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audi a3 ignition cable II 8P
audi a3 ignition cable II 8P

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AUDI A3 II 8P HELP - Carkit install - Audi A3 2005

Hello all I am nearly there with my Nokia CK-300 Handsfree kit installation to my audi A3 2005 Concert Radio except for the fact that it doesnt work. I beleive my cabling is not 100% right. I have attached pictures below to indicate the parts used and what is connected to what. Carkit parts httpwww.doubleclick.ieWWWiMAGE_00105.JPG Car Radio httpwww.doubleclick.ieWWWiMAGE_00104.JPG Removing Radio httpwww.doubleclick.ieWWWiMAGE_00106.JPG

AUDI A3 Problem with radio

Hi i have some problems with LG radio (with cd) which i just installed to my car audi a3 2003. But i think this problem will be with other radios too... Somehow the audio player loses its power (or almost)time to time when i drive. The difference between working place can be as small as 50 cm.(mostly the audio player doesnt work but then suddently starts working few meters...mostly these working place

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AUDI A3 I 8L 2002 Audi A3

Hello from Germany I bought my audi (2002 A3 1.6 Manual transmission) a year ago and havnt had any big issues until now. It is having a cylinder misfire on coldstart. once the car warms up it drives normal but that can be a good few min and a couple times ive had to really give gas to keep the car from stalling a few sec after starting up. After two visits and a a couple hefty bills VW mechanics have

AUDI A3 II 8P Audi A3 2006 1.9tdi oil light problem

I have just put an engine in an audi A3 everything is working apart from the oil light when you turn the ignition on. I have replaced the oil light switch and oil level censor but still no light. Had it on a diagnostic machine and light can be switched on. All cables have been earthed out and they all check out fine. Please help.

AUDI A3 A3 2.0TDI SE 200757 Does my car have bluetooth

audi owners I was wondering if my car does actually have a Bluetooth connection as the manual i got with the car was actually for the Chorus built in Stereo Unit and the one in mines is actually the concert model i have tried switching ignition on like the manual said and searched with my phone the samsung m8800 pixon but it wouldnt find anyhing (wouldnt pair with device) then somebody said the bluetooth

AUDI A3 Valentine 1 hard-wire installation advice needed

Hi all I am going to hard-wire my wifes Valentine 1 radar detector this weekend and Im looking for any advice and tips on wire routing and trim panel removal from anyone who has done it in their A3. I searched valentine install but found nothing. Its an 06 A3 with sport & convenience packages. The two under-the-armrest 12V power outlets are both unswitched (that was just dumb on audis part) so I want

Ok FINE. ILL tell YOU how to do it... The Valentine 1 hard-wiring kit comes with a little black junction connector with two wire leads hanging off of it as well as two connection ports one for the power cord and another for the remote display. It also comes with a snap-connector that allows you to tap into an existing powered wire and then attach a spade connector to it. With that in mind... 1. Use

AUDI A3 Help Quick IPod integration question

I just got and installed the Grom audio I-Pod adapter kit into my 2006 A3 (Concert II). It was a real breeze and goes to show you what a ripoff the dealer was to quote me up to 3 hours of labor to do a 15 minute job. Unplug the (unused in my case) CD changer cable and plug the I-Pod adapter plug in there to one side then attach the ground wire to the screw. However I have a couple of questionsissues

Quote ORIGINAL IzzyA3 phila- Please tell me how it goes and how you like the Grom. I have the Concert II as well and Im getting sick of carrying around a stack of cds. I looked into the Dice unit but it looks like the Grom is almost half the price. I checked into a local stereo place and they said it would cost 300 to do it. So installing the Grom myself looks really good to me. I have some questions


Ok I had searched High and Low for the pinouts of my MCS. Every thread conveniently points you to wolfgangs site which does not work anymore. Hence in my effort to search for the pinouts of my SUV I stumbled upon many other years as well. The following is a mumble jumble of data cutcopypasted from various sites. You can search for your own model and try finding some reference. I hope it saves all of

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 New Guy

Hey Everyone I just purchased my first BMW 5 series Ive been an audi guy for a very long time had a few S4s and one S8 as well as A3(that was a weird one). Had one BMW E46 M3. Anyhow just bought a 2008 550i with M package nav logic7 shades sport paddles fully loaded i think. 59000 miles and CPO untill next year decided to go to Sout Carolina and buy it due to the BMW warranty and options. 850 mile

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