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AUDI A3 A3 concert radio steering wheel remote question

I have a 2009 A3 with a concert radio and steering wheel remote. Whenever I turn the left control wheel in the steering wheel my concert radio starts to search stations... (doing the same thing as pushing the little remote control wheel) I would expect the radio to switch to the next (or previous) programmed radio station depending on the direction one turns the left wheel. Can anyone enlighten me

the thing is.. I checked with 2 other audi cars One has an audi A4 with an older concert radio where the 5 programs are horizontally at the bottom line and his remote wheel goes flawlessly from left to right true the pre programmed stations. Then I had my dealer check a brand new A3 convertible (with a more expensive larger square display radio system) and indeed the left steering radio remote wheel

AUDI A3 Open Sky System pictures request

Hello everyone Im trying to decide if I should choose the Open Sky system for my new A3 Sportback and Im looking for some hi-res pictures to help me decide. Ive already searched through Google Images but the results are mostly the same low-res ones from the audi website. My dealer here in Belgium has no pictures apart from the one in the brochure (taken from above) and they dont have any demo models

Quote ORIGINAL AManCalledE It all depends on how you are about your car. Not that much I mean cars get scratched so I might as well live with that. But if it starts leaking or if it damages the glass panels in more severe ways then Id like to have a heads-up. Anyway I think Im convinced I want the OSS so I ordered the following audi A3 Sportback 2008 Ambiente Pearl Black 1.9TDI with S-TRONIC DSG

AUDI A3 Nav system install on late model A3

Anyone had a nice in dash unit installed in an 08 A3 Like to have the steering controls work. I like the Pioneer AVIC-Z2--sweet

I havent seen anyone thats upgraded to a double-DIN aftermarket unit yet. Is your stock unit double or single DIN There is a steering wheel interface for audi a lot of people have talked about it but I havent heard definitively if it works 100% in the A3.

AUDI A3 Stock stereo - steering wheel controls for presets

Hey all Did a search and didnt find anything on this and its not mentioned in the manual either. I have the base audi Symphony stereo and assume the case is the same for the Bose. Is there a way to use the steering wheel controls to jump from preset to preset Seem like you can only scroll up and down to tune the stations and clicking the button works as a seek feature. Any way to use the buttons to

As someone else in another forum recommended call audi customer care at 1-888-237-2834 to complain about this problem. The more of us that complain the more likely it is that something will be done. Tell them that you are unhappy about the loss of being able to scroll through presets from the steering wheel and that you would like them to fix it or upgrade the audio system to correct this problem if possible. Have them open a ticket for you so that your complaint is logged in their system.

AUDI A3 Bluetooth Steering Wheel Controls with OEM look

Hey All Since I have introduced the Parrot Solutions steerring wheel integration to the audi forums I have fielded many questions and recieved some orders for the product However it has been spread out all over the forum thus making it hard to answer everyones questions. So what Im going to do is startthis thread to field questions and get answers for you guys. Also this will be a thread where you

Good evening all I have the Parrot Bluetooth CK3000 installed and have a few comments. The Good 1) It is a totally clean install with the exception of the A-pillar mounted microphone. 2) The voice dialing is totally cool. 3) I love how the system will pause the CDs and SDs when I use the phone. The Bad 1) I currently have been experiencing issues with the CK3000. At this point I can only prompt the system to dial out and I cant hang up. 2) The user instructions (manual) are rather weak. 3) The CK3000 didnt like my Sony-Ericson T637 phone I had to drop back to my T68i in order to better use the system. 4) It appears I will have to flash the CK3000 firmware to address my phone issues. Who knows maybe this will allow me to hang up 5) Post-sales support from seller was severely lacking. It took several emails and telephone calls to get simple questions answered. Worse the seller did not have answers at the ready indicating a lack of thorough product knowledge. In conclusion It promises to be a great product for someone concerned about a totally clean look. However I would strongly suggest getting the CK3000 installed by someone with strong audi knowledge and who isnt afraid to tinker.

decided to go over the functions of the module one more time. By accident I found I could accept and disconnect calls using the LEFT scroll wheel rather than the... Scratch all the above I just found in my NavPlus manual Pg 25 Function Press left menu thumbwheel Operating mode Telephone Application Set up accept or end telephone call So it appears my system is working as it is supposed to in the audi.

