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1989 jeep cherokee fuel pump XJ
1989 jeep cherokee fuel pump XJ

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JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ wont turn over have replaced fuel pump 2 times so far

I have replaced the fuel pump twice. First time it lasted for almost a month and this last time lasted about a week. I cant even hear the pump coming on anymore. Ive checked fusible links relays and all look fine. Voltage at the connection for the pump is 6 volts and the connector end for the pump is 3 volts. Any suggestions I need this jeep up and running and dont know what else to do. Dont wanna

I had read that if it was the CPS then I would still hear the pump turning on is that true It doesnt even turn on anymore Could either of those be making it not get enough power to it It seems like there just isnt enough power getting to it to make the fuel pump work.

Start with the basics Are all your tune-up parts fresh Is your battery and its wires in good condition What is the correct voltage for your fuel pump and is that what you measure at the fuel pump relay and at the pump itself What is your fuel pressure at the fuel rail Is your fuel filter clogged Does you jeep have a ballast resistor is it functioning Are you buying cheap crappy fuel pumps

I have done a tune up and got a new battery. The wires all look good checked fusible links and they look good too. I measure the correct voltage at the relay but not at the pump itself at the pump its half what the relay is. I have good fuel pressure at the fuel rail. I changed the fuel filter with the first pump a month ago so it should be fine. I have a ballast resistor that seems to be functioning

Finally fixed the jeep Turned out the map sensor and connector needed to be replaced. The connector part had broken off and wasnt getting a full connection. Went ahead and replaced map sensor and the connector cause I found them for a great price and changed out ballast resistor as mine was cracked. Shes never run as good as she does now. So glad to have my jeep back.

JEEP CHEROKEE Does 1989 cherokee xj have a fuel pump fuse

Relay seems to be ok. While changing filter verified that the pump doesnt work. Before changing out the pump I want to make sure there are no fuses that could be bad. Thanks

Would the ballist resister effect the fuel pump Isnt the pump 12v Mine is cracked but it has been since I bought the jeep. Wasnt sure what it was for. Thanks BIH

The ballast resistor is in-line with the pump. Its sole reason is to keep the pump quieter. If you by-pass it youll actually be doing yourself a favor because the pump will then be seeing 12V instead of 10 or 11V Cliff notes Remove it it wont hurt your pump.

I have the old pump out. Can I hook it up to the battery to see it it works before I install the new one. If so which wire on the pump goes to positive and negative. Thanks BIH

The ballast resistor is bypassed during first ignition.. so if the pump isnt comming on even during cranking its probly a bad pump. with the pump in hand just apply power to the two terminals. try both ways. wont hurt. if pump dosent come on then its bad. the ballast resistor is there to prolong the life of the pump by lowering the voltage to it. it dosent need to be at full power to supply more then enough juice to the engine.

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1989 fuel pump

Can you put a inline fuel pump

JEEP CHEROKEE Where is fuel pump circuit fusible link

I am reading a short when back-probing the fuel pump relay on probe 30 (high amp power input). My Haynes manual schematic shows the power feed from a fusible link but I dont know where to find this. Also any suggestions on places to test the circuit between battery positive and the relay at probe 30 are greatly appreciated. Thanks

This is a 1989 jeep cherokee Laredo. BTW this is my first jeep and Im learning automotive electrical diagnostics working on it from a ton of youtube vidoes so I feel like I should be able to figure this out. I get a reading of .1mv when backprobing the fuel pump relay at the always hot pin (the one the powers the fuel pump when the relay is activated). So no power to the pump and this tells me theres

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel pump shuts off after jeep cranks

I have an 1989 jeep cherokee with a 4.0 in it. And the fuel pump has power when you start it and then it will just stop working once the jeep is fired up. The pump is brand new just replaced yesterday I trying to figure out what is causing this to happen.


Just figured I would go ahead and post this since its a postive thing and I know us forum guys like a breath of fresh forum things I installed my new fuel pump in my cherokee a couple days ago It was pretty easy and I didnt even have to drop the tank. Took me probably about 20 mins to take out the old one and about 10 to put everything back together. I backed the jeep up on some ramps and went to town.

Other than the sound of the jet taking off are there any other problems associated with a failing fuel pump I am having a problem with stumbling on acceleration until it gets into passing gear then it will take off good. Also when below 14 tank it will stall out when turning a corner. Also it sounds like it is back-firing out the the front of the engine. Oh yeah I have a 1989 jeep cherokee Laredo with the inline 6. Thanks Im just a jeepvirgin so be gentle....

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel pump replacement question

Got an odd question. Is it possible to access the in-tank fuel pump on my 1989 jeep cherokee without dropping the gas tank making an access panel to replace it I would rather make it a bit easier when the time comes next time to replace the pump again.

