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audi a3 headlight II 8P
audi a3 headlight II 8P

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AUDI A3 II 8P Audi A3 138 TDI S-A 2009 Headlights want changing Help

I recently purchased an audi A3 as described in the title Perfect condition and I so proud with it. I want a slight upgrade is there any one out there who can inform me if its possible to get the headlight to the eyebrow style audi headlights. I can put xenon headlights in but Id prefer to to get the new audi style headlights. is it possible

AUDI A3 II 8P Angel Eyes HeadLights for 2006 audi a3

I want to have Angel Eyes headlights for my 2006 audi a3(My audi doesnt have xenon headlghts). I found that from ebay. httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotorsAngel...spagenameZWDVW Is there anyone who knows about the installation tips or recommends the best Angel Eyes headlights for my 2006 audi a3

i wouldnt want my headlights looking like Beemers

I hate to be another nay-sayer but everyone I have known that has bought angel eye headlights off of eBay for any car has had problems. Usually they are not sealed well and the inside of the lense fogs easily. Also I saw a pair that had a pretty bad light pattern from the projectors -- I would even say worse than the stock halogens. On the other hand I know someone who bought a pair and wasnt happy

Quote ORIGINAL audinam i wouldnt want my headlights looking like Beemers Not to harsh on you so dont take it that way.... But the car Bimmer the motorcycleBeemer

Quote ORIGINAL babytyson I want to have Angel Eyes headlights for my 2006 audi a3(My audi doesnt have xenon headlghts). I found that from ebay. httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotorsAngel...spagenameZWDVW Is there anyone who knows about the installation tips or recommends the best Angel Eyes headlights for my 2006 audi a3 Heres some made for the 06 model httpwww.ngpracing.comMerchant2m...audia3headlamp

View Headlight washer for AUDI A3

AUDI A3 II 8P Audi A3 2010 Headlights

Hi I would like to convert my audi A3 2010 headlights to XENONLED headlight. On the net everything that I find is for audi A3 2009. Are the 2009 fits on 2010 Thanks

AUDI A3 audi a3 xenon headlight

i bought audi a3 sportback with the normal headlight and now i want to change it to xenon headlight. Can i change it and where i can buy xenon led headlights

what year is your new A3 the new 09s or previous my

its 09 a3 and i want the same headlights like in the s3 model

Quote Originally Posted by nass2177 its 09 a3 and i want the same headlights like in the s3 model Oemplus sells the new A3 facelift Bi-xenon headlights with LED drls... e

Quote Originally Posted by MydKnight13 what kind of xenon are you looking for Hids Regular bright bulbs Depending on what you choose... Remember audi wirings are sensitive. Anything little thing and poof the hud (heads up display) pops up. The year is also a factor. Mine is 07 do you have some good sites where I can order some proper HID HeadLamps for my audi A3 Sportback (07 just like yours) Ive checked oemplus but I think they dont have currently in stock as I cant see any... thanks to all

AUDI A3 II 8P 2008 Audi A3 Adaptive Headlight Defective

HI I have an audi A3 VIN WAUNF78PX8A017762 . Everything works perfectly after one of my headlight HID bulb went out with its ballast. I replaced the ballast HID bulb with new ones. THe light came on again. Everything came back to normal. EXCEPT on the cluster there is a warning sign ADAPTIVE headlight DEFECTIVE . I have had this light for 2 months i decided to find out what that warning is. So i

I brought a new 2011 home last night. The HID headlights are very effective but mine dont go side-to-side either. I believe it is not a USA feature and has t to be enabled by VAG-COM.

AUDI A3 fog light indicator on headlight and tail light out

Cant figure this one out - right fog light indicator came on a couple of days ago all lights in headlight assembly and fog light went out and left tail light is out as well. When I turn the the right ledss will flash on for a second then die. I saw there were a couple of recalls Make Models ModelBuild Years audi A3 2006-2009 audi A4 2005-2007 audi A4 CABRIOLET 2007-2009 audi TT 2008-2009 Service

So as stated I was having a very similar issue to Ewoks and was hoping for an answer on this issue. I gave up and finally took my 2010 A3 to the local dealer 3112013 as it was still under warranty. My A3 is still at the dealer as of 3122013 and should be ready as of Thursday 3142013. Apparently the issue in my car was caused by a bad fuse box and several of the fuses in the box were melted. audi has

Hey Aiden Sorry just seeing this - yes I had the same problem. Stealership didnt want to touch the car saying it wasnt within warranty worked with audi USA to get them to cover it. They first changed 18 bulbs in troubleshooting i got the car back only to have the problem reappear within 40 miles of driving it. They then ordered the fuse box and all was well. I love my A3 but Still strongly considering selling it... Electrical problems give me the creeps.