AUDI A3 A3 Replacement Steering Rack

Hi My local parts factor has offered me a Delco Remy replacement which (he says) fits a wide range of Golf Mk 4 and A3 models. My ETKA lists a different rack for models with 17 wheels (mine). Can anyone tell me whats the difference - and can I use the Delco part Thanks Andy

That 1J2-422-062-B is the rack for your car. The other 2 numbers you listed are not highlighted in etka when your vin is put into the system so they are not a recommended fit. The QZ4 option means power steering limited steering lift mechanism. Not sure what that is exactly. Your vin shows sport shocks for the rear but not a full sports suspension. I was wondering if the rack was meant to change resistence

AUDI A3 Maximizing the Utility from the A3 Sound System

Dear all please help in my situation... I have bought my new A3 2007 car 1 month ago but I have not integrated any Bluetooth in the phone evethough it is an audi Symphony system. I am definitely (sooner or later) gonna install the bluetooth (mainly formy cell phone) because there is a very strict law in Cyprus regarding talking on the phone while drving. Moreover I find it quit needy lately to play

I recently installed a parrot ck3000 evolution parrot multican steering wheel interface. This unit cost 90. Install details here httpforums.fourtitude.comzerothreadid3363374

how does hte parrot multican steering wheel interface differ from the SW101C Bluetooth steering Wheel Adapter Looks like the same functionality

AUDI A3 Driver Information System DSI not working

Hi I just bought a second hand A3 2004 2.0 TDI SE version. The central DIS doesnt display any information i.e temp miles left before refill radio etc the only thing I ve seen in the central unit is a small car icon when the door is open and the fuel symbol to refill. The other warning lights on the rev counter and speedo function as you start the car hand brake light ect but while driving nothing is

Not sure how the packages are set up in your area but in the US we do have a base model with no DIS. An easy way to check if your car came with it is to look at the stalk for the windshield wipers coming out from the right side of the steering column and see if it has a Reset button on the lower area and an updown bumper on the tip. If you dont have these buttons youre car didnt come with DIS but you

AUDI A3 To nav or not to nav that is the qustion

Hi all Im planning to purchase an A3 3.2 quattro in the spring and the biggest creeping question I have is about the nav system. I tried going to a dealer to talk about it to get the questions answered that I couldnt get off the dealer website but the guy I spoke with wasnt terribly helpful. Guess its to be expected. So here I turn to the greatest knowledge database of all time the internet -) Im on

easy to jump between screens use ofthe system & easy to input destinations - plus the Sirius stations are all listed nicely with a description of what is playing and favs etc. It is a nice size screen too I think it would be cool to have a voice interface but for the most part you can preset destinations in there and find from a list. There are a good number of options in there. You can find audi

I bought the navsound and Im glad I did. I had the same questions as you and was pretty set to get the aftermarket portable. However this seemed to add a certainly level of cheapness to the audi the more I thought about it. I did worry about theft having it fall off etc.But most notably was worried about taking my eyes off the road more for one of these. The reviews for these systems by Garmin and

AUDI A3 Possible A3 Purchase .

The wife and I are stopping down at an audi Dealer tomorrow to check out an 07 Ibis White 2.0 premium it has 10k miles options wise .. Standard dealer crap This 2007 audi A3 4dr 2.0T SUV features a 2.0L L4 DIR DOHC Turbo 4 cyl Gasoline engine. It is equipped with a 6 speed tiptronic transmission. The vehicle is Ibis White with a Black Leather interior. It is offered with the remaining extended warranty.

