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AUDI A3 DIY Trip Computer Mod

With the help of T2Ts vagcom and a DIY guide over at vwvortex I did the trip computer mod. The difference between my DIY and AHA3 vwvortex is that mine includes PICTURES ... Anyways here it goes. Requirements 1) 2006 A3 - Possibly work on 2007 as well 2) DSG... sorry MT folks 3) Access to Vag Com 4) Balls... Parts 1) Multifunction Wiper Arm - Part -> 8P0 953 519 A 9B9 - 115 2) Terminal Wire - Part

AUDI A3 Audi a3 1.8T throttle body issues.. help )

Ive recently bought an audi a3 1.8T all was running fine.. untill the ignition amp module burnt out & i broke down i then had to change the coil packs. since plugging it in ive had issues with the throttle body. I have replaced this and tried to reset it with solus pro but its not having any of it It wouldnt clear because it wasnt reading the temp i changed the cooling temp sense.. The ecu is reading 0 with the solus pro but the instrument cluster is showing normal any ideas

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AUDI A3 I 8L 1999 Audi A3 1.8T AGU Engine starting trouble

Recently my audi A3 1.8T AGU engine struggles to restart if I stall it. I have to turn it over for about 4 seconds and press the accelerator down to get it to just about splutter into life which I never had to do before. It can also have the same symptoms if I stop it to nip into a shop for a couple of minutes then try to start it. Also a few times when I start it first thing before my journey it turns

AUDI A3 II 8P New User-Used 2006 2.0T with 81263 miles

I recently found a 2006 A3 with 81263 miles on it. I have been doing my research and am fairly certain that I want to buy it after the car passes a vehicle inspection at my local audi dealer. I was looking on here to see if there were any reports about A3s with that many miles but cant find anything. So is there anything I should be concerned about moving forward besides the timing belt and water pump.

AUDI A3 Audi A3 EPC MIL Light on

Here goes Engine wash one day driving and then car starts to shudder and MIL came on but goes of again after a pit stop to eat car drives OK and then after a day car starts to shudder again Discovered water around the spark plugs dried it up but car keeps shudering so take off battery pole to reset again car dries good for a day and a half then EPC and MIL came on. So I scanned P0332 Knock sensor

AUDI A3 Running on 3...

Hi Guys audi A3 1.8 T Sport 3 cylinder not firing. I have changed the spark plugs and have now changed the coil (all for new) and still running on 3. Can any-one suggest what do I do next please Regards Susy

Quote Originally Posted by Jason witney Funny how you say that Mines doing that now I sent ECU to be checked... Please help if you can Jason Hi Jason my problem was with the ignition control module. After being very carefully removed the top housing (on the module it self)with a sharp knife I found 4 wires bedded in jelly. Any abnormality can be a problem mine was a tiny little metal flake touching

AUDI A3 airbag problem

hi ive got error codes 00594airbag ignition circuitsshort circuit intermittent and code 01217 side airbag ingniter driver side (n199) short with power intermittent. can any help me with what step to take next and how to fix it. i have a regular mechanic so just seeing if any1 else has had these problems so hes not there all day charging. also im replacing the module as it had code 65535 ecu defective when i unplugged it had slight burn marks where connection is made thanks

AUDI A3 ECON Light Stays On Blows Hot Air

Air Conditioning problem 2006 audi A3 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 96000 miles Recently the AC will stop working and the ECON (Automatically turns off AC Compressor for audi) button lights up. I can not de-select it. The only solution is to turn the car offon and start again. 1. The problem has gotten worse the hotter out it has gotten. 2. As long as the car is in motion it does not happen but sitting

Dont mean to resurrect a two year old thread but for posterity - the underlying causes of this is one TWO things -Auxilliary electric fan is dead or dying. Run direct power to lower radiator hose thermoswitch to verify. Fan should come on under direct power. If not the fan circuit has a short and the car is actually overheating the engine ECU will cut the AC off to compensate(priority is to COOL engine

AUDI A4 B5 HVAC issues

I have spent weeks now trying to get the HVAC on my 1996 B4 A4 2.8 12V quattro to run. Still no luck. During winter the air did not get really hot. Sometimes it seem to heat ok. Cold never works compressor not kicking in compressor clutch does not get signal. System seems pressurized but no confirmed reading (no highlow nipples). I later learned about modules and codes. The car had other weirednot

AUDI A4 B5 Misfiring Problem (2001 1.8T) Not plugs or Coil Packs HELP

2001 1.8T When it happened I was sitting at a stop light car ran great up to that point...then I tried to take off. The car misfired pretty badly out of no-where. The car runs but misfires badly under acceleration..I havent gotten it above 30mph since the problem started. Vag-Com Says Random Misfires and misfire in cylinder 3 & 2. Got new coil pack nothing solved. Notes Fuel injectors are 440cc and

you say you have only done 2 miles on new plugs have you concidered putting old set back in and seeing what the engines is responding like . i had a misfire on number 3 on my a3 t the ignition module had gone down on only one but the new bosch plugs i had put in were not suitable even know they were reconmended they ran very weak so put back in ngk r6 plugs runs atreat.


Ok I had searched High and Low for the pinouts of my MCS. Every thread conveniently points you to wolfgangs site which does not work anymore. Hence in my effort to search for the pinouts of my SUV I stumbled upon many other years as well. The following is a mumble jumble of data cutcopypasted from various sites. You can search for your own model and try finding some reference. I hope it saves all of

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