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AUDI A3 Fuel tank pressure retention valve (gravity valve)

Hi can anyone describe the workings of the fuel tank pressure retention valve (or gravity valve) on the petrol tank of the audi a3 1.8T What causes the valve to open How is it activated Mechanically electrically via vacuum What might stop it working properly I am trying to debug a build up of pressure in my fuel tank but nobody seems to be able to describe how this works. Ta

AUDI A3 poor fuel economy

I have a 2008 A3 with 40250mi. Recently I have been getting really poor MPG. I got 120 miles from a half tank when i would usually get closer to 200. I took to the dealership and they said that the computer checked out OK and I must have gotten bad gas. So I finished off that tank and then refilled and added a fuel additive. Still low MPG.. My neighbor across the street had a 2003 VW Golf for a while

View Fuel tank lid, fuel tank flap for AUDI A3

If its brand new it needs to break in. It should slowly improve over the first 5000 miles. (I think my last Toyota RAV4 didnt start peaking in fuel economy until almost 10K miles. Started around 25mpg and slowly worked up to about 28mpg.) On the other hand what youve posted is rather low. I just bought a new A3 TDi with 14 miles on it and I havent filled my first tank yet but Im already past that mileage.

AUDI A3 2.0 TDI 140 Fuel Range

Just a quicky... What are you lot with 2.0 TDI 140 bhp A3s getting to a tank. Im only just scrapping 500 miles at the moment. Ive stripped out the EGR valve and the inlet manifold only to find chunks and chunks of solid oil and also sand in the manifold and intakes on the block. Now thoughly cleaned Im hoping to get some power and milage back but wondered what fuel range I should have. Thanks Luke

AUDI Q5 8R Very Poor Fuel Economy on 1st Tank

Hello Ive just emptied my first tank of fuel in my new 2.0l TDI S-Tronic and I am very dissapointed as Ive only managed 330 miles which was 70% motorway and 30% around town. I hear this should improve as the engine beds in but this is so low I wonder if there could be a mechanical or technical fault I am a bit heavy on the accelerator and cruise at quite a speed and Ive also realised I had the AC on

My car with the same spec according to the DIS is currently getting 28-32 on my short commute to work and about 34-37 on the motorway so not a very big improvement for the motorway. The car seems to be quite even in its fuel consumption. My previous 1.6 petrol Auto A3 Sportback used to get anything from 19-24 on my commute and about 36-38 on the motorway so I am very happy with what the DIS is telling

AUDI A3 Miles Per Tank

For all you 3.2 DSGers out there how many miles to the tank do you get I get about 360 in my A4 2.0T.

My car only has 2K miles and the longest I drove on a tank so farwas 245 miles and filled up with 12.2 gallons or 20 mpg.My average is 18 to 19 mpg. I usually fill it with 14 to 18 of a tank left. The MPG is a little disappointing. I thought my WRX at 22 mpg was a bit of hog but 18 to 19 is worst. The car is heavy and every press of the throttle brings a quick response & probably a quick draw from

AUDI A3 I 8L 98 gas tank

I had to replace the fuel pump and as I removed the pump from the tank the mounting bracket that is on the bottom of the tank came loose. [] This is the one that the pump locks into so it stays in position. I think it has to be there or the pump will flop around. Am I right in assuming that I will have to replace the tank or is there a way to re-attach the bracket or other fix [smsigh.gif]

AUDI A3 II 8P 2006 A3 2.0T Engine misfire and solution

audiforum first timer post. Need to comment on multi month 2006 A3 2.0T Check Engine light and cylinder 2 and random misfire codes. Car had some cold start shakes and when warm ran great. I was getting extremely frustrated with a persistant CEL and ECU misfire code. Needed to go back and forth between Private mechanic audi dealer mechanics and internet posts to come up with a strategy to fix that didnt