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 96 jeep cherokee XJ fuel pump issue

im replacing the fuel pump on my 96 xj cherokee it will crank but not start im getting no voltage at the pump i have already replaced the fuel pump relay in the power distrubution center are their any other relayssensors or others that i need to check or replace if i have a bad ground where should i start to look at also what should the voltage be at the pump lastly is their a fuseable link on the fuel pumps circuit and where should i start to look

so i have replaced the ignition coil im still getting no spark and no power to the fuel pump i checked all the fuses on the fuse block and PDC. swapped the ASD relay and still nothing keep how would i determine the feed side of the relay socket and is there a way to test the relays themselves So no spark and no power to the pump... Sounds like a computer issue. Granted Im a cherokee caveman (1989)

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 89 Laredo Auto fuel pump failing symptoms again 1 day after replacing it and more

Ok So its a 1989 cherokee 4x4 Laredo Automatic this all started about 2 weeks ago and I have been checking this and many other forums and doing all sorts of stuff and not having any luck. I will go ahead and list out what all I have replaced and where I am at now. Replaced fuel Filter IAC TPS and calibrated it or whatever the baseline was 4.64 and I set it to 3.85 o2 Sensor Distributor cap and the


Well the jeep worked fine last night while doing some light wheeling in a retention pond but this morning it would not start just kept cranking for as long as you hold the key. Usually you can hear the fuel pump hum a little bit but this morning there was no noise and no starting. When I get home from work later I will do some further investigating but if I do need to replace the fuel pump what one

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Repeated fuel pump failure

Hi I have a 1989 Wagoneer XJ with a 4.0. My fuel pump just failed for the fourth time I have been through the entire electrical and fuel systems and everything is good. the fuel filter is new I have changed the in tank screen each time the pump is replaced etc. I just cant understand why these keep failing I seem to be putting in a fuel pump every thousand miles Im wondering if anyone has experienced a similar problem and may have some insight into an underlying cause of this issue. thanks.

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1989 xj fuel gauge problems

I just got this cherokee. It sat for 5 years before I bought it. But when I got it it said that the tank was almost empty. So I went and got gas and only took 9 gallons which the owners manual says it has a20 gal tank. But when I ran it out of gas it only took 14 gallons that time and ran it out again and only took 11. The gauge when filled says midway between 12 and 34. Im just not sure what it could be. fuel sending unit fuel pump Not sure hope yall can help

JEEP CHEROKEE in tank fuel pump noise

I have a 1989 I6 injected. it has and in tank fuel pump when the tank gets below it the pump makes a loud continous noise. I think the pump is leaking into the tank and just recurlating fuel through a leak in the fuel line contained in the tank but when the tank is full the pump or line is sumerged an not losing pressure or volumn. any ideas how to fix it what to look for so I dont change a lot of parts.

Quote Originally Posted by gumby I have a 1989 I6 injected. it has and in tank fuel pump when the tank gets below it the pump makes a loud continous noise. I think the pump is leaking into the tank and just recurlating fuel through a leak in the fuel line contained in the tank but when the tank is full the pump or line is sumerged an not losing pressure or volumn. any ideas how to fix it what to look for so I dont change a lot of parts. anyone got an idea for this

JEEP CHEROKEE hardwiring fuel pump

would there be any thing wrong with running the power line from the pump on my 1989 cherokee Laredo straight from the batter of course running through the run and a fuse basically having it go from the battery to a fuse to the run on the ignition cylinder so when i turn the key to run the pump is on. then back to the pump

JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel Pump Question

Hey everyone I am new here just want to say hi to all of you first and also introduce myself. My name is Brandon Bergenn and i am from upstate New York. I drive a 1990 jeep cherokee Pioneer that has had its fair share of problems and is nothing real spectacular. Now to the problem at hand. My fuel pump went bad in my jeep. I am getting one to replace it. My question to all of you is Is it possible

I opted to go for pulling it while the tank was still in... it turned out pretty good actually... she came out pretty easily prob took no more than 20-30 minutes. Only problem which i encountered was the fact that I had swapped a tank in from a 1989 cherokee Laredo when the origional pump went bad. I swapped the whole tank because the donor car had one which was in much better condition. When I went

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1989 XJ No Fuel Pressure at Fuel Rail.

Hey smart people My 89 XJ had been running rough for a couple of months and then wanted to stall out a few times recently so I decided to do more than the usual tune-up by testing and cleaning the injectors as well as replacing fuel pressure regulator. Injectors passed ohm test cleaned out well and function as they should. They got new o rings and installed without a problem along with the regulator.

