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AUDI A4 B5 Is there any way to disable the ABS light I dont really care about ABS.

Good day fellow audi enthusiasts Recently during sudden motions of the car over bumps and when accelerating I would get the intermittent blinking abs light and then it would go away. This happened with increasing frequency over a period of a month or so. Finally one day abs came on and stayed solid with a blinking brake light. Braking seems completely unaffected. Small amount of smoke from right rear

A stuck caliper wouldnt set the light off unless it damaged a wheel sensor. With the symptoms you described (the combination of a abs and flashing brake light) its likely a bad abs computer that can be fixed around 100 bux i think.


abs Unit Replacement audiVWs I performed this process for my dead abs unit on a 1998 Passat 1.8T Automatic. No ASR EPS No 4 motion No navigation system. The unit would not communicate at all with the VAG-COM. My abs light came on and had a blinking brake light. This happened soon after I replaced my front brake pads. A year later I decided to try and fix the unit. Step1 Identify your problem There

View ABS sensor, computer for AUDI 100


Just got my car3 weeks ago I noticed it wasnt braking so smoothly and the abs light would come on but go out. So I had a brake job done and it brakes smooth now but now the abs light is always on and will not go out. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions I also have a bad speed sensor.

Courtesy of DRMUD abs Unit Replacement audiVW&8217s I performed this process for my dead abs unit on a 1998 Passat 1.8T Automatic. No ASR EPS No 4 motion No navigation system. The unit would not communicate at all with the VAG-COM. My abs light came on and had a blinking brake light. This happened soon after I replaced my front brake pads. A year later I decided to try and fix the unit. Step1 Identify

AUDI A4 B5 this is what my warranty covers is this legit

seeming how you all now just about everything about audis i wanted to know if my warranty is bogus or is it actually legit. want to know if it covers tune ups and clutch PRcos Open Road Premium Covered Components 1. Engine All internally lubricated parts for rotary gas and diesel engines block cylinder heads and barrels turbocharger and supercharger housing and internal parts waste gate and control

AUDI A8 Eps malfunction

My audi A8 2003 (D3) Esp warning light is on continuously what could be wrong . Please help

Thanks for all your reply. I been told by the independant audi specialist today that the abs computer is faulty and it costs adout 1000 euros to fix. My car is a MARCH 2003 D3 model and the mechanics said he will contact audi dealer to see if i can claim goodwill warranty as some parts are covered for 6-7 years. Apart from that he said the oxygen sensor and the maf sensor are malfunction (what are they is it necessary to replace them)

AUDI A4 B5 Oh nooo

i got a abs brake light today i need to vag com it so see if it is a wheel speed senor or the abs module any Really good places i can send it off to and can i drive the car with it not in there while its getting fixed

If the brake light is combine with it it is definitely NOT a wheelspeed sensor. Theres a small chance its a blown fuse or loose connection very unlikely. Sounds like your abs module. You can drive the car while the abs computer is removed. Some recommend module masters otherwise search audizine (its probably on here too) theres a guy that does it for like 50 bux and a website that many use that charges a 100 to repair.

AUDI TT TT and 1.8T FAQ.

FAQ BREAK DOWN Engine info Acronyms Vag diagram Common part numbers Basic Mods 1.8T Trouble shooting guide Helpful linkshow tos Models 180 225 and 250hp TTENGINE INFO -06A Block internal water pump -DOHC engine (only exhaust cam gets a cam gear) -All heads are small port and can be swapped to big port AEB heads. Will need big port manifold or spacer from 034motorsport -Displacement 1.8L (1781cc) -Firing

(AWD) 058 133 753B Cam Chain Adjuster 058 109 088 E (List is 700) Diverter Valve 06A 145 710 N (TTNB Turbo S) N249 (Diverter Valve Selenoid) 028 906 283N (NB Turbo S) 4.0 bar Fuel pressure Regulator 078 133 534 C Head Bolts 06A 103 385 A (AWD APH) Exhaust Manifold Gasket 058 253 039 G Coilpack Replacement Harness 1J0 971 658 L Transmission VW High-Performance 75W90 Transmission Fluid G 005 100

AUDI A8 Am I missing something

I currently own a Mercedes S430 (W220). I bought the car with 100000 miles and currently have 135000 miles on it (bought 2.5 yrs ago) The car was a one-owner babied always serviced at same dealer and came with 15k worth of receipts for work. Anything ever went wrong they took it straight to the dealer and had it fixed. Since purchasing the car I have done the following -Replaced 2 lower and 2 upper

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 W210 Recalls and in particular 1997 E300

I tried searching for a list of recalls for W210 and in particular recalls for the 1997 E300 Sedan. Is there a place where we can run our VIN and see what recalls MB issued and if they have been completed yet In searching for recall i would find statements like I cant recall where I was when my E300... So it wasnt much help. If anyone has info on where to run recalls for each year and model or VIN Id really appreciate it. Thanks so much