AUDI A3 new to forum and Audi

Good morning everyone. I purchased a CPO audi A3 last week (3222012). The A3 is a Quattro 2.0T with leather Sat Bluetooth. it has Just under 60K miles. I have owned a ton of cars in my life (its kind-of a sickness of mine).... This is my first audi. Overall my first week has been good. good points It is a blast to drive. fast when I want it to be. looks great in my opinion. comfortable bad points not

AUDI A3 Audi A3 1.6 Petrol (MPG)

Hi I am new to this forum and have recently purchased a brand new audi A3 1.6 Petrol Sportback (Technik) The reason for the new purchase was a bigger car for my wife. She used to have a mini and a new addition to our family means a bigger car. It is probably a bit too early to judge the car on MPG however the car only returned 330 miles on a full tank of fuel. Does the MPG improve once the engine has

AUDI A3 audi a3 battery drain problem

Hi The battery on my 2005 audi A3 keeps going flat and the control panel (The bit that tells me the Average MPG miles left in fuel tank etc) keeps going off and then comes on sporadically. The battery goes dead within a matter of days and I have resorted to disconnecting the battery now between using it. Can anyone help me

AUDI A3 Major RPM Problems on A3 ...HELP

Hi i have recently bought a audi A3 W Reg (2000) and absolutely love the car I have spent all my hard earned cash over the years to buy one and its the best cat ive driven but I have MAJOR problem would really like to know if anyone has had the same prob on a3s and what to chage or do to fix the problem i really dread driving the car When you start the car the RPMs are at 900 .....................everything

AUDI A3 2.0 TDI pump noise

Hey All I drive an 05 A3 2.0 TDI manual. Ive had it since new (picked up 01 April 05 which probably explains the reliability - see below) and already put 160 000 km on it. It recently started making a vibration noise approximately 5 seconds after switching off the engine. The noise lasts about 3 seconds and starts loud getting gradually softer. Ive checked under the hood - the noise appears to be coming

AUDI A3 whats your average mpg

Im getting like 18-19mpg on the streets and 22-24mpg on the highway .... anyone else

Not a very accurate way to figure you mpg. you say per tank but you are most likely filling up well before empty. You can be adding more or less fuel than you think. Its best to keep track of your miles and amount fuel added for several tank fulls to get a good idea of your mileage. City mpg can be pretty poor with normal A3 driving enthusiasim. Much better if you can keep it smooth. [&] Quote ORIGINAL

AUDI A3 A3 TDI mpg

hello everyone i wonder if someone could please help me. I have an A3 2.0 TDI Quattro (170bhp) and the majority of my driving is between my home and work which is 6 miles. my route consists of a cpl of miles doing 60mph dual carriage and then 40mph and 30mph with traffic lights on the way. Ive just done a quick average mpg test coming home from work and its coming back at 31.2mpg. Does this sound about

AUDI A3 II 8P having trouble with my 07 A3 2.0 already need advice

HI everyone I have a 2007 audi A3 2.0 with 7500 miles. I brought it to the dealer twice now withing 2 weeks I had the check engine light come on. when I took it there the first time they said I had low fuel pump pressure that is why the light came on. a week after that the check engine light came on the next morningtried warming up my car and all sudden the car shut off andthe battery light

Its still under warranty - make sure you let audi USA know about your problems with your multiple visits. As far as the battery light goes - Im not completely sure about what you are having problems with. But with regards to the fuel pressure issue - make sure you dont have any crap in your gas tank. There could be something obstructing the fuel flow.

AUDI A3 Worry about the CEL

My recently purchased CPO 2006 A3 2.0T DSG (25K miles) has now displayed the Check Engine Light twice in first three weeks. First time was immediately after refueling and since Im one of those dreaded topper-uppers maybe some gas got in the fuel evap system. The CEL self-cleared in a few restarts (within a few hours). Now I just got another CEL last night literally just driving along in very benign

AUDI A3 A3 2.0 dsg quattro

so were modding my teachers wifes car at school. its a 2.0 dsg front trak A3. we just got some cars from the test track so we pulled the quattro dsg tranny from a 2008 3.2 TT and were pulling it apart. we also got a front trak 2.0 TT. neither car had a motor but both had transmissions. anyway were basically taking the guts from the quattro tranny and stuffing it into the 2.0 case then getting the front

oh almost forgot well be bolting up some fresh quattro suspension from a 3.2 A3 in the back. along with a quattro fuel tank etc.

