off to and can i drive the car with it not in there while its getting fixed

If the brake light is combine with it it is definitely NOT a wheelspeed sensor. Theres a small chance its a blown fuse or loose connection very unlikely. Sounds like your abs module. You can drive the car while the abs computer is removed. Some recommend module masters otherwise search audizine (its probably on here too) theres a guy that does it for like 50 bux and a website that many use that charges a 100 to repair.

AUDI A4 B5 BRAKES Please help

Wassup I need some help or suggestions if anyone has had this problem what it could be etc. I just replaced the rotors and pads on my 1998 A4. Before I did the old rotors were pretty warped and the pedal needed to be pushed down a bit further than normal. So I replaced the rotors with drilledslotted rotors and ceramic pads. I used my instruction book just to make sure I was doing everything right.

My install was PERFECT. Flawless. It was dirty abs sensors. I think the front abs sensors were okay but I cleaned them anyway. The rear sensors were gunked up and nasty. So I cleaned them and VIOLA Problem solved So the nasty sensors were confusing the computer into causing the abs to engage at lower speeds. Im so relieved

AUDI A4 B5 Boosting in the cold

I have the AEB pushing 12-13 psi. Some times (once every two weeks) ill get that boost cut. It would cut every time if I have it set at 15 psi. The colder it is the more I get this boost cut. This is the weird part when I turn the car off then start it the problem is gone. Through every thing i have done or that has happen i never get a CEL. Its really not a problem just trying to figure out what is

didnt you make a thread like this some time ago and got the same response do you own a copy of vagcom do you have any idea how to tune a car like this are you watching how much timing is being pulled how off your fuel trims are have you ever even touched the fuel or timing settings or are you just relying on the shitty ME5.9 ecu to do the work for you which it wont. do you have any idea how exhaust

AUDI A4 B5 1996 A4 2.8 Codes P1504 P0401 P0156

After the first longer (350 mls) trip after installing the newused transmission I pulled the codes below P1504 Intake leak where do they typically occur Obviously the flex duct between MAF and engine with its 2 hose clamps. Else Would spraying starter fluid (or carb cleaner) work to locate P0401 EGR flow check vac lines to EGR. Hook up hand vac to valve to check if it moves and maintains vac Ditto

The best I found with my forum searches was this write up. Are newerbetter ones out there Photos particularly of the TB the blocked passage etc 1) Remove the plastic battery cover. Using the 78 flarenut wrench squeeze your arm past the abs unit and loosen the flarenut connecting the end of the EGR tube to the rear of the drivers side exhaust manifold. Remove the battery if you need more reach-in room.

AUDI A4 B5 Shop cant Diagnos Problem

I took my 1998 A4 (non turbo) to a shop as the check engine light came on and the car stumbles under I figured they can plug into their computer get the problem codes right...wrong. They could not get their computer and the A4 to talk to each other. In fact there was no communication at all. What the hell is going on Could there be an issue with the plug that links them together

no blown fuses...and yes the abs light is on I understand that to be due to a bad sensor. Im equally worried that the shop is unable to get their equipment to communicate with the cars computer.

Ive got a similar problem. abs light and brake light come on at startup beeps three times and then continue to flash. At first we thought it was the left front abs sensor. Now the Snap-On computer cant communicate with the abs unit. Looks like there is no power to fuses S13 and S18. Any ideas Please


Hey Gang I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of terms that we commonly see in the world of Volkswagenaudi Group or Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VAG) cars. Most of these terms include those that are VAGs own internal names andor wording jargon that comes from popular sites like ClubB5 (CB5) and Passat World etc. as well as general car terms that we use for cars other than those made by VAG.

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B5 GLOSSARY - Explanation of VAG terminology and abbreviations by FastLane

Compiled and written by Mark M (FastLane) Most Common VAGB5 Abbreviations and Terms. 1.8T 1.8L Turbocharged Engine One of the many designations of different engines used in VAG cars. However the 1.8T is the base engine in the Passat the V6 (not VR6) and W8 are optional engines in the North American markets. Elsewhere there are 1.9L Diesels (See TDI) and 2.0 four cylinder versions as well just to name

C4 Weights and Info

Weve been long in need of a central information source for the weights of key C4 components. So here it is If you have weighed anything remotely related to your Vette please post the info here or send me PM being as detailed as possible as far as what you weighed and Ill update this first post as I get those Also please include the year of the part and the source of the information if you did not weight

BMW SERIES 5 E34 New BMW owner questions

I recently purchased a 1995 525i. I love my BMW and want to take all necessary steps to keep it in pristine running condition. I have some questions 1) The fan seems excessively loud and is always running. At higher speeds it gives off a slight wining sound. I wonder if it is possible that the fan clutch is seized or something of that nature Or is this just normal 2) The guy I bought the car from told

have only really used 510w-30. What oil do people recommend 3) I am aware that there is an onboard computer that is supposed to alert me when I need service or when anything is malfunctioning. How dependable is this device and should I rely on it or my own intuition as to when something is malfunctioning 4) I am getting around 22 mpg mixed city and highway. A friend of mine recently purchased an audi

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