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AUDI A3 2.0T Maintenance Intervals

Ive searched the forums and looked through the audi maintenance book to determine maintenance intervals and there are some items that are not mentioned or maybe theyre typically done with something else. Im sure Bentley has this info but dont have one yet for my recently purchased CPO A3 with 26K. So heres the list as I understand it and Id appreciate help filling in the blanks or correcting any errors.

I only have the info up to 55k. Vehicle 2006 audi A3 At 5000 Mi (8000 Km) 3.2L 2.0L Turbo Engine Oil Oil Filter Change the oil and replace oil filter. (Caution 2006 audi models use only engine oil conforming to VW 502.00 specifications). Windshield Wiper and washer headlight washer Check adjustment and function check fluid level and add if necessary. Tires and Spare Wheel Check for wear and damage.

AUDI A3 keep a lemon

I have a 2006 2.0 A3 with 35000 miles and steadily been having more problems with it. So far - replaced regulator on 3 of the windows that were clicking when they closed - replaced low fuel pressure sensor - replaced gas cap - found small leaks in evap system - replaced washer nozzles repaired a leak in the washer line - replaced cam shaft - replaced fuel pump - replaced headlight module and bulb The

fuel pressure sensor - replaced gas cap - found small leaks in evap system - replaced washer nozzles repaired a leak in the washer line - replaced cam shaft - replaced fuel pump - replaced headlight module and bulb The last 5 were done during my 35000 mile service. 4 days after servicing my air conditioner stops working and it sounds like the compressor needs to be replaced. Is this typical of audis

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AUDI A3 I 8L What can I expect to pay for 15k Service

Hello My wife has a 2009 audi A3 2.0T Quattro and its time for the 15k service. She was quoted nearly 600 for the 15k service. Judging by the list of actual work being performed (not including inspections) I cant see where this should amount up to nearly 600. What is an average price that one can expect for a 15k service on an audi A3 I just have a feeling that shes being taken for a ride... Thanks

bought the service plan when they got the car. I have a 2006 so all my services are included up to 50k Are you serious That is exactly what the service writer told my wife You could have purchased the service plan This whole 15k service is something she can have done at the frickin Lube Center for 35. I told her if she was adamant on this 15k service get it done at an independent shop. By law audi

AUDI A3 II 8P 2007 A3 Wiper Reservoir

Moved to Salt Lake City Utah about 5 months ago just in time for some serious snow. Long story short I managed to catch a road marker in the snowy conditions and took out the right front fog light. The bumper is cracked and now my windshield washer reservoir wont stay full. I took the attached and think I am missing some sort of plug as the grommet is probably intended to house a pump for headlight washers which I do not have. I am trying to locate the plug. Can any one help Thanks

AUDI A3 DIY Trip Computer Mod

With the help of T2Ts vagcom and a DIY guide over at vwvortex I did the trip computer mod. The difference between my DIY and AHA3 vwvortex is that mine includes PICTURES ... Anyways here it goes. Requirements 1) 2006 A3 - Possibly work on 2007 as well 2) DSG... sorry MT folks 3) Access to Vag Com 4) Balls... Parts 1) Multifunction Wiper Arm - Part -> 8P0 953 519 A 9B9 - 115 2) Terminal Wire - Part

OK... Got it working...Had to change a few things in Adaptation channel 19....I got the windshield washer warning (which I fixed with the wire grounding in PIN) But for some reason I was and am also getting the following bulb out warnings Left Parking Light Left Dipped headlight Right Parking Light Right Dipped headlight How do I get rid of these bulb-out errors

AUDI How many miles Hows it runnin

How many miles on your allroad Hows it running Ill start... Ive got about 39700 on my 03 and with the exception of a recent MIL light its running fine. No drivetrain issues to speak of.

working but not blinking re-aim HID headlights replace windshield washer jet that had been moistening the sidewalk whenever I used the washers clean some little stains on the headliner that had been missed ordered the driver seatback piece that has the cargo net which came with a tear in it that I didnt discover until a little while ago. Out of pocket expenses 0. And my salesman let me take his A3

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT B6 The reason why I wont get a B6.

Price. Now that you know if youve read something like this before or have nothing good to say go away and dont post. To continue on my rant a guy on vwvortex posted some pics of his new 3.6 sport package 2 nav xm. The cost was 36500. I honestly dont see myself doing such a thing when cars like this audi A4 are selling for 30k. Granted its the 2.0T but 200hp is plenty quick in the US and Id rather have

how did you get a 43k USD audi for 32k Ill buy one today at that price Model and Powertrain A4 2.0 T 6-speed manual quattro Base MSRP 29740 Price as configured 43335 Brilliant Red Ebony leather seating surfaces (1400 wpackage) Packages Sunroof package 1400 Premium package 1850 Technology package 1775 S line sport package 3000 Cold weather package 400 Bose premium sound system with audioPilot noise

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  • AUDI A2,A3,A4,A6,A8,TT Q7 MEYLE HEADLIGHT/HEADLAMP WASHER PUMP 3B0955681 - Dorking,United Kingdom (17.95 GBP)
  • Genuine Audi A3 S3 8P Bi-xenon Headlight Headlamp DRL Washers 2003-2008 - Hull,United Kingdom (40.00 GBP)
  • AUDI A3 2.0 TDI WASHER BOTTLE 2006 S LINE MODEL WITH HEADLIGHT WASH - Birmingham,United Kingdom (12.99 GBP)

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