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audi a3 ignition coil I 8L
audi a3 ignition coil I 8L

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AUDI A3 I 8L Ignition Coil Recall what do I do

Has anyone received the letter from audi about the ignition coil Recall My cars VIN number is part of the recall but the letter is a bit confusing and I would like to know if anyone has some insight on it The letter states that you do not have to bring the car to audi until the malfunction indicator light is lit up on the display on the dash. It seems like they are telling me to wait until I see the

Not every ignition coil is failing nor will they. They dont have enough parts to fix all the cars effected. No need to panic call your dealer if you are really worried. I got the letter and Ill see about getting it fixed in the next service which should be just after the Christmas holidays.

Had the engine idiot light come on then a day later went off and the about two weeks later the light came on again. Had an appointment to have it looked at.... These problems started just after the 55K service. Anyway at the appointment dealer said it was the coil recall problem and they changed out the parts. As a note my main problem that I noticed was harder starting less gas mileage and less power than normal. Now that its repaired I love my audi Greg

coil Did I hear someone say he needed an ignition coil Stagga24 I have a TON of spare ignition coils dont ask why - lol shoot me a private message and we can work out the details.

how do you know if your coil is bad I need a coil if you have this one part number 078905101C audi A4 A4 Quattro ignition coil Huco 078905101C eBay audi A4 A4 Quattro ignition coil Huco 078905101C eBay   audi A4 A4 Quattro ignition coil Huco 078905101C eBay thanks Kumar 615-596-0643 nashville tn

i have heard of coils popping up if theres anyone near you with vag-com aka vcds get a scan to know for sure

Here is a link to a guy that changed out his own plugs and coils. Id buy the parts on line and do it yourself. I followed his directions and if I can do it anyone can. Hope this helps. OOOO-A3 coils & Plugs at 50000 Miles

Thanks for the replies. The last mobile mechanic who came out had a Bosch device which he tried to plug into the cars socket but it wouldnt connect so couldnt get any fault codes. He wasnt an audi expert so Im not replying on that being a definitive fault at the moment. I will try changing the coils and see if it starts after that

not all scanners talk to vw audi the ross-tech VCDS always connects unless there are electrical issues like when my souldered chip went bad

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AUDI A3 ECS Tuning A3 2.0T Ignition Service Kits

Is your ignition system coiled and ready to strike Make sure your plugs are firing at voltage levels that ensure optimal combustion and peak performance. If your old coils are tired and unable to do the job an ignition service kit from ECS Tuning will put some zap in the gap when you need it most. Our ignition service kits are easy to install and come with everything you need to restore secondary ignition

AUDI A3 Misfire when colddamp classic coil pack issue

Hi Im hoping someone can help. Im pretty new to audis but have pretty good knowledge of other types of car. My girlfriend has a 2006 audi A3 1.6 (Engine Code BSE). It has recently started misfiring when not used for a day or so and normally when its wetdamp outside. This has been getting progressively worse audi didnt pick up anything when asked to check it out during a service about two weeks ago.

AUDI A3 II 8P 2007 A3 2.0T Coil Pack failure

I got my car back from the dealership after spending much of the morning on shoulder of the PA Turnpike waiting for a tow truck to arrive. Bad ignition coil pack... result of which was my car spontaneously transforming from a 4-cylinder to a 3-cylinder while merging onto the highway. Instantaneously 23 of my engine power evaporated and the engine began shuddering horribly. Pulled over out of traffic

AUDI A3 ECON Light Stays On Blows Hot Air

Air Conditioning problem 2006 audi A3 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 96000 miles Recently the AC will stop working and the ECON (Automatically turns off AC Compressor for audi) button lights up. I can not de-select it. The only solution is to turn the car offon and start again. 1. The problem has gotten worse the hotter out it has gotten. 2. As long as the car is in motion it does not happen but sitting

AUDI A3 II 8P New User-Used 2006 2.0T with 81263 miles

I recently found a 2006 A3 with 81263 miles on it. I have been doing my research and am fairly certain that I want to buy it after the car passes a vehicle inspection at my local audi dealer. I was looking on here to see if there were any reports about A3s with that many miles but cant find anything. So is there anything I should be concerned about moving forward besides the timing belt and water pump.

