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1988 jeep cherokee radiator XJ
1988 jeep cherokee radiator XJ

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JEEP CHEROKEE Will A Radiator From A 1988 Fit In A 98 Jeep Cherokee

Title says it all will a radiator bought for a 1988 cherokee fit in a 98 jeep cherokee.

so what years will this radiator work on.

1987 - 1990 I6 If yours is a 2.5 4 cyl. jeep cherokee 1988-1990 with 2.1L diesel engines jeep cherokee 1984-1994 with 2.5L engines jeep cherokee 1984-1986 with 2.8L engines jeep Comanche 1986-1987 with 2.1L diesel engines jeep Comanche 1986-1992 with 2.5L engines jeep Comanche 1986 only with 2.8L engines jeep Wagoneer 1986-1987 with 2.1L diesel engines jeep Wagoneer 1984-1992 with 2.5L engine jeep Wagoneer 1984-1986 with 2.8L engine

Quote Originally Posted by squirrly mine has the 4.0L inline 6. You need to look for one from 1991 - 2001 I6 or 1995 - 2000 I4 for the 1998 jeep. Seriously though youd be better off going to Autozone and buying one new. You may buy another problem if you go used on a radiator.

Quote Originally Posted by 98junk DPG offroad has nice 3 row radiators cheap FTW radiatorbarn.com

JEEP CHEROKEE Bleeding Procedure for 1988 XJs Radiator

Does anyone know the proper way to bleed the system on a 1988 jeep cherokee XJ I have replaced my hoses T stat and radiator. I filled the tank up with 5050 mix and started the vehicle. The air was escaping from the system in the expansion tank. The temp gage was over 220 so I decided to shut it down. Since this is a closed system how do you bleed it properly when replacing hoses Should I take off the upper hose and pour the mix into the neck Thanks...

Check out this article. Its on the same page as the tech link I just posted httpwww.olypen.comcraighcooling.htm Its about half way down the article.

Balloo93 Thanks for the information.. Just what I needed Quote Originally Posted by balloo93 Check out this article. Its on the same page as the tech link I just posted httpwww.olypen.comcraighcooling.htm Its about half way down the article.

JEEP CHEROKEE will a 1992 radiator fit in my 1988

anyone know gotta replace it this weekend

if you still have the closed coolant system than no it will not fit...you would have to convert to the open cooling system...imo the closed cooling system works great if everything is working fine. many others beleive the closed system sucks...6 one way half a dozen the other

JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator matching

i was assuming that radiators from 84-01 were all the same im in the maket for a new one and i want the best one for the cheapest which one of these would you suggest and whats the difference in how many cores jeep WAGONEER XJ 1987 1988 1989 1990 4.0 L6 radiator eBay Motors (item 200469658401 end time Nov-02-10 172850 PDT) jeep WAGONEER XJ 87 88 89 90 4.0 L6 radiator NIB NEW eBay Motors (item 320528290049

JEEP CHEROKEE Just bought a 1988 Cherokee Laredo...What to check for

Hey Im new here and I never owned a jeep before. I just picked up a 1988 jeep cherokee Laredo 4X4 with the I-6 5-speed 145000 miles. The engine runs strong and the tranny was rebuilt 2 years ago and the clutch is being replaced right now. I wanted to know if there were any problems with this year and model cherokee that I should be aware of Im going to change the oil oil filter tranny fluid spark plugs

JEEP CHEROKEE Transmission cooling and Radiator

I have a 1988 cherokee Sport with the 4.0L and a 5 spd transmission. The radiator in this jeep has sprung a leak so it needs to be replaced. I picked up a radiator from Kragen yesterday however this new radiator has as viewed from the front of the jeep two fittings on the right side of the radiator that my stock radiator does not have. They appear to be transmission cooling lines. The stock radiator

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ Radiator Question

I have a 1988 jeep cherokee with the 4.0 in it and here is my question Ok so about several weeks ago I blew a hole the plastic reservoirfill for the radiator. I went and go a new one and it worked fine for quite a while. But today I shut off my jeep and all I here is antifreeze spraying everywhere under my hood. So I popped the hood and of course steam was everywhere. So my dad(mechanic) took a look

JEEP CHEROKEE New to me 1988 Cherokee - maintenance s

Hi All I have been researching cherokees on this site for a while. On thursday I picked up a 1988 cherokee (180K miles) auto with the 4.0 passed emissions registered it and got it home without incident - yeah When I parked it on a slight downhill coolant was leaking and sizzling from dropping onto hot components. I promptly ordered a new coolant expansion tank from ebay after seeing how ragged the

JEEP CHEROKEE 3 Core vs Stock radiator from Radiatorbarn.com---Renix

With this tiny leak I have in my radiator it has me looking at newer rads. Both are lifetime warrenty but 3 cores cool better (apparently) 1988 XJ base model- no AC no electric fan I am lifted about 4 inches muffler bored TB and 31s. I will be installing a snorkel soon too (which people say is better performance) but what radiator should I get and why I have no AC or power options (Only mechanical

JEEP CHEROKEE Radiator Transmission line fitting size

Anybody know the size of the transmission line where it goes into the radiator I havent had any luck searching so far.