JEEP CHEROKEE Serious fuel problems 1989 XJ 4.0

Well the engine isnt exactly in an XJ anymore its sitting nice and snug in my wrangler. I replaced the injectors did a full tune up wired everything in (used the CPS relocation kit from hesco) and she runs and idles GREAT problem is as soon as you start to open the throttle body it starts to stumble cough choke.... The problem is its going extremely lean. Ive checked the map senser and TPS sensor everything

Quote Originally Posted by chiqo Had to use the XJ computer the YJ was not fuel injected . Do you know which pins to probe on the TPS to get the voltage i did try moving it in all directions and nothing seemed to help.. its so bad it wont even increase the RPM over like 1000.... Ummmm... did you get the fuel pump from the XJ The 4.0L fuel injection system requires 31-39psi of pressure at a pretty good

Quote Originally Posted by Kuasimodem Ummmm... did you get the fuel pump from the XJ The 4.0L fuel injection system requires 31-39psi of pressure at a pretty good flow rate to supply the engine. Connect a fuel pressure tester to the fuel rail and see what the fuel pressure is at idle and what it does when you crack the throttle open. Also the vacuum source for the fuel pressure regulator should be

Quote Originally Posted by chiqo Yup your absolutely right and that is just another tool that needs to be purchased to add into my toolbox (fuel pressure gauge) ive been surprised that most people i ask dont have one Im well aware of the fuel pressure requirements of the renix fuel injection system. Ive added an inline filter and pump back by the tank the pump is supposed to be rated for 90 PSI but

JEEP CHEROKEE Replaced fuel pump still stalls out

I have a 1989 xj lardeo sat for 4 years it would stall out and then wasnt getting fuel replaced the fuell pump and filter worked and ran fine now it is stalling out again I dont know what to do new regulator ya think

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo

I have an 1989 jeep cherokee Laredo that I had parked for about three years. I started it occasionally at first but this last year I hadnt started it at all. So far I am not getting any fuel at the fuel rail. I had replaced the fuel pump about eight months before I parked it. I replaced the fuel pump ballast resistor since those tend to go out quite often. When I try starting the jeep it cranks and

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1989 Jeep Comanche problem

Hi Im new to the forum. Ive used this forum a lot to fix my girlfriends cherokee. But I cant find a clear answer on what might be wrong with my Comanche. I bought a new car about 8-9 months ago an it pretty much has been sitting since then. Up until then my jeep was my daily driver an never gave me any problems. I went out an tried to crank it the other day an had no luck. Since then I have replaced

JEEP CHEROKEE 1989 Wagoneer Limited

How does this sound A 1989 jeep Wagoneer Limited. 4.0 4WD AW4 (awww..) needs a fuel pump. I talked to the guy he says its definitely the fuel pump that isnt working he hooked to straight 12v power instead of running it through the relays etc and it didnt work or make a noise. He said the interior exterior and engine are in pretty good shape. Hes selling because hes moving to TN. Hes only like 40 miles

JEEP CHEROKEE Starved for fuel

Sorry this is so long but Id really appreciate your opinions. 1989 jeep cherokee 4.0L 20 gallon gas tank. Starts difficult and has poor acclereation. I recently replaced the fuel pump on my jeep and noticed that the fuel sending unit had some broken welds on it. The fuel line (which also mounts the fuel pump) was loose and wobbly. I replaced the fuel pump anyway and reinstalled the damaged fuel sending

JEEP CHEROKEE 1989 4.0 cherokee wont start... please help

We bought a 1989 jeep cherokee pioneer a few months ago. we put 1400 in repairs in it so far would like to stop now when we bought it we had a oil change gas tank taken out and cleaned spark plugs wires fuel pump replaced crank sensor replaced and the engine was rebuilt and alot more. it ran good for about 2 weeks then when we went out to try to start it and it wouldnt start. it sounds like its turning

JEEP CHEROKEE diagnostic connector loc. fuel rail O-ring

I am helping a neighbor get his 1989 jeep cherokee (4.0auto4x4 189000 miles) running and I can not find the diagnostic connector so I can hook up my scan tool It is not on the drivers side under the hood and the only thing I can find is a series of connectors near the coil with yellow caps over them. It looks more like a break out box. They look nothing like the connector that comes with the AutoXray

JEEP CHEROKEE 1989 XJ problem..... shut of felt like 5 cylinders.....help....