Exhaust System - RattlingHissingHumming Noises S-01_30-15 02012004 Engine - Cylinder Wall Damage Assesment P-40_10-43 01162004 Tires - Michelin Pilot Sport AS(R) Tires Not Approved S-18_00-16A 12012003 Gasoline Engine - Oil Sludging P-82_70-222 03212003 Cell Phone - Phone Wont Fasten Into Cradle Holder P-67_00-09 03072003 Body - WindshieldRear Glass Body Seam Corrosion P-80_57-20 02252003 audio

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Complete BMW OBD II codes

I guess my first attempt didnt work due to the length of the post. So I will cut it in a few posts. This is an extensive list with all the OBD II codes not just generic. Found it on the internet. Might be a good idea to sticky this so anyone can access it for reference. DTC Database (OBD-II Trouble Codes) Definitions for BMW diagnostic trouble codes. BMW Trouble Codes P1083 Fuel Control Mixture Lean

Module U0154 Lost Communication With Restraints Occupant Sensing Control Module U0155 Lost Communication With Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Control Module U0156 Lost Communication With Information Center A U0157 Lost Communication With Information Center B U0158 Lost Communication With Head Up Display U0159 Lost Communication With Parking Assist Control Module U0160 Lost Communication With audible

BMW SERIES 3 E36 what are the recalls on 95 e36

what are the recalls on 95 e36

Adhesive Kit 340398 SEP 98 abs System - MIL ON DTC 145 Set 080398 AUG 98 MoDic III(R) - Questions and Answers 080198 JUL 98 MoDic III(R) - System DescriptionOperation 070296 JUL 98 Updated DIS Software CD 14.0 340298 APR 98 absASC - Warning Lights On During Dynamometer Test 650898 APR 98 Alpine Alarm System - Siren Inoperative 090198 APR 98 computersControls - Custom Configuration 650398 MAR 98 audio

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Bought 540i on tuesday joined bimmerfest today.

One week after I decided I need to buy a car I decided I needed an e39. One week after this I bought a 2003 540i in dark gray. It has the black interior M sport 6pd stick and cold weather pack. It was on sale for 12000 with 145000 miles. I test drove it thought 145000 miles and no service records would be too much and maybe i should find a 530i. Long story short I ended up buying it for 9000 after

the factory for a non-M car in the US. Just wasnt. Is it proof you want Herein is every single BMW option code offered across all models through E39 production. Why dont you have him tell you the EXACT option code he used to get this M badge from the factory SA Code Description 100-198 Options for Police Vehicles 5 Automatic Transmission 6 Leather Upholstery 7 Metallic Paint 71 Super-Premium audio

NISSAN 2010 Rogue - Charting the Changes

Nissan has just released the upcoming changes for most 2010 models sold in the USA including the Rogue. Here are the changes for 2010 For 2010 Rogue is available with a new 360 Value Package which includes 16-inch aluminum-alloy wheels privacy glass RearView Monitor auto-dimming rearview mirror a rear spoiler and chrome grille. Chrome door handles are now standard on all Rogue models. The 2010 Rogue

instrument panel layout and steering wheel are designed for easy readability and operation while also providing a sporty look and feel with reddish-orange illumination and silver gauge surround rings. An available trip computer includes displays for distance-to-empty average fuel consumption average speed elapsed time and outside temperature. Steering wheel-mounted controls are available for audio

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Things you didnt know about your E39...

I was reading on a E39 site in the U.K. and came across this information. While Ive picked up many of these from reading my owners manual there may be a few things in here that may help folks out. For those folks that dont want to read a long thread hit your back button now... Credit for putting together goes to a bunch of folks on the BMWLand site and the 17 page post was condensed by Ryan1984. If

JEEP WRANGLER I YJ 89 Jeep wrangler YJ

I have a 1989 Jeep Wrangler YJ 6 Cylinder 4.2L I took my jeep for inspection and it fail Emission Inspection It fail Low and Passed High below are the readings HC (PPM) Reading Low 463 Limits 220 CO% Low Reading 8.31 Limits 1.20 I was told that there is a way to idle my carburator with a Dianostic tool. Can anyone please Help me.

ignition timing or Lean airfuel mixture. NOX readings will rise sharply during acceleration and will peak a few seconds after the cruising speed is reached. If the EGR system fails to recirculate exhaust back into the intake manifold combustion temperatures will rise causing an increase in NOX. The higher temperatures may also cause some detonation (spark knock) to occur which may be audible

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS A I 168 Pino Intelligent Mercedes Navigation-Mercedes Benz B200 Navigation System

Pino Intelligent Mercedes Navigatio n- Mercedes Benz B200 Navigation System with 7 Inch digital TV touchscreen In Dash DVD Player Support Bluetooth iPod Pino intelligent navigation system the worlds first intelligent navigation system Four major smart systems integration Four pleasant driving experience 13D Navigation not afraid of getting lost easy drive music journey 2Safe driving

INFINITI FX Features NissanInfiniti Considering (from survey)

Not sure if everyone got this survey but I did a survey for NissanInfiniti on Features a couple months ago and just did another one. This time i was smart enough copy it all down. Its a long list... some of its interesting (night vision) some of its not new (all around camera) and some of its pretty stupid in my opinion (aromatherapy) Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) Low Speed Following (LSF) Intelligent