AUDI A3 II 8P 06 Audi A3 clickingticking engine noise...Help

Hey So I just bought a 2006 audi A3 2.0T. Ive owned a couple audis in the past and Ive never heard this sound before. It has about 47k miles on it and runs pretty smooth except I noticed a noise when I got the car home. Sounds like a clicking or ticking noise coming from the cam belt but Im not really sure. Ive read that the 2.0T engine has very high compression so this noise may be normal but it doesnt

Ive been told the injectors have a tendency to tap with less then perfect gas. Happened to me once and it sounded like I was driving a diesal. Cleared up during my next tank full. There was also a service advisory about the fuel lines rattling under the car...

Quote Originally Posted by Spitzbergen Ive been told the injectors have a tendency to tap with less then perfect gas. Happened to me once and it sounded like I was driving a diesal. Cleared up during my next tank full. There was also a service advisory about the fuel lines rattling under the car... It does sound kinda like a diesel. I actually thought about that so I bought some of the Chevron fuel system cleaner and filled up about 34 tank with supreme and its still doing it.

AUDI A3 EPC and Traction light comes on..

Hi everyone. Im new to this forum. Sold GTI V and bought A3 2.0T S-Line a month ago. Car has done 120000 km. Please assist there are many experts on these forums and Im in need for expert advise. During the first week I noticed the car stutters when Im in a high gear WOT on low rpms.. (In example 5th gear 2800 rpm WOT).. Almost as if it missfires.. I took the car for complete 76mm stainless system

AUDI A3 Premium vs Regular Gas

Good Morning - I am proud new owner of a 2009 A3... and very happy with it so far One question I had was regarding the use of regular gasoline with the 2009 A3. When the dealer was going over the features he mentioned that the newer models can use either premium OR regular - and that premium was NOT required. Obviously more of a selling point with respect to recent gasolines prices. 1.) Im aware that

I also have an 09 A3. Its my understanding that performance and MPG will suffer with regular. So the perceived savings is minimal because of the reduced MPG with regular gas. Plus the car is more fun to drive with the higher octane fuel. And if you should decide to chip the car only premium fuel can be used. So spend the extra couple of bucks per tank and enjoy.

AUDI A3 II 8P 05 A3 2.0T Misfire

It seems to me as if a lot of guys are battling with misfiring on their TFSIs.. Hopefully someone can help me with some advise.. Ive had the car now for about 6 months. Car was stock standard when I bought it and the next day or so on the freeway I noticed a slight misfire under load especially in 4th to 6th gear. I didnt think too much of it thought it would be plug or coil related.. I did a scan

AUDI A3 Brand of Gasoline (or Petrol for those in Europe)

With gas prices hitting 4 here in California I just wanted to see if anyones switching to cheaper brands. Here we have Arco (owned by BP) which is consistently 10 cheaper per gallon than any other brand. Ive heard people say to say away from cheaper gas because they use more additives but Ive also read that gasoline quality standards are so high in California that it doesnt matter what you buy because

Im not sure about the US market but in Canada I remember that many of the no-name stations would have their fuel tanks refilled by the branded gasoline companies. So at least in those cases gas is gas. But of course buy premium. Im sure there are websites for your local area that could help you out because you are right I wouldnt want to increase my maintenance cost to save a buck or two on a fill-up. Plus mileage may decrease and nullify the savings at the pump anyhow. Here in Taiwan only 2 major brands thanks to government monopoly. And I drive a its diesel or...well..diesel Diesel here is 3.78 a gallon whereas premium gas is about 40 cents US more. So while close to the current prices fuel here is generally more expensive than the US so the price variation has not been as pronounced as in the US. And I my point out at these prices Americans are just approaching the prices that the rest of the world has been paying for a long time And look at the vehicle fleets in Europe and Asia...I dont see to many Navigators US buyers of the A3 are looking smarter and smarter with each 1 increase in the price of a barrel of oil.