AUDI A3 2.0T Maintenance Intervals

Ive searched the forums and looked through the audi maintenance book to determine maintenance intervals and there are some items that are not mentioned or maybe theyre typically done with something else. Im sure Bentley has this info but dont have one yet for my recently purchased CPO A3 with 26K. So heres the list as I understand it and Id appreciate help filling in the blanks or correcting any errors.

I only have the info up to 55k. Vehicle 2006 audi A3 At 5000 Mi (8000 Km) 3.2L 2.0L Turbo Engine Oil Oil Filter Change the oil and replace oil filter. (Caution 2006 audi models use only engine oil conforming to VW 502.00 specifications). Windshield Wiper and Washer Headlight washer Check adjustment and function check fluid level and add if necessary. Tires and Spare Wheel Check for wear and damage.

AUDI A3 III 8V Swith Audi Concert to RNS-E (Audi A3 TDI 2012)

Hello I have a 2012 audi A3 TDI equipped with the audi Concert radio with 10 speakers bluetooth steering wheel commands ... . I would like to change my radio for the OEM RNS-E audi Nav Plus (8P0 035 193) system. I have some questions. 1) Do I have to purchase a GPS antenna (or is it already installed on A3 2012 and the wire is not connected) 2) Do I need to buy additional fitting connectors (or connectors

AUDI A3 A3 75K Service Info & DIY

75K Recommended Maintenance for your A3 audi is Check Tires Check Fluids Lubricate Wipers and Change Oil. But your not a typical A3 Owner now are you... I work with a wrench in my hand all day and have done plenty of DIY before on my cars. So I have purchased Genuine audi Parts from the Dealership. 1. Fuel Filter 2. Plugs (Gapped to 32 but 30 will work) 3. Coil Packs 4. Front and Rear Oxygen Sensors

AUDI A3 get the Aftermarket Audi A3 (2002-2010) 2 Din In Dash DVD GPS Navigation

the Low Price High Quality Aftermarket audi A3 2 Din In Dash DVD Player 7 Touchscreen GPS Navigation DVB-T iPod RDS Bluetooth CAN BUS is on sell below is the features of the device 1. 2 Din 7.0 HD Digital Screen car DVD player for audi A3 (2002-2010). 2. Resolution 800 x 480. 3D OSD menu. Multi-function IR remote control. 3. Compatible video format MP4DIVXDVDVCDSVCDCDMP3CD-R-RW. 4. Built-in GPS Navigation

AUDI A3 FWD vs Quattro on A3

O drivers I currently have a 2004 A4 Avant but I am moving to the US from Canada. Moving a car to the US is a pain so Im going to sell the A4 and buy something after I move. Now I want a manual transmission. I know I know super excellent fast shifting &c &c. Ive driven all manner of paddle-shifting high-tech autoboxes and I still hate them. I want a clutch -- and one that I control not one that has

Quote Originally Posted by crankycanuck Thanks. This is interesting. I didnt even know you could disable the AWD unit (I dont think you can on my A4 and ISTR that this is because the manuals actually use a more primitive version of audis AWD technology. This may be why they no longer offer it in such a configuration.) It cannot be disabled but gets disabled by a malfunction. Sometimes things light

AUDI A3 Forbes votes A3 1 city car

I dont own an A3 but I came across this today and thought I would share. Was the top story on yahoo news. Best Cars For City Dwellers[align] By Jacqueline Mitchell [align][align] provided by [align] [align][align] audi A3[align][align] Chances are you wont find too many Ford Expeditions and Hummer H3s in cities like Seattle San Francisco or Boston. Thats because while they can be pleasant to drive

AUDI A3 Purchasing A3 Questions

I am looking to purchase an 2006-08 A3 but I have heard that they have some head and turbo issues... any truth to this I was also wondering if there are any other issues I should know about I have been a car guy all my life and this will be my first step into high end manufacturers... so a little guidance would be appreciated. I have read through many threads including the sticky above but I havent really found the answers to my question above. Thanks in advance....