AUDI A3 A3 headlights for sale

Brand new set of aftermarket A3 headlights for sale audi A3 headlights Bought them for the wifes car to find out they dont fit my loss is your gain

AUDI A3 A3 Alarm - How tpo get headlights to come on

I have a 2004 new shape audi A3 2.0FSi Sport which is just great. A friend of mine with a new shape Golf has a feature on his alarm that I was wondering if it would be a simple modification on my standard factory fitted audi alarm. When he deactivated the alarm the the main headlights came on like on my dads merc - which looks pretty cool. Does anyone know if this a relatively simple and cheap alteration to my alarm to have this feature Thanks

AUDI A3 When did the A3 start having the slick new headlights

When did the A3 start having the slick new front headlights year model

Quote Originally Posted by audinky When did the A3 start having the slick new front headlights year model By slick do you mean the standard Halogen lights with the wing insert OR the new Bi-Xenon set up with the LED DRLs Either way the current set up was introduced on the 2009 model. Call me crazy but I actually dont care for the LED DRLs...which is why I looked for a model without them.

AUDI A3 How to turn off Adaptive Headlights dashboard warning light

hello I have a 2007 audi A3 3.2 Quattro. The car has Adaptive headlights. The Adaptive headlight warning light came on the dashboard so when I got my last oil change I asked the dealer to take a look. They said the left headlight and ballast needs replacement. That will cost 939. It may also need a new headlight assembly which would be a total of 1875 I dont want to fix it. The adative headlights are

AUDI A3 headlights dont work

hi guys i wonder if anyone can help me - i took my 2001 audi a3 1.9 tdi 130 in for a service this week - the side lights bulbs were replaced and now work fine butsince getting it home i realised nowthe headlights had stopped working. I took it back to the garagein this morning to get it sorted they fixed it and said there was a lose connection. Ive got back in it this afternoon and the headlights arent

AUDI A3 II 8P Need advice converting headlights from halogen to HID for 2009 A3

Hello I just got a 2009 A3 but it has halogen lights and I want to convert them to the HIDs with LEDs. Im pretty sure that I need to swap the headlight assemblies and then get an HID kit for the ballasts and whatnot. Ive seen a few threads on this that say I need a VAGCOM to address headlight flicker. Has anyone swapped the halogens with HIDs What was your experience Does anyone have reviews of the

Did you ever get the conversion done I too would like to do this to my 09 a3. Having the led strip would also be a bonus

AUDI A3 II 8P 06 A3... Fog Light Addition HIDXenon Headlights

Im a new A3 owner... sorry for the ignorance but Ive been searching and searching and just not quite found the answer to two questions about the A3 lighting system that I have. 1) My A3 does NOT have the factory Fog Lights or Light Switch w Fog position. I found on that I can order a new Light Switch that has the Fog position on it (as well as Auto) as well as the fog light kit. Are these

AUDI A3 A3 LED headlights

Hi I got a A3 2012 without the LED headlights I would like to upgrade the headlights similar to the one in the A4 when I look the front of a A4 and A3 they are very much the same. I wonder if they fit in the A3 anybody have an idea

definitely not. Some people pulled the LEDs off the A4s lights and inserted it into their A3 lights. Others went with the non OEM lookalikes.

Thanks for your answer do you have any idea where I can find headlight like non OEM lookalikes or something similar

you can find them on ebay but the LEDs are nowhere nearly as bright as the OEM ones. there is someone on the forums who bought the a4 lights and then took out the insides to put them into his a3 but it was a pretty complicated mod.

AUDI A3 a3 headlight conversion.

howdy. I have a 97 a3 tdi (nothing special but i like it) just wondering if anyone has ever put the one piece headlight units from the later facelifted(2000-2002) a3 model onto the older model(96-00) which has a 2 piece headlight unit. The newer lights should be the same size and shape. Probably didnt have those older models in the u.s but there might be someone from elsewhere that might have done the conversion.Thanks.