AUDI A3 790kms 490 miles

Had a reading of 790kms of driving on my display the other day thats 490 miles.. I was damn excited...highest I had ever seen it.. Pathetic post but Im bored at worl right now..

There was a thread in another subforum (OT maybe) where someone posed the question of what happens when you reach zero miles left on the trip computer. It was determined that audi leaves you a bit of reserve when calculating the fuel capacity -- some claim as much as two gallons I hit zero miles left one day a few weeks ago and the needle was on the second red line I probably had at least another 30

Quote ORIGINAL IzzyA3 440 was the best I ever got and I was really nervous. Isnt it bad for the fuel injector to be running nearly on empty like that It is bad to run your tank completely empty because all the crud in the bottom of the tank will clog up your fuel pump and injectors. Once in a great while shouldnt be a problem (sometimes it just cant be helped) but you shouldnt run it to empty at every fill-up.

AUDI A3 New A3 Questions

I got myself a massive upgradein the form ofan A3 a couple of months ago and just found this board. Ive been lurking for a couple of weeks and have been through the newbie thread (thanks Chef) and several months of back posts in search of some answers but didnt see anything. My old car ( 01 Grand Prix GTP)was such a mechanical disaster that Im probably a little oversensitive to some things but there

The fuel pumpdrivers door issue people are referring to is not really a problem but it seems odd the first time you hear it. When you open the drivers door (when the car is parked and off) the fuel pump runs for a second to prime the system assuming that you are about to start the car. Someone noted that if you accidently put diesel in your car you should not open the drivers door because it will fill

AUDI A3 II 8P 2008 Audi A3 Engine noise

hello fellow A3 owners. i have come to the dark side... trying to be jolly despite my audi experience. i am a new forum member and first time audi owner. this is not the first time i have owned German luxury. i have owned 4 BMW and 1 Mercedes. i loved the ride and interior of Mercedes but hated the performance. i loved the performance of BMW but hated the comfort and effort on slow drives.

its not coming from that. its coming from engine. my fuel mileage is 16mpg to 17 mpg city and max 25 hwy. why is it eating this much on the hiway i only go 65 the city driving can be tricky since i live in los angeles but i know which streets to take so im really puzzled about this fuel economy. i have a 2000 bmw 323ci 2.5l inline 6 and it gets more mileage than this car on the city and in the hwy.

AUDI A3 A3 2.0 FSI - Loss of power problem

hi there dont know if anyone can advise or has had same problem if so please do as im rather worried that this could be a major problem basically i was driving from london to hull last week and after around an hour and a half of motorway driving i experienced total loss of power. i was travelling at around 70 mph and lost all power for around 10 seconds and then the car would shudder slightly and the

Hi Not certain how old this thread is I experienced a similar problem last night while driving it would loose power and kick in after 5-10 seconds. After driving 350 km at low speed my fuel tank ran low natural I had to top up my fuel after refueling the cars performance changed immediately they power loss disappeared. I can do above 3000rpm which I was failing to achieve. I assume the petrol I used initially may have been contaminated or there is some intermittent fault.

AUDI A3 Audi A3 Quattro TDi 170 MPG

Hi people Just traded in my A3 TDi sport 140 DSG for an A3 170 TDi s-line quarttro and i cant believe how much more Diesel its using In my old 2005 A3 TDi DSG 140 i would get around 450 miles from a tank full. I am now nearly half way through my first tank of diesel in my new 170 quattro and have only done 118 miles and thats not driving it hard. The onboard computer is telling me its done 31mpg on

I have the 170 PS TDI but not with quattro. As for fuel consumption it will get better as the engine is broken in so not sure if it is normal. Undoubtedly the higher output and quattro will use more but nothing like 230 miles on a tank Another thing that helped was chipping the car.