in the A3 late in 2008 dont have that oil use problem. They also have a timing chain (FSI engines have a belt that must be changed at 75-105K). The TFSI also seems to have improved the PCV system which is probably directly related to the oil use. Fourtitude includes Technical Forums devoted to each engine type as well as an A3-specific forum. httpforums.fourtitude.comforumdi...nical-(VW-audi

AUDI A3 ECS Tuning A3 ECS Strut Mount Upgrades

Suspension mounts are wear items. At extended mileage intervals (or when installing a performance suspension system) you must replace your front strut mounts to keep your suspension tightly integrated to the chassis. This ECS-assembled kit includes upgraded OE-style mounts bearings and hardware. Featuring firmer rubber you can enjoy crisper steering and improved handling dynamics. If your A3 is higher

AUDI A3 Help - A3 iPod always plays the first song

I have a 2011 A3 TDI with nav and keep an iPod connected in the glove compartment most of the time. The iPod has 16GB of music and Ill generally select a particular album or playlist to listen to on my commute. Sometimes (rarely) the iPod interface works as expected and when I start the car the iPod will begin playing where it left off previously. Most of the time when the iPod is connected and I start

AUDI A3 The A3 iPod Intergration Rip-off

I just picked up my new 2007 A3. Its beautiful and drives like a dream. One of the important features for me was to be able to connect my iPod to the car and listen to my MP3s. Dealer after dealer told me all different things- some said I could do it with a kit others said that it was difficult. All finally agreed (after they did some research) that I would need the audi Integration kit which connects

AUDI A3 II 8P Just bought an 06 A3

Got a good deal on a low km audi A3 2006.. unfortunately I couldnt get what I really wanted in terms of packages it doesnt have all the extras but the kms being so low I figured the rest I can work on at my own pace. My question is if its worth buying a 3rd party extended warranty since the purchase is through a mazda dealer who got the car on a trade in and I contacted an audi dealer who said that

AUDI A3 II 8P 08 A3 Motorola Droid X bluetooth connection

I recently upgraded my old Windows Mobile phone to a Motorola Droid X. The old phone worked well via the bluetooth connection in my A3. I had no problems pairing and connecting the new Droid X with the nav (RNS-E) bluetooth and the phone re-connects immediately after starting the car. But nothing Ive tried makes the phone directory available to the car system. When the left steering wheel [mode] button

AUDI A3 AFTER-MARKET STEREO question ..iPod blah blah blah

so i am fed up with the non iPod integration.. i just want the basics mini jack or preferably an AUX jack that i can plug my iPod into...(like ive had in my Golf for years). i dont really care about controlling it from the steering wheel OR stereo. seems like it is such a problem just finding a solution. so i just give up and want to get an aftermarket receiver. BUT everywhere i check i see that a

hey thanks soo much for the input well i took care of it today. went to Al & Eds audio in BurbankCA. and picked up the DICE iPod Car Integration Kit for the audi (i-audi-R). part was 180.00 and installation was 125.00. total came to about 330.00. a little much but less than audi would have been and a much better integration system i can either control it from the deck or steering

AUDI A3 II 8P OBD IICAN scanner recommendations

The dreaded Check Engine light just came on (oddly according to the manual my light is supposed to be on Canadian audis) and I just dont trust the dealer and would prefer avoiding them if at all possible. Ive seen OBD II hand-held scanners complete with full VWaudi codes translated for under 40 on EBay. I also saw ones that were CAN (Control Area Network) compatible for about 100. These arent brand-specific.

interface seems extremely well-done and they are always looking for ways to improve it including collecting user information with their cars. Ross-Techs on-line support seems incredible (check out httpforums.fourtitude.comzeroforumid510 ) including interpretation of the fault codes for what needs to be fixed. The have extensive Wikis for the supported cars (A3 httpwiki.ross-tech.comindex.phpaudi_A3S3_%288P%29