Quote Originally Posted by jeepRide 516 i believe You believe that the oil cooler lines on a 1988 jeep cherokee are 516 What would be the basis for this feeling

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1988 jeep cherokee major problems

I got this jeep about 7 months ago it hasnt ran in 4 years but luckily was running when I got it since then I put a new fuel tank and fuel pump in it I had to replace the belt water pump thermostat radiator hoses and alternator around july I was having problems it seemed as if the fuel pump just died since then I have replaced 13 fuel pumps my throttle body is in great shape I am only getting 7.3 volts

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1988 cherokee

I just bought a 1988 cherokee with a 5 spd an straight 6. It started up every time until I replaced my stock speakers to stock amp. Then I drove for an hour. Then I stopped tried to start it and it didnt start. Had to jump it. I turned off the radio an it starts every time. It must be the battery. Also does anyone kno how to replace the valve-cover head gasket ( because its leaking) and I dont kno

and shiny on both sides. Reinstall all the wires to the stud and tighten the nut down securely. While you&146re in that general area locate the battery negative cable which is fastened to the engine block just forward of the dipstick stud. Remove the bolt scrape the block to bare metal clean and polish the cable terminal and reattach securely. Another area where the grounding system on Renix era jeeps

JEEP CHEROKEE 1988 Cherokee overheating

My cherokee has a 4.0 engin it overheats with in 5 minutes of driveing. I installed a new water pump (not a rebuilt) and thermostat. I can feel any coolant flow in the upper radiator hose.I make shure the coolant level is full every time I try something new and It still over heats. Any help in solving my problem would be great.

Sounds like the radiator to me seeing as it overheats in just 5 minutes of driving. My 88 was heating up (only at idle) and upon checking I found it had a single row radiator in it. Look for a GDI 3 core radiator. It will help. you will find the XJ will probably still be a bit hot at Idle. This is due to the factory water pump design. Flowcooler make a better water pump that wqill fix the idle heat

Sounds like a clogged radiator or a head gasket. To check the radiator dis connect the hoses and force water in the top and see what comes out the bottom. To check the head gasket fill the system start the engine and see if you get air (conpression) out the surge tank. good luck

JEEP CHEROKEE 1988 cherokee all good no spark...

see this site httpwww.fueltech.com.auvehicletips.htm for ideas on things you can do when corrosion gets you on the road (or in your driveway) I have been changing oil since 1968 and spent 0 and 2 afternoons with my beloved cherokee amassing a portfolio of downloaded info on diagnosing no startno spark condition... Have ohm meter will travel....Did all the continuity checks pullinginspecting relayspulling


i have a leak in my radiator in my 1988 XJ and i was wondering if the radiators from later years will fit or will i need one just for the renix engines. thanks mike

JEEP CHEROKEE Bringing a 1988 XJ back from the grave...

I dont usually post up here and I am not a big jeep fan. But I got my hands on a 1988 XJ for cheap and I went ahead and made it my DD and it runs pretty good now. Had a friend fix the engine up a bit and I did all the rest. Only pic I have of before I started... Step one Painted Semi-Flat Black... Step two Started fixing lights... Step three Replaced front end and bumper... Step four Banged out fender and replaced flare... Step Five ALL lights are functioning... Step 6 New roof rack...

Bro you have a solid foundation for a really nice jeep there. I like it I was in EXACTLY the same situation as yourself I needed a 4 wheel drive and I scored a COMPLETE BEATER XJ super cheap.OK not super cheap about a grand more than it was worth. I DID NOT want an XJ. (My chick had one it was cool but no frame and no V8)....so I had only planned on driving this one for the winter..........I HATED

JEEP CHEROKEE 1988 4.0 to 954.0 swap help asap

My jeep is a 1988 and I need to know how much work it will be to convert to the 95 ho. Help asap Ive got 3 days to choose if I want it.

system too. It was a pretty direct swap I followed the directions at the link above. Use the old wiring sensors computer alt distributor cps flywheel ac comp. Use the new tranny kickdown cable & exhaust system. Youll also have to extend the fuel lines for the new fuel rail. I eliminated the EGR and still passed smog in Ohio. I got a 2wd with a bad tranny for 300. After I put the new motor in my jeep