Ok I been driving my 1989 cherokee for about 2 months and noticed a little hesitation at idle lately (little misses) and sometimes when i step on the throttle it accelerates a little funny. Like a (eerrrrrrr....errrrrrrr.....errrrrrrr) but its not very noticable. Tonight....... I got off the highway and pulled into a bowling parking lot because we were going to bowl. I gave the jeep a little revv and

JEEP WRANGLER I YJ Swapping a FREE 1989 Cherokee 4.0L engine into my 1988 Wrangler

Ok guys been reading researching and still confused as hell. couple of points 1. My Wrangler has no engine tranny andor transfer case. Wiring harness from engine is completely gone except lights. 2. I have free recently rebuilt 1989 cherokee with severe body damage. 1. Can I use the entire drivetrain and just drop it in as a package 2. What will my wiring issues be to get my Tach to work 3. And how

I dont see MANY problems with swapping in the entire drivetrain but the AW4 is a little longer than the Wrangler automatic from what Ive read. If the cherokee has an AX15 then I guess it should be a direct bolt-in. Try and find a wiring diagram from the year cherokee thats your donor and the same for your Wrangler. Start swapping as much over from the cherokee as possible too. Therell be a tach connection

JEEP CHEROKEE 1989 Cherokee 4.0 - No Start

Hey all I am the new owner of a 1989 cherokee with the 4.0L Inline 6 it has 230000km. I purchased it from my neighbour who parked it in his shop a few years back after it developed a problem of crank but not starting. It was one of many autos for him so it has sat unfixed. I have spent some time a little bit of money so far. I followed a few leads from searching this forum but I am still plagued with

It takes three things for an engine to start air fuel and spark. Normally you can rule out that the engine is not getting any air. So check and see if you are getting any fuel to the injectors. Push in the clips and pull off the fuel line at the front of the fuel rail where the fuel pressure regulator is and leave it off. Now turn the key to start the jeep for a second or two and look to see if there

Thank you for all your replies. It is an manual transmission so the NSS is not an issue. I double checked all my fuses and relays that I could find they all test to spec. Using your method I can say it is not a fuel issue as the flow is strong all the way from tank to injectors especially after replacing the fuel pump and fuel filter. Spark is strong (Dont ask me how I know). I suspect the ECU is dead

JEEP CHEROKEE 1989 XJ what should I check

Ok Heres my story... Bought a 1989 XJ for 700.00 so I expected problems and am not ing. Day after I got it the clutch went out. I took it to my friendly firestone shop who put in a new clutch and a new radiator (the old radiator had a broken neck where the hose hooked into it) Ever since then the thing acts like it is starving for fuel. I accelerate and it missed bad. Now when I come to a stop and

I bet its your fuel pump If its an 89 and you got it for 700 its worth changing the fuel pump to see Im having a strange problem also my fuel pump is louder than it was and my jeep keep cutting off on me.

JEEP CHEROKEE no fuel or spark all at once

I posted earlier but heres an update in a new thread. Got home from work. Shut off jeep and ran in the house. Came back out. The jeep would splutter and start.kind of if I kept pumping the gas. Let it die. Tried starting again....nothing. Checked for fuel pressure in rail. I had pressure in there. Checked for spark. Nada. Went and got a crankshaft position sensor. Changed it and still nothing. Checked

I guess I can assume this is on your 1989 cherokee with a 4.0L since you mentioned a fuel rail. It sounds like one of the fuel pump relays or both relays may have went bad or have a bad connection. They are located on the passenger side under a cover in the engine compartment. They just plug in. You might want to check that. The no spark Im not sure. it could be many things. The coil may have went bad or it could be a bad electrical connection somewhere.

JEEP CHEROKEE Just swapped wont start no fuel.....

Just swapped a boneyard 4.0 into a 1989 XJ that I acquired from a tenant that owed me money. Not my first 4.0 swap and Im sure I stumped on something stupid because Im tired. First I had a problem with the supply-side of the fuel rail--bad O-ring and the fuel was leaking like a sieve. Replaced and now no fuel to the cylinders. I pulled 2 of the plugs and they should have been sopping wet with unburned

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1989 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 transmission problems. Please help

It has about 180k miles and we were told that it had no problems when we got it (177k miles) we test drove it and everything was great (in a subdivision). We drove it home and as soon as we got above 35 to 40 mph it started acting up. The transmission will do fine until about 35mph then it will drop the gear and rev up to about 3500 to 4000 rpms. If I give it more gas or let off the gas it will catch

Hey man good to hear you hopefully solved the tranny issue. The jeep dying while just driving down the road or not starting makes me think it could be an alternator issue. Again this is another item you can test with your multi-meter. When you turn the key (not all the way just the first position) can you hear the fuel pump energize I dont know if the 89 is like my 93 but on mine there is a fuel pressure valve on the injector rail that you can test to see if you have fuel pressure.

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