Quote Originally Posted by damian_s IMO they are talking rubbish and there is something wrong with it. My brother gets better mpgs than that out of his A6 3.0 TDI (50% more engine capacity and some 300kgs heavier). Yes the quattro will consume more fuel but not that much more. Usually 10% or slightly more certainly not 40% plus Hi mate - found out what the problem was - it is the onboard computer -

AUDI A3 Octane 94 vs 91

Is putting 94 octane over 91 in my 06 a3 2.0t bad can it be harmful or does it really matter do you get better performance with 94 appose to 91 also mixing fuels like lets say 94 and 91 is that something that can be also bad

There are more places than one in L.A. to get racing fuel. I use the 76 station on SanVicente in Brentwood. When I am feeling flush I go there with a near-empty tank and buy three gallons of 100 then pull forward to the 91 pump and top it off. I estimate my final octane value in the tank is about 93-94. I notice a smoother silkier engine feel more effortless somehow. I dont agree that performance is

Quote Originally Posted by lectrolink There are more places than one in L.A. to get racing fuel. I use the 76 station on SanVicente in Brentwood. When I am feeling flush I go there with a near-empty tank and buy three gallons of 100 then pull forward to the 91 pump and top it off. I estimate my final octane value in the tank is about 93-94. I notice a smoother silkier engine feel more effortless somehow.

AUDI A3 ECU software Run-In

So Im under the impression that when I get my APR code flashed this Saturday (along with the installation of my exhaust) there is a period of time when the ECU software will be working in an adaptive mode and tuning itself to my driving style. Does anyone have any pointers with what I should be doing to get the most out of this That is sit in D for the first 1 hour with normal driving 2nd hour open

AUDI A3 PCV Valve replacement help

Hello- I have a 2008 audi A3 which I recently had chipped. (best decision ever) The car has 65k on the motor and Im trying to be proactive and replace some parts (fuel filters O2 sensors PCV valve) I am very confused as to which PCV or Pressure Regulator Valve I need to order. Can anyone help with a model number or link Also does anyone know if I should go ahead and replace the O2 sensors or wait Thanks

Hello Id like to help answer some of your questions. The pcv valve doesnt look like your older traditional type. Our techs call this a labyrinth it bolts to the valve cover and does the same job as the traditional pcv valve. They plug up quite a bit though. It is 59.63 for the 4 cylinder one I think it is. The fuel filter is 51.00 and appears to be in with the in-tank fuel pump. A new fuel pump would

AUDI A3 Sudden drop in gas milage...

Ive owned my car since August (8700 miles) and was getting around 360 miles before the refuel light turned on. Lately I can barely get to 300 before the light turns on. Its been on a steady decrease for the last month or so from 360 to 300 now. My commute is almost exactly 50 miles round trip with 5 of those miles being local. When Im on the highway going under 80 I can get upto 31 mpg. If I go 85

Yep. Winter blend fuel SUCKS. dont quote me on this but I believe winter blend has a higher ethenol content. Ethenol does not have the energy potention of regular fossil based fuel. If you want an extreme example rent a GM vehicle that will run on E85. Fill up the vehicle with regular gas run that around until its time to fill up again. Then fill up the same vehicle with E85. The E85 tank will not

AUDI A3 2.0 TDI struggling for power

I seem to be losing power from my 2003 2.0 TDI audi A3 during higher revs and especially in 3rd gear onwards. The turbo is still boosting the power but seems to die off and struggle for power earlier than usual its trying to pull as you can feel it spluttering in a way. I just cant fathom out what it is. Is it possibly a missfire or could it be that the turbo pressure leaking somewhere It delivers

It definitely sounds like an air or fuel flow problem. Check all of the air passageways including the filter. If you dont find anything there then Id change the fuel filter. Those are the inexpensive first steps. Diesels are very easy to work on and there isnt a lot of different components to go wrong as compared to a gas engine. It also wouldnt hurt to run some diesel kleen through it for the next few tanks either. Cheers