AUDI A3 Confused about ipod options

Ive read through the forum and it seems like the consensus is that the audi iPod connector is not very good because it only lets you browse through those 5 playlists and it also locks the iPod so you cant select songs on there either. I also read that the DICE option might be a good option to go with. My question is will it work with the NAV system in a new 2008 A3 And if so which NAV should I get

AUDI A3 II 8P 2006 A3 issues

Hi. I just picked up a used 06 A3 2.0T with 65K miles on the clock. Service history is unknown but the car seems to be in good shape. What are some of the standard (or non standard) issues that are common in these models that I should be looking for What if any things should I do in terms of preventing any known issues I have heard the trans control modules are iffy. Anyone have that experience What

system which has gone through a number of revisions. There are after-market systems that address this but I havent seen data that says they truly solve the problem. Be sure to use synthetic VW 502 approved oil (Mobil 1 0W-40 and Castrol 5W-40 are two readily available examples) and change it every 5-6000 miles. The DSG fluid and filter should be changed every 35K. Heres an excellent listing of A3

AUDI A3 I 8L I need a SOLID iPod answer please.

Hi I just picked up my audi A3 from the dealership yesterday so I am new to the forums. I have been reading several related posts for over an hour now an I just cant find the exact answer I am looking for. Please only respond if you have a SOLID answer backed with experience there seems to be a lot of people here who just respond to anything with no real answers. QUESTION I have the Bose system with

Quote ORIGINAL elpedro QUESTION I have the Bose system with Navigation Sirius Sat Radio and the Glove Box 6-Disc CD Changer. How do I connect my iPod so that the iPod menus appear on the NavigationRadio LCD and the iPod is controlled through the steering wheel Is it possible What is the best way I know audio sells an integration kit for 170.50 but from what I understand through info on these forums

AUDI A3 DIY Question Eng Cover Coil & O2 Sens

I work with a wrench in my hand all day and have done plenty of DIY before on my cars. Now I have an A3 2006 2.0T and I am not in Kansas anymore Toto.... So I have purchased Genuine audi Parts from the Dealership. O2 Sensors (both) Fuel Filter and Coil Packs. I open the hood grab the front of the Engine cover pull up and get to the point where I feel like I was forcing it. So here are my questions

AUDI A3 Have you replaced your HU

I am curious about how many people have changed their HU... I really want a better iPod interface but I cant part with the clean look I have now... I just stumbled upon and wasnt at all impressed with the pics of what it is going to look like after (not to mention I am weary about loosing the steering wheel controls). It is clear though a lot of people on that site dont have taste...

Quote ORIGINAL duc_748 I dont know if anyone has seen this site but this place seems to sell the actual audi Nav HU. If I ever the cash I will upgrade our concert system that came with A3 anyone used these guys sounds good to me. will my XM stuff work on the new unit verses my Concert 1 steering wheel controls Bluetooth compatable I should prolly call them and ask.

AUDI A3 Odd sound from 2.0 FSI T engine...

Apologies for gatecrashing another forum but Ive been sent here as A3 A4 drivers are more likely to pick the 2.0 Turbo petrol engine I posted this over in the A6 forum Ive put a deposit down on a used car. Its a 2005 A6 2.0i FSI T with 78000 on the clock. Its in really great condition with a full audi service history and my wife and I really love it... and its at a bargain price. (Well I couldnt find

AUDI A3 A3 2.0T Power Failure ()

So Im driving home from work yesterday on the interstate going 75 mph and engine power cuts out completely. 2-3 seconds of nothing and then power returns -but at about one third of normal. For the next 30 minutes on the highway a couple of times per minute a complete power failure for 2-3 seconds followed by the same limited power resumption. I limped home barely able to maintain 60 mph floored in