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ My 1988 XJ runs hot

So I have read the other post and forums but havent found my answer yet let me explain whats its doing and what Ive done. This jeep is a 88 Pioneer has 265000 miles and runs strong but hot around the 205 deg range which seems normal but it over heats when hot outside andor going over steep hills. I also found that it has a lack of power going freeway speed when you put the throttle down any less then


I am changing from the sealed system on a 1988 cherokee to a new two core model w rad cap. Anything I should be aware of. My plan is to remove the bottle completely and go directly in and out of the heater core any problem with this Vehicle has been overheating and I was going to just put a 160 thermostat in but hoses were very clogged so I assume the rad must be also. What is the sensor or valve in

JEEP CHEROKEE removing the front end of a 1988 Jeep Cherokee.. Help

hello kinda new here...my title is basically my question...asking for help cause i cant seem to figure it out. thanks

removing the header panal just nuts and bolts start with the turn markers and work your way around and along the top of the radiator support better to just take the support right out attach to the panel.

JEEP CHEROKEE 1988 jeep cherokee 4.0L cooling change

Hello to allhopeing you guys can helpjust doing up a stock 1988 cherokee for my daughternew motor and 3 in liftalso its an automaticwould like to get rid of the closed cooling system and convert to the open systemwith the 3 core open radIm up here in Canada--Victoria B.C. so any help or dealers you know of would be a great help to me.Also the best way to go in this processI know its an old jeep but

I upgraded mine about four years ago with a 92 radiator thermostat housing fan switch sensor heater control valve and overflow bottle.....its been smooth driving ever since and hasnt ran hot once. Wm

JEEP CHEROKEE 1988 Cherokee Laredo has intermittent starting problem

Hi folks. I have an 88 jeep cherokee Laredo 4.0 6-cylinder. A few days ago after I filled it up with gas i came to a stop sign (kind of a sharp stop) and my car died. It started up again and at the next stop sign it stopped again and would not start. It would turn over but didnt sound like it was getting gas (no chugging sounds). I pushed it to the side and after 10 minutes it started up OK. I thought

THis is what that unit looks like. It is right underneath the bracket that holds the radiator overflow bottle. I do not have a Cruise Control switch on my blinkers switch if someone verifies that this IS a Cruise Control then when my steering wheel broke about 5 years ago they replaced the blinker arm with one without the cruise control switch Let me know guys

JEEP CHEROKEE 1988 Cherokee Laredo Rebuild

4.0L with 4X4 and automatic Bought three years ago for my 15 year old son (right of passage for my two sons) - blown engine unknown everything else - engine just barely ran - when we pulled it (left trans in - probably should have pulled same time) had grossest insides I have ever seen - like oil had NEVER been changed. Heads redone bored 20 over (may have been 30) new oversize pistons rings etc -

JEEP CHEROKEE Update Radiator Cool To Touch After Driving (88 Cherokee)

Well its been a couple of weeks but my buddy and I finally got around to putting in a new water pump in the 88 cherokee that I am slowly rebuidling. Since it was dark out by the time we were done we decided to let it idle for a few min and the result was that the radiator was getting hot the hose from the water pump was hot as well (both werent getting hot before...and were cool to the touch after

Did you burp the coolant. Also that cap is needed. There is a closed cooling system in the 1988. Needs to be sealed.

The 1988 has a closed cooling system and needs that cap on and to have the air burped from the system. Then the bottle needs to be filled to the proper level.

JEEP CHEROKEE 1988 jeep xj

I just bought my first jeep. Its a 1988 jeep cherokee 4x4 pioneer 4 door. I drove it around town today for the first time and found out that when the engine gets to operating temp the trans will not leave first gear. It has a 4.0 L6 with an auto trans. Can anyone help

The fluid level is fine. The trans remained in high gear when operating temp noticest the problem when i stopped at a stop sign and started again. It has an external cooler but it is stock. It has a standard fan for the radiator and electric for the cooler and condinsor i have not seen or heard it come on. I will be checking that next.