AUDI A3 I 8L 2002 Audi A3

Hello from Germany I bought my audi (2002 A3 1.6 Manual transmission) a year ago and havnt had any big issues until now. It is having a cylinder misfire on coldstart. once the car warms up it drives normal but that can be a good few min and a couple times ive had to really give gas to keep the car from stalling a few sec after starting up. After two visits and a a couple hefty bills VW mechanics have

AUDI A3 Audi a3 1.8T throttle body issues.. help )

Ive recently bought an audi a3 1.8T all was running fine.. untill the ignition amp module burnt out & i broke down i then had to change the coil packs. since plugging it in ive had issues with the throttle body. I have replaced this and tried to reset it with solus pro but its not having any of it It wouldnt clear because it wasnt reading the temp i changed the cooling temp sense.. The ecu is reading 0 with the solus pro but the instrument cluster is showing normal any ideas

AUDI A3 Engine Light and Rough Idling

I bought my 2006 audi A3 used back in August from a non-audi dealership. Havent had any issues thus far outside of replacing two tail lights. Today on the way home from work the engine light came on (not blinking). After I got home I turned it off then started again to see if the light stayed did. I noticed that the engine sounded a little rough. Engine oil level was good. Ive read that there

AUDI A3 35000 mile service update

A few updates from previous posts... 1. This service was free for my 2007 A3 and it took about 2-12 hours if you are inclined to wait as I was. 2. The TSB on the ignition coils is on going they start with the older cars first and he said they were working on 2005 cars now. 3. The problem with the trim coming off Loose trim on roof now has a TSB with improved clips. The parts are not in yet but maybe

AUDI A3 A3 Code P0303 after some BG 44K

Ok so I used some BG44k in the fuel system and today the check engine light came on. Stopped into Auto Zone and got a P0303 error. Car doesnt seem to hesitate and actually seems to be running good. Says it could be ignition Error Fuel Injector Engine Mechanical I was planning on putting in new plugs (Shes got 62k on her now). Think I should go new coils too

AUDI A3 Audi S3 Quattro Turbo 1.8 Forge Splitter Valve

On request moved to here Hello all Im new here and just got my audi S3 Quattro Turbo 1.8 from 1999. Its a very nice car with some customised things. I will post some pics soon (will try to take them this week ) But for now I have a few questions. I just ordered a Forge Splitter Dump Valve (BOV) after reading a lot of good reviews on this forum. It will be arriving this week hopefully but since Im new

turn your dump valve anticlock wise all the way. once youve done that turn 20 clicks clock wise for a remaped s3 or 16 for standard (recirc mode not sure bout split mode). that is what forge recommends so i just leave mine at that. Try not to use fully atmospheric setting as over time it damages ignition coils and your car will misfire which end up damageing the cat over time as i found out twice. you prob already know but just thort ad warn you any way.

AUDI A3 no power when accelerating

Hi there thanks in advance for any replies. Ive a 00 1.6 a3 120000 miles. Recently (like 4 days ago) i noticed that sometimes when i started the car (not every time)revs were jumping up and down round 500. Also when driving i noticed a pretty substantial loss of power when accelerating and that the car was sort of juddering not bad like with low fuel but still very noticable. To me it kinda felt like

You need to check your Vaccuum hoses and your ignition coils may be misfiring on cylinders 2-4 randomly ... if thats the case and you should check your Spark plugs too.....

AUDI A4 B5 Misfiring Problem (2001 1.8T) Not plugs or Coil Packs HELP

2001 1.8T When it happened I was sitting at a stop light car ran great up to that point...then I tried to take off. The car misfired pretty badly out of no-where. The car runs but misfires badly under acceleration..I havent gotten it above 30mph since the problem started. Vag-Com Says Random Misfires and misfire in cylinder 3 & 2. Got new coil pack nothing solved. Notes Fuel injectors are 440cc and

you say you have only done 2 miles on new plugs have you concidered putting old set back in and seeing what the engines is responding like . i had a misfire on number 3 on my a3 t the ignition module had gone down on only one but the new bosch plugs i had put in were not suitable even know they were reconmended they ran very weak so put back in ngk r6 plugs runs atreat.

catalytic converters four heated oxygen sensors monitoring pre- and post catalyst exhaust gasses dimensions length 652 millimetres (25.7 in) width 648 millimetres (25.5 in) height 666 millimetres (26.2 in) mass 152 kilograms (335 lb) ID codes DIN-rated motive power & torque outputs applications BPJ 125 kilowatts (170 PS 168 bhp) 4300 rpm 280 newton metres (207 ftlbf) 1800-4200 rpm &8212 audi

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