Now Im concerned. I rank engine power failures right up there with braking and steering system failures. They can all cost people their lives. I need definitive word from audi that my engines problem has been identified by them and corrected in the form of re-engineered systems (be they high pressure fuel pumps fuel sensors whatever). If changes were made by late 2007 audi needs to own up to it. If

with zero tolerance for anything but perfection. Major steering system failure... equals major safety concern with zero tolerance for anything but perfection. Power delivery failure..... equals major safety concern with zero tolerance for anything but perfection. Any one system failure listed above can easily result in an accident. Any one such failure is therefore absolutely unacceptable. If audi

AUDI A3 II 8P Want new Head Unit - 2011 A3 TDI

Hello all I have had my car for about 2 months now and I have decided that the only thing that is really missing from my car is a good sound system. I currently have the Concert Radio with the single CD player and sirrus SAT radio and bluetooth (that sucks ). What I would really like is a touch based dvd player radio and XM SAT radio combo. I have looked at both the Kenwood - DDX516 it has pretty much

I searched all over Broward and Palm Beach county for a shop that could install a DVD radio player with sat and HD radio. My service manager at audi Coral Springs pointed me to Sound Advice who just reopened in Ft. Lauderdale. I wish they still did car stereo but not for now. A.J. sent me to the top car stereo shop he knew. audio Logic in Hollywood gave me the most incredible hook-up ever. They pimped

AUDI A3 Audi a3 2.0T

I have an audi A3 & the engine light stays on steadywhat is the solution for this to be cleared.Also where can i get the fault codes for A3 audi.

on a laptop. Heres the link for VAG-COM (now formally called VCDS) The VAG-COM tool is much more then a fault code reader. It also can be used to collect all sorts of data (Ive got plots of my cars boost torque and calculated horsepower curves) and make a wide variety of configuration mods. Heres what Ive done with mine steering bost reduction (only possible on 2006 A3s)

AUDI A3 audi ipod integration anyone installed on a3

i was wondering if anyone has the audi ipod integration kit installed on their a3. how much was the integration kit and how much did the dealer charge for installation. does it work well with the factory deck or is the denison option the same or better. thanks

I bought the adapter that cost me 175 and i installed it myself. I have audi Concert stereo and the kit comes with 2 wires. the one i used for my stereo im sure cost pennies and the other wire was for the nav system which i didnt have. I love my ipod though. the video ipod doesnt work well with it. it freezes but my nano works great i can control the tracks and volume on the steering wheel but the

I had a line level adjuster put in bt the alpine and the Bose amps. Seems to be a great 60 solution. I also needed a powered antenna convertor. ALSO... put Sirius in. I thought there was an antenna for that already installed Apparently not... [] BUT... I love my car... and now I love the functionality of my audio system... just wishing for audi to let us control our Alpines from the steering wheel.

AUDI A3 Music Via Bluetooth problem

Got my new A3. Love it. Bluetooth connection works with my Samsung Galaxy. However when I press the Media button followed by source control button nothing happens. I cant select anything and I cant get the music from my phone to come out the car speakers. Anyone know what I am doing wrong Help please

IIRC Kufatec and Dension both make A2DP adapters that you can wire into your system theyll allow your to stream music from an iPodiPhone to your cars audio system and should allow some degree of control through the steering wheel. Another slightly less expensive approach would be to use a simple A2DP adapter such as the Scosche BTAXS . You plug it into your aux input then your iPod can stream to the

AUDI A3 A3 without packages

Can anyone comment on their A3 2.0 front trak without packages I know most of you are fans of the packages but Im really only interesrted in the Cold Weater Pkg since I live in New England. I like the base rims as much as the premium dont need aggressive bumpers dont care for Bluetooth and think the base suspension is fine. And after 10 years in a RWD BMW the front wheel drive A3 will be fine in the

I have the base A3 with only an S-line sport package (i.e. firmer suspension and added sports seats). It doesnt even have Open Sky - I had to wait 3 monts for a special order from the factory because all S-line models in North America at that time had Open Sky systems. So I can relate to all your questions What is the internal lighting without Illumination Pkg (premium and S-line) Very good . How is

