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AUDI A3 Faulty Mechatronic (TCU) in DSG

2008 A3 Quattro 3.2 17000 miles I started getting the jerking in the transmission when starting from a stop (especially on an incline) and the hard clunk when the DSG shifted from 2nd to 1st when stopping. Took it into the dealer and told them I suspected the mechatronic unit had gone bad. They later confirmed that the TCU was the issue and would need to be replaced. The bad news was the part would

I had the same problem with my 2008 A3 starting this past JulyAugust. From stopneutral it would jerk hard (twice) before taking up drive unless I finessed the throttle just right. Took it to the local dealer who said it was normal for the S-tronic transmission. Well just today (Dec. 18th 2009) I got a letter in the mail from audi noting that certain 2007-2009 S-tronic transmissions have a faulty bushing

AUDI A3 II 8P 2010 Audi A3 review

Heres a new review on the 2010 audi A3 with details on performance features and history as well as a photo gallery. A brand new generation of audis premium compact the A3 will be offered at the end of 2010. This car is intended to become the most attractive vehicle in the segment and will be offered in at least three different body types. The first new A3 to go in production will be a 3-door sports

I like the front end... the rear not so much. Overall I think I like the current gen better. And then there is this Quote New petrol FSI and diesel TDI engines will be offered matched with brand-new gearboxes including a 7-gears dual clutch DSG transmission. A future S3 top model equipped with a turbo engine is expected to offer up to 300 bhp. Also not confirmed an RS3 might also be possible. Seems to imply that there will be not petrol turbo engine in the A3 only the S3. WTF

AUDI A3 Gurgling when engaging clutch

Hello fellows i just posted two topics in a row... butta Im really really worried about this one. Almost every time i grind the clutch a little when launching the car it gives me a really lousy gurgling sound coming from either the clutch or the engine... Since im no car technician i cant really tell what is up with this. But every time this happens it feels like the car is creaming and it definitely hurts me too... [] So please enlighten me guys What could this problem possibly be

to assist in the actual physical shifting(not with the clutch but the gear selection). it would make for smoother easy shifting. i think older a4 manual gearboxes used hydraulic assist but im not sure if they still use the system or if its somthing new or totally different. With the chip... it kind of depends on your dealership. im between Tampa and Boston and my dealership in tampa (reeves audi)

AUDI A3 Sorry but probably a noob question but is short...

I decided to chip my car(A3 2.0T)...The only issue is that I am DSG..I searched in forums and all that but there were plenty of oppinions and they never anwsered the questions( some said that they knew someone that blew his DSG and other said theyhaventhad any problem so far)so... If I chip my car it will blow the DSG I normally drive calmly with a few pulls... I only floor the car in the 14 mile wich

My information on this came from the local dealership parts guy. If this is inaccurate please fire back and educate me The guy said the DSG boxes for the 2.0 and 3.2 are two distinct gearboxes with different capacities. The 2.0 DSG is designed to stay under 260 lbsft and the 3.2 can handle to 300 lbsft. and is the same gearbox used in the faster TT.

AUDI Q5 8R Massive DSG Recall in China


Interesting to read confirmation that this problem is common to many VAG models using the 7 speed dual clutch gearboxes including the A3. I hope the 8 speed box proves to be more reliable.

Quote 384181 vehicles were recalled to replace defective gearboxes that may result in the loss of acceleration. Models include the Golf Magotan Sagitar and audi A3 Chinas quality inspector said on its website. A.n.other audi owners have reported problems with their dual clutch gearboxes (S tronic in audi speak) - including the Q5. See here httpwww.myaudiq5....tronic-failure

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 ZSG Replacing SMG

You guys heard anything about this ZSG replacing the current SMG I that was just continued. Dealer told me new replacement likely around Jan of 06. What do you guys think and how do I learn more about this Thanks bmwccc

really stupid when I had to pull the shifter when my body was moving forward under braking. I guess its a tradition in motorcycles that stops road bikes from converting to racing style shift patterns where most riders upshift by pushing lever down and downshift by kicking it up. It seems to me that downshifting under braking is easier the way racers do it. Cool that makes sense thanks. On the audi

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