JEEP CHEROKEE Someone help me with my bad hesitation problem 1988 XJ 4.0 5-speed

So Here is a list of new parts. 125k miles 5-speed completely stock as of right now. Waterpump two core copper radiator Fuel filter air filter sea-foamed spark plugs Wires Caprotor Im getting a very weird hesitation problem dont know where to start looking for ideas. been doing this consistently for years. I owned the truck years ago and recently acquired it and its problems again lol. Lets start off

JEEP CHEROKEE 1988 idled for a way long time

Well I know I am an idiot. I started the XJ last night to verify my rubber o rings sealing my injectors were not still leaking. Well they were not any longer so I closed the hood and thought I shut her down and went inside. I was distracted by my x-wife coming over and was rushing to get my dinner started and run in for a glass of wine. Well this morning I was looking for my keys and could not find

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1988 inline 6 tps question

I have been fighting a bucking and missing problem on the 88 cherokee with 4.0 and auto. Already did all the regular things like new tpsplugswirescaprotorcleaned grounds etc. when I replaced the tps I adjusted it from tranny side. I figured that if it was correct them the engine side would be as well. I finally checked the engine side and it checked 12 percent out. My question is since there is only

Ok I adjusted the tps to 17 percent output on the engine side. I drove it and thought it felt better but true to form she started missing at cruising speed after 15 miles of driving. Something has to get warm on this thing before it will act up. I replaced An old explorer with 360000 miles on it after a t case failure and had to have a 4ad to get home in snow. I put over 160000 on it without doing

JEEP CHEROKEE 89 4.0 burping the radiator

i have 89 4.0 ...over heated...replaced upper and lower hoses thermostat waterpump serp belt fan clutch. cannot figure a good way to burp the system.....found temp sender unit .....is there an easier way .......please help

Ive found on my 88 closed system best way is to park downhill cap off coolant temperature sensor (one at back of the block drivers side) loose. Leave the sensor loose until you get water out of the hole and let the water run awhile about a half tank in the bottle to get all the air out. Feel free to PM me with any questions Ive done it numerous times on my 1988. Bryan

JEEP CHEROKEE Coolant Recovery Bottle Cap

Well Im on my 3rd cap in the last 6 years. The first cap was probably factory original and developed a crack. I replaced the very tired recovery bottle at the same time as the original cap. Since then the subsequent two caps have both leaked when the engines hot. The engine doesnt overheat both fans work properly I dont have any visible coolant leaks the oil is crystal clear (head gaskets fine) and

Dude youre not alone If I read corectly you also have a 1988 jeep cherokee. Mostly likely you have the 4.0 I6. They have a closed radiator system (meaning there is no radiator cap and filler neck the filler neck radiator cap and the overflow bottle are combined in a stupid design ) I started a thread on this problem when I was hit with it. Heres my solution (unfortunately youre replaced your radiator

JEEP CHEROKEE Continuing Frustration wOverheating Issue

Hey Everyone....some of you may have been following the work I have been doing on a 1988 jeep cherokee that a friend and I have been restoring (it was originally his by the way). Were still having the same issue of it overheating (i.e. spewing coolant out of the resovior...even when theres hardly any coolant in it). Originally the problem was that after we had done some work on it we went to test drive

JEEP CHEROKEE Lack of Comanches

How come nobody seems to have a comanche... or if you do why dont you speak up

radiator system while your at it. The newer Auxillary fan (10 blade I have one on the way) is suppose to be a big plus. I get a lot of info from the cherokee guys. So far I have a 2003 4.0 short block out of a Grand cherokee 1K miles. Sold the head. A 95 head still have the block for the engine. I will keep the stock cam. 96-up has the split duration. Heres a website with some good info httpwww.jeep4.0performance.4mg.comstroker.html

JEEP CHEROKEE August 2006 Cherokees of the Month

Congratulations to our cherokee of the Month winners for August 2006 creature - Stocker Class (click here to see the voting) boise49ers - Modified Class (click here to see the voting) Winner of the Stocker Class creature 2001 Rustys 2 AAL budget boost 30 kumho MTs JKS quicker discos and no rear swaybar rustys towhooks class 3 hitch walmart Baja lights rocklights surco rack CB w 4 firestik front c4x4

JEEP CHEROKEE 2000 Jeep Cherokee overheating problem

Hi Huysgals Newbie here. We have a 2000 cherokee LTD with about 190k on it. The radiator blew a month ago and I replaced it along with the drive belt. All was fine. 2 days ago it started overheating. It warms up normally to 210. It creeps to 220 in about 5 minutes. Fan comes on normal. After about 10 minutes at 220 it shoots all way up to the red. I swapped the Tstat no luck. Still doing the same thing.

Just an additional note related to jeep overheating. on my o ld 1988 I-6 cherokee. the coolant reservoir failed. .It Blew another mech did all kinds of stuff to tune of about 400 finally traced it to reservoir. said oh these fail all the time. duh this is the I-6 with NO radiator cap just reservoir. What should have been about a 105 job c. 1999 turned into 400. and they left rear lug nuts lose. I found out in rush hour freeway traffic in Birmingham. that was when we parted company

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