AUDI A3 I 8L Angel Headlight LED Eyebrow 1996-2000

Hi guys the headlights on my 97 A3 are wrecked. All the clips that hold it in place have all been snapped. Just interested in buying some Angel LED headlights but not sure how to install them. Is it as simple as putting them in or a codes affected or something Can anybody help me out Plz Plz Plz Also what would look better. My A3 is dark green and just wondering what would look better the black Angel headlights or the chrome Angel headlights Thanks. greena3

AUDI A3 A3 headlight and DRL parking light bulb change

Hi guyscan anyone give me an advice how to change the bulbs in my headlightregular halogen bulb and also DRL bulbthose small onesDo I have to remove the whole headlight or its just plug n play kind of thing for both of them.I have 09 A3.Thanks for reply

AUDI A3 Upgrading headlights

Hi guys and girls Newbie here so please bear with me Could any of you with a wealth of knowledge answer me this question. Is it possible to upgrade my headlights A3 (05) to the xenon headlights with the day running lights seen on the newer A3 models Thanks in advance

AUDI A3 OEM A3 S-Line Grille & Front Headlight assembly - FOR SALE

A3 graychrome S-Line grille in great shape. Only a few rock chips on the chrome. Comes with front license plate holder. ECS sells them with the license plate fill for 320. I can ship it for 175 or pick up for 150 in the NYC area. Also for sale is a LEFT OEM headlight assembly with all newer bulbs. Light is in great shape as well. 175 shipped or 150 pickup (full set is 570 new)

AUDI A3 xenon headlights in France

Hi all anyone know how to change the headlights to driving on the right. My car is a Nov 2009 A3 latest model with xenon headlights and I want to drive it in France after driving down to Dover overnight. The owners handbook says to take it to a dealer which then means I will have to drive with the headlights set for France in the UK. The last tinme I did this I had a Skoda vRs and they showed me how

AUDI A3 amber lens in headlight...

anyone have a tutorial on how to take out the amber lens on a 2010 A3 headlights i found a few threads but not sure if its the same for the newer A3s. any input would be great. thanks.

AUDI A3 Removing Headlights

Theres some car wax lodged in the outer seal of the headlights on my 2007 A3 but its suck in there pretty good and Im having difficulty removing it. Can someone tell me how to remove the headlight assembly so I can get at it easier

Quote Originally Posted by xxplosive Theres some car wax lodged in the outer seal of the headlights on my 2007 A3 but its suck in there pretty good and Im having difficulty removing it. Can someone tell me how to remove the headlight assembly so I can get at it easier Unfortunately in order for you to remove the headlamps you MUST remove the bumpers. Good nes is- it gets easier after the 3rd time lol.

AUDI A3 conveting from halogen to xenon projector headlight

hi guys Does anybody know how i go about putting projectors into my standard halogen headlight fitting in order to have xenons i cant find the projector headlights for an 2005 a3 anywhere and so was wondering if anybody had any idea of how i do this let me know guys if you have any tips thanks kaz

AUDI A3 Headlight hell

I have a 2009 A3 and Im trying to replace the headlight. How do I get to it

AUDI A3 II 8P 2008 Projector Headlights

Hello I had recently purchase the 2008 A3 but I was on a budget so I did not add the tech package. Now I wish to have the bi-zenon projector headlights I call one dealer they said (No we dont do that period) I thought this guy was giving me BS so I called another dealer they said ( Yes we can do that for you for 7K) .................. I dont believe it cost this much to add the tech package is only

AUDI A3 dynamic headlight control warning came on after bodyshop fixed car

A semi truck swiped the front of my car trying to squeeze through a lane and destroyed my front right headlight. I took it into the body shop my insurance company referred me. They charged me 575 for a used RT Headlamp assy. When I got the car back the dynamic headlight control warning came on. I didnt know what the light meant at first and thought it was the service light so I took it to the audi

AUDI A3 Right Headlight Dipped

About a week ago I started getting this error- Right headlight Dipped. The manual says it could be any one of 3 problems. The curious thing is that the problem isnt always there it comes and goes (mystery). About everyday it will happen and I have looked at the headlight it usually looks normal but sometimes the light goes out so only 1 headlight... this uckkks. So the dealership service guys (excellent

Hey Im having the same problem right now with the Right Dipped headlight display and my right light turning off and on during travel. Did you ever find a fix for this I took my car into audi and told me it was because of some of the aftermarket components I have in the car. All i have is a starteralarm sub amp and in dash dvd player. audisaid the same thing when you took yours in that they wont be

AUDI A3 I 8L A3 Y reg (2001) Headlight problem

Hi guys My bulb blew around a week ago i got it changed and it was working all fine then this week my bulb error light came on on the dashboard again. WTF. Checked the bulb and the fuse and they are both fine also checked the headlight wire connections and they are fine. So Im stumped on what the problem can be Could it be a wiring issue It worked well for a week and now has decided not to work. I

AUDI A3 A3 Projector Headlights with LED DRLs

Has anyone heard of these or heard reviews or have them Its manufactured by Eagle and its different from the other housing Ive seen with LEDs. This one looks like the new A4 headlights. They look pretty nice but I wonder how theyd hold up.

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