AUDI A3 II 8P 2008 A3s on Audis US website

audis US website is updated to include all 2008 models including the 2008 A3 httpwww.audiusa.comaudiusen2n...saudi_A3.html

Theft Deterent light in Drivers door.[]Four-Arm steering wheel. It was three last year right[]Cruise Control buttons look more logical. I remember this was a little tricky for me to get used to on 2007s...[ul]Then there are the things we already knew about [ul][]TPMS light.[]Rear window shades[]New colors - Deep sea blue Sprint Blue Ice Silver[]iPod Interface (yeah right my only gripe with the A3)[]Five-Spoke

AUDI A3 II 8P Aftermarket Stereo Head Unit - 2010 A3

Hey all - 2010 A3 TDI - I am interested in installing an aftermarket stereo head unit solution that provides - iPhoneiPod integration that allows steering wheel controls to work - And screen display of bandsong folders etc. (preferably through glove box connection) - Control of iPhoneiPod songs through head unit UI - Possibly stream music over bluetooth and still control through steering wheel and

the back and of course SIRIUSXM radio too. Oh and one more thing the screen is removable I think there is a newer model but if you can find one of these at a discount I highly recommend it. As far as the install had to purchase the steering wheel control cable wiring harness dash kit and radio antenna and I got all that from Enfig Car Stereo - iPod XM and Sirius Satellite Radio & Auxiliary AUX audio

AUDI A3 Noob whos very interested...

Its time for a new (well used) car. Im in the process of selling my Toyota Tacoma for either an audi A3 or a Honda Element SC. They both seem like great cars right from the start but its time to get serious and find out more about the A3. Im pretty new to audis so I could use all the help I can get here. Just a run down on my situation Im looking for either a 2006 or 2007 A3 with fairly low miles for

with the grill-thing going across) and I couldnt figure out how you would close it entirely not being able to see through the roof. Im guessing Im just dumb and there is no way to close the roof fully but wanted to ask. Second it came with the Bose system and I have hardly any cds and just use my iPod for my listening pleasure. What would any of you recommend I do to get the best out of my ipoda3

AUDI A3 EPC and Traction light comes on..

Hi everyone. Im new to this forum. Sold GTI V and bought A3 2.0T S-Line a month ago. Car has done 120000 km. Please assist there are many experts on these forums and Im in need for expert advise. During the first week I noticed the car stutters when Im in a high gear WOT on low rpms.. (In example 5th gear 2800 rpm WOT).. Almost as if it missfires.. I took the car for complete 76mm stainless system

AUDI A3 II 8P Any reason to avoid a 2006 A3

Sometimes I see pretty good deals like this one on Carmax 2006 audi A3 2.0T 4D Wagon 34k black tan leather dual sunroofs power seats auto transmission This would cost me 199 to ship. On the other hand this car went into service 42305 so it is really a 2005 not a 2006. I am OK with that but this was the first year of A3s yes Any problems with those early versions Any reason I should go with 2007 instead

hi dvdre Actually the 8P sportback (the current design) came out in Europe in 2003 so it was not a new model year in 2006 just a new model for the US market. With a 2006 just make sure the car has had the fuel line fix. In some 2006s the fuel line just behind the passenger side glovebox would rub against the metal causing noise. audi fixed this with a free repair and there are no other problems with

AUDI A3 anyone changed their own transmission fluid on the DSG

My 35k mile mark is coming up soon and I was considering doing it myself. After looking at my Ebaun service manual it isnt as easy as Im used to. Does anyone know how much the 35k service cost from audi

for damage and leaks Underbody 19.80 Rotate Wheels & tires 19.80 Check fluid level Windshield washer 1.32 Total Estimated Labor Cost 265.98 Total Estimated Costs Total Estimated Parts Cost For Your Area 151.60 Total Estimated Labor Cost For Your Area 265.98 Total Estimated Cost (excluding tax) 417.58 This Total Estimated Cost includes the preventive maintenance items recommended by audi.

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