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audi a3 glow plug II 8P
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AUDI A3 2006 A3 2.0 TDI S Line glow plug broken - Apparently please help

Hi Monday 3pm picked up my new car A3 2.0 TDI 170 S Line. ((Sept 2006) on 46k miles full dealear history has has had 2 long life services was an ex lease an seemed to be an absolute minter... 9am Tuesday doing about 15mph allowing a car to turn accelerated away 2nd -3rd then pop loss of power massive juddering engine sounding like a gang of something was under the bonnet lumping the engine with a sledgehammer.

Sounds like the tip of the glow plug was swollen. Did the tip fall into the cylinder If it did fall into then they would really have to strip off because it might damage other parts inside.

Try to check out all the other parts of your vehicle other than of the glow plug . I think it has to do with the things or parts that can affect the whole vehicle. Theres nothing wrong with trying to check out things rather than not to see the whole problem of the car.

AUDI A3 Glow plus relays - HELP

My A3 1.9TDI 110HP has the common problem with the glow plugs. Reading the forums someone suggested to change the glow plugs relay. How can I find which one it is (some one said it is 109 and 103) and more important ... is there a way to test if it is broken or not All the best B

if the glow plug light goes off the relay is ok so it might be the glow plugs and not expensive to replace

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AUDI A3 II 8P Audi A3 1.9 2005 Sportback EM light and Black smoke

Hello please help i have an A3 which has given me problems since the day bought it over 3 years ago at the moment it is showing the following codes P0671 Cylinder glow plug P0673 Cylinder glow plug 3 P0674 glow plug 4 P0238 Manifoild pressure boost sensor P1592 Altitide Signal boost sensor and finally P3102 Motor for intake manifold flap. The car now throws out black smoke on acceleration. I was told

AUDI A3 A3 Engine Light

Dear Forum I bought an 2010 A3 TDI 2.0 last summer and the engine light has been constantly coming on the last six weeks or so. Ive brought it to two different audi dealerships have tried to address the problem -- a glow plug and oxygen sensor replaced moisture removed from a tube. But its come on again. Ive scheduled my fourth service appointment but at this point Im beginning to wonder why it should

AUDI A3 Electronic Problems Please help

Hi all Im having a few problems with my 54 A3 2.0Tdi if anyone could help id be really greatful I went to start it yesterday and the glow plug indicator stayed on. Then there was 3 audio beeps (like warning beeps). When i turned the engine over it would start fine but then cut out pretty much immediately. After many attempts i managed to get it working. The other sign of something wrong is that sometimes

AUDI A3 No Key symbol No Mileage No Start Please help

Hi All I have been having some trouble with my 2000 audi A3 1.9TDI (sport). Due to a broken leg the car has not moved for over 4 months so changed the battery as my old one was dead. Now the thing wont start well it does for about a second then dies please see faults below No Key symbol on dash No mileage No service indicator glow plug light flashes Petrol Gauge does not move Light symbol is constantly

AUDI A3 Audi A3 Gearbox issue PLEASE HELP

Hi guys im new to the forum hope im posting in the right place ive got a audi A3 2.0 TDi DSG yesterday while driving i notice the PRND started to flash and kept on flashing till i stopped turn the car off and back on after i started the car again the PRND stopped flashing the car seems to drive normal i think can this be a start of a gearbox problem what kind of checks should i make

P0672 and 17056 is for malfunctioning glow plug. check the glow plug wiring and the plug. 00562 is for low oil pressure level or temperature. yeah the service will solve the problems

AUDI A3 II 8P Audi A3 2006 2.0 TDi 170 stallscuts out

Hi my car has developed this issue recenlty where it will start idle ok and then randomly cut out as if the ignition has been turned off. Turn it off and it will start again fine. It will also try and happen when driving as it randomly loses power and slows down for a second or two then will take off again. when this happens the rev needle will flick and drop as iff its been turned off. Also sometimes

AUDI A3 help a3 2.0 tdi wont start

my car was okuntil this morningit started then cut off.(thought nothing of it)..then i started it took it out the drive and parked it outside the house5 hours later i started itit started then cut out.......hooked up vcds got 2 faults. cleared themthen car started and i drove it 2 miles without any issuessoon as i parked it outside the wont start or clear the faultswell 1 fault clears but

AUDI A3 New guy with a3

Hi Im new on here so hi. Iv just bought a 2001 a3 1.9tdi pd 110bhp. My problem with the car is that today under acceleration it went into limp mode but without a light on the dash. When I turn on the ignition I cant see a engine light. Does it work on glow plug light or should there be a separate light Also any possible causes of this problem would be great Im going to try an get codes read next week

AUDI A3 A3 TDI 2011 Battery group size 48(H6)49(H8)

Hi Folks I own a 2011 A3 TDI which i purchased used 5 months ago. With this brutal cold winter we are having in north america (Canada) in my case i have run into the issue of having my car start on the cold days. Once temperature drops to -25deg Celsius or lower the battery cranking power drops and the crank time takes longer. This indicates a weak battery with extreme cold weather. I have no issues

if ur car is fitted with dpf the dpf filter will get blocked for one reason or another if you do not clear the filter by regenerating process it will eventually clog the filter and damage it to an extent where you need to replace it it cost around 1000 to 1200 pounds to replace it and audi is bound to take around 1500 as they are professionals. un future make sure you regenerate ur car properly on

Righto just found this thread and i have a similar problem. DPF Light has been coming on since i moved closer to work and i usually clear it within a day or two with a drive down the nearest motorway. I left it a bit longer this time and the glow plug light came on today shortly followed by the emissions warning light and the car went into what i guess is safe mode (power absent would creep up to speed

AUDI A3 Engine Management Light Flashing

Could anyone tell me if they have had the same problem as me and if so how they over came it. Brought my car just before Christmas audi A3 2.0 Litre FSI SE Sept 03 plate. As soon as I got it the Engine managment light was flashing and the car was juddering so took it back to the garage and they said it was just a glitch. Then I had to take the car back to get the wiper washer fixed and the engine management

Juddering in a diesel is normally caused by faulty glow plugs. I would get them changed and I think it would cure the issue.

VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Need some help diagnosing a problem

Hello all I have a friend who has a 2000 bug with a 1.8 t and a manual trans. She has been having some issues with her car and i am trying to help her out. I do some light duty mechanic work on the side but dont have a ton of experience with v.w. Ok so here is what has been going on a few weeks ago she called me and said her car would just turn off on her while driving and she would pull over to the

Lamp (K29) flashes. Engine Speed Sensor (G28) loose. Engine Speed Sensor (G28) faulty. Possible Solutions Check Engine Speed Sensor (G28). Special Notes The Engine Speed Sensor (G28) is also used as a reference sensor for the crankshaft position and correlates with the Camshaft Position Sensor Bank 1 (G40) and Camshaft Position Sensor Bank 2 (G163). When found in a VW GolfJetta (1J9M) or audi

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