Cheers Chef your advice is greatly appreciated I will try the air passages filter etc and the fuel filter and the likes also run some Diesel clean through the next tank of fuel hopefully will solve my problem. The engine seems to be alot better today not sure if its a coincidence or not but seems to be pulling alot more for alot longer and alot more feistier I will keep you posted. Thanks again

AUDI A3 Filler cap switchlever - what does it do

I am trying to diagnose a problem with pressure build up in my fuel tank. I notice that if I remove the petrol filler cap there is some sort of lever just inside the filler tube which I presume is engaged when the cap is screwed in. Can anyone tell me what this leverswitch does

AUDI A3 2 tdi - diesel choices

Hi I got my A3 to weeks ago and it is my first diesel. I live in South Africa and I have to diesel choices 50 ppm and 500 ppm. Does anybody know what is the best type of diesel for my audi. I LOVE my A3 and only want to use the best

I am no expert on diesel but perhaps this number is referring to the sulfur content I know in the US weve just adopted ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) which is required for use in all 2007 diesel engines and is safe for older models as well. According to Wikipedia the UK has been using low sulfur diesel for quite a while. PPM parts per million so if it is referring to sulfur content 50 ppm would be

AUDI A3 evap canister

Hello Just need to know the location of the evap canister. Need to replace it. audi A-3 2006 Thanks ldv---

New issue. Went to refuel my A-3 and after doing so it took about four times for the car to start. Also went to Autozone and my A-3 got the P0455 code. The definition shows EVAP system large leak. Probable cause 1-faulty vent solenoid 2-faulty purge control solenoid 3-faulty fuel tank pressure sensor The car still makes the thumping noise from the rear (not as much as a couple of weeks ago). The noise

AUDI A3 cold start misfire

2006 2.0T has cold start misfire that lasts 20 - 30 seconds then runs great. Had CEL come on about 2 months ago. Coils replaced under recall. CEL came on again 2 weeks later. Local mechanic said misfire cylinder 1. Replaced all spark plugs and running great again. CEL on again and obvious misfire at start only when cold. Local mechanic said likely fuel system problem and suggested take it to audi.

Been buying gas at Shell....good most of summer. Had CEL again on a 100 day stuck in traffic. Engine acted like getting no fuel for split second. Occured like 6 times in an hour. Filled up injector cleaner added and CEL gone in a few days. Crazy Think Ill keep adding the cleaner every other tank.

AUDI A3 Pulled the trigger

Finally got the Revo flash for 93 octane and picked up an SPS select to be discreet during trips to the dealer. Power gain for the 3.2 is marginal yes but definitely moves the torque curve down to where it needs to be. Installer also said the software will optimize itself while I drive over the next few days. Fun YES Worth the Dunno...jurys still out. Methinks couple with a new exhaust and maybe a Haldex upgrade down the road and shell be screamin.

Still losing around 2 mpg on the highway and 3 in town even being very light on the throttle. The tuner (fairly reputable) suggested keeping the settings as-is for the next 2-3 weeks and then changing the fuel and timing if things do not improve. Is this good advice The 30-day trial period for the 3.2 software will expire at about that time and Im not going to keep Revo if Im consistently staying around

AUDI A4 B7 2007 A4 Cranks but doesnt start

Has anyone had the same issue of the car cranking and starting. Then hours later it starts. Need help before I take to dealership. Want to educate myself

If it cranks and starts but immediately dies then its a key. If it cranks but never starts it is not the key. The A4 as well as A3 are notorious for failing fuel pumps especially if you live somewhere that gets 90 degrees or higher and you tend to run the tank down to 14 or lower. fuel keeps the pump cool and thus increases it longevity. I would bet since somedays it starts and somedays it doesnt you