C4 Weights and Info

Weve been long in need of a central information source for the weights of key C4 components. So here it is If you have weighed anything remotely related to your Vette please post the info here or send me PM being as detailed as possible as far as what you weighed and Ill update this first post as I get those Also please include the year of the part and the source of the information if you did not weight

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 190E 1.8 Misfires and has no power. HELP

Hi everyone I need advice please. Im looking at buying a 1993 190E 1.8 (manual) I test drove the car yesterday but it misfires all the time at idle and when driving(cold and hot). The car almost has got no power at all feels like someting is holding it back. The engine itself does sound suprisingly quiet and doesnt seem to smoke no unusual noises etc. The car has done approx 187 000miles but it drives

is designed to blow if the voltage exceeds a certain limit. The OVP protects the CIS-E computer and the abs computer and nothing else. If it stumbles through-out the rev-range there may be a serious vacuum leak somewhere or the EHA may be leaking. Typically when the EHA is leaking lower revs suffer the most. A vacuum leak severe enough to make the car suffer throughout the range would likely be audible.

C4 Technical Summary and FAQ - Please Read on a Regular Basis.

The first and most important where do new users go for the answers to the simple questions Right here This is a living document. As suggestions are made they will be updated within this page so users dont have to surf. I would like to see posts kept to a minimum or at the very least deleted every so often. Within the text will appear words in bold print that means it is a topic covered in a section

TESLA ROADSTER Tesla Model S Purchase Experience and First Impressions

Hi Everyone I had a very interesting experience with Tesla throughout the whole process from test drive deposit to ordering and taking delivery so I thought I would gather my thoughts and post them. Discovering the Model S Let me start off by saying that Im a huge car fanatic. Before I discovered the Tesla Model S I was determined to get myself a BMW 550xi. I wanted a new car for myself ever since

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Why does 328 coupe cost more

Im looking into the 2008 328xi but Im not sure between Coupe vs Sedan. The base price of the coupe is 3k more than the sedan---why I looked at both specs (engine suspension safety warranty etc.) and they are nearly identical except for some differences in the dimensions and wheel sizes. The dealer I spoke with said something about the standard options are different (e.g. coupe comes with better headlights) but the website doesnt show this and I believe the site more than a dealer...

with auto-leveling Halogen free-form front foglights Retractable high-intensity headlight washers Heated dual power mirrors and heated windshield washer jets Chrome-plated exhaust tips Interior seating 8-way adjustable drivers seat and 6-way adjustable front passengers seat (includes 2-way headrests)Leatherette upholstery 3-spoke leather-wrapped multi-function sport steering wheel with audio

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS G Long sucess history

Mercedes-Benz G-Class 25th Anniversary Text & photos courtesy DaimlerChrysler AG edited 05-24-2004 The classic Cross-Country Vehicle celebrates an impressive anniversary It is now 25 years since production began of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The Stuttgart-based car maker unveiled the robust Cross-Country Vehicle to the pubic for the first time in 1979 since when it has delivered a total of some 175000

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E III 211 Yet another Article giving the E55 the nod......

From an Austrailian Magazine Review....... Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG vs audi RS 6 December 11 2003 audi RS 6 Verdict Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Verdict Two ultimate German sports sedans battle it out for road-going supremacy.Terry Martin and Neil McDonald put them through their paces You can laugh out loud at the sums required for a German sedan that looks a lot like others from its stable. But notice the skirting

FORD F150 Questions About TUNES Read This

Q Whats a tune A Its just a program that is stored in your trucks Powertrain Control Module (PCM) which is a computer that controls nearly everything of importance while the engine is running. Things like fuel input spark timing transmission shifting and many other factors are controlled by this computer that has more computing power than the computers on the Apollo space mission that got us to the

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Available OptionsPkg for 2002 530i

I got my 02 530i not for long. Its quite impressive so far for almost everything. Id like to find out what are the options and packages my car has. I have been looking for the available options online but no luck. I found a list of standard features. By comparing it I found these are the extra stuffs that I got shiftable automatic transmission sport package (17 wheels sport bucket seat 3-point M-logo

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 Engine codes and water pump replacement.

Hey guys my buddy has a 1997 c230 forgot to look at the mileage it has. 1.Sounds like a bad water pump is going out put my ear down there and when the engine is running the pulley on the water pump wobbles when the engine is off you can grab it and it also moves around sounds really bad told him he should replace it ASAP. I will most likley be doing this repair it looks really straight forward is there

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE dissapointed in snow performance

anyone else dissapointed in their jeeps performance inthe snow i took my 12 laredo out in the snow last night to get some pizza and the jeep was all over the road i dont know if its the factory tires or the 4WD system but it was a white knuckle experience let me tell you. i gave the truck the benefit of the doubt that maybe the roads were extrememly bad but after dinner i took my ford ranger pickup

weather. I would rather have the ECU and sensors deal with things in real time than me worrying about and telling myself dont lift dont lift even when following gently turning roads with snow cover. You spin -) I agree with manual transmissions to be preferred over traditional automatic trannies in general but I would ditch it in a heartbeat over a DSG all things the same (ex. audi

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 voltage regulators...the saga continues

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