AUDI Q5 8R Trip computer - MPG

I am waiting delivery of my Q5 hopefully before Christmas to beat the VAT increase. I have traded in my A3 cab Sline 2.0 tdi - which has had the following issue with the trip computer. Im hoping that the same problem doesn affect my new Q5.. I run my trip computer from fill up to fill up then reset it. I always fill the tank up to the brim then i work out my MPG. On average i get 45 MPG when calculated

catalytic converters four heated oxygen sensors monitoring pre- and post catalyst exhaust gasses dimensions length 652 millimetres (25.7 in) width 648 millimetres (25.5 in) height 666 millimetres (26.2 in) mass 152 kilograms (335 lb) ID codes DIN-rated motive power & torque outputs applications BPJ 125 kilowatts (170 PS 168 bhp) 4300 rpm 280 newton metres (207 ftlbf) 1800-4200 rpm &8212 audi

LEXUS CT After 6 months experience - Summarized as AWESOME

Ive now had the pleasure of owning the CT for 6 months. In short I LOVE this car and would not buy any other car for the money. For those interested in the CT but havent made the plunge yet here is my experience to consider Pros 1. Obvious fuel economy. With minimal conscious driving and sticking to mainly city driving below 72 kmhr (45 mph) Ive hit a best real-world 4.3L100 km (55 mpg). Six month

BMW X5 E70 Ack....regular gas added to diesel X35d

Daughter accidently added 8 gallons of regular fuel to my X5 35d. After realizing what she had done she immediately stopped pumping and called me. We had the car towed to the local dealership. The car was never started. Dealer wants 1200 to flush & clean the tank replace fuel filter a rubber gasket and the fuel pump.... why would I need to replace the fuel pump if the car was never started many thanks....jd

fitted with a standard mis-fueling protection device. 2009 Mercedes-Benz M Class 3.0L BlueTecEnlarge Photo BMWs prevention device is a special mechanism in the filler neck that requires the larger-diameter diesel nozzle to trigger a mechanism that unlocks to open a flap to permit fueling. Hoses for unleaded gasoline have a smaller diameter and and cannot trip the catch that operates the device. audi

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 New here 1989 300 E

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MERCEDES BENZ CLASS M W164 trouble with brand new 2009 ML350

I picked up my car 2 days ago. My first day driving it everything went smoothly just as I expected. The second day weird things happened. i stopped at in a parking lot and put the car into reverse the rear view camera went on but the car didnt move. I then put it into drive again nothing. I put it into park. Turn the engine on and off and it started working again but the check engine light came on.

Quote Originally Posted by ChedengML350 For a 50K vehicle this shouldnt be happening.. I find this comment funny. People with 25K cars say that too as do people with 30K cars. A friend of mine recently picked up a 2009 audi A3 with 20 kms on the odometer. After dropping his wife off at the airport and on the way to show the car to his parents during lunch it died while on the highway. I received an

Example offers of car parts audi a3 fuel tank

  • AUDI Petrol Fuel Tank A3 S3 1.8T 1.8 20V TURBO QUATTRO LARGER Genuine Oem Parts - Stoke-on-Trent,United Kingdom (30.00 GBP)
  • AUDI Petrol Fuel Tank A3 S3 1.8T 1.8 20V TURBO QUATTRO LARGER Genuine Oem Parts - Stoke-on-Trent,United Kingdom (30.00 GBP)
  • AUDI Petrol Fuel Tank A3 S3 1.8T 1.8 20V TURBO QUATTRO LARGER Genuine Oem Parts - Stoke-on-Trent,United Kingdom (30.00 GBP)
  • AUDI Petrol Fuel Tank A3 S3 1.8T 1.8 20V TURBO QUATTRO LARGER Genuine Oem Parts - Stoke-on-Trent,United Kingdom (27.00 GBP)
  • Audi A3 In Tank Fuel Pump With Sender Unit - Shrewsbury,United Kingdom (15.00 GBP)
  • Audi A3 In Tank Fuel Pump With Sender Unit - Shrewsbury,United Kingdom (15.00 GBP)
  • AUDI Petrol Fuel Tank A3 S3 1.8T 1.8 20V TURBO QUATTRO LARGER Genuine Oem Parts - Stoke-on-Trent,United Kingdom (27.00